The Wild Dog Mask met the 10th Squad members of the Shinsengumi group who appeared in Shin Itomurau early in the morning.

If it is always, it should be situated somewhere near the top of the cave, which has already become his residence...

Only this time, he waited around the hem of the mountain and shot himself out.

Besides, like a wolf with children, take Chesna...

This is unthinkable from the way he has done it so far.

The unthinkable goes further from there.

Although the wild dog mask challenged the captain Scylla, he had no teeth at all before The Stone of Rejection, and also before The Sorceress Sword, flirting like a prank......

I was forced to lose.

Even more incredible, Chesna and I split into two hands......!

But already at this time, there were flowers of hope set up in the mountains.

And they blossomed, and scattered pollen, and cast the men of the tenth company into a vortex of desire.

From there on forward, there will no longer be any need for explanation.

The second-hand split 10th Squad members are driven by dreams that are convenient to them, and walk quietly through the mountains like sleepwalkers.

Twenty-five people, from 01 (Jewel One) to 25 (Twinkle Five), who have tracked down the wild dog mask, begin to kill each other with a 'special assignment' and 'gift' that they don't have, dreaming of 'wanting to be deputy captains'.

Even so, not one of the dead is out because it's only a story in each dream.

In each head alone, they succeeded in the end of the rest of the crew.

And tracked Chesna from 26 (Twinkle Six) to 29 (Twinkle Nine) get Chesna stripped.

This one, too, was all successful in obtaining stripping because it was only their own dreams.

The dreams the crew had, though the content is noisy...

I am happy and in reality I am not hurting anyone again.

So to speak, 'gentle dreams'......!

So to speak, 'A Gentle World'......!

Here, then, let's see how one of the crew is doing, wrapped up exactly in gentleness right now.

He had completed his Chesna tracking assignment and was out of a cave where he was a wild dog dweller.

Standing on a cliff with the letter '27' shining in the morning sun on his forehead, he looks up at the blue sky that spreads in front of him.

Below you will find the settlements of the Wild Tails, and beyond them a bustling city.

He was full.

Its arms hold a girl with blue and white skin like an ice statue.

I'm not gonna make it faint, girl...

No, it was once a girl. It's light as a feather.

He also had a frozen look in his blood, like he had suffered all the pain of the world at once.

So much so that I wonder what kind of bitterness I would be able to take on that look.

To that brilliant appearance, he thinks.

- You'll be thrilled when I bring this home.

The stock as a father will go up again, no doubt......!

From this cliff I could also see the hotel where he and his family lived.

In a building like the castle, a cute kid would be waiting for him now or now.

- If I had this, he would be proud of his neighbors...

Even in the morning for a while, I guess I won't be in a bad mood.

The next thing that came to his mind was another woman who wasn't his wife.

- Heh heh heh, actually, I'm actually on this island, too.

Well, it's obvious because I'm 30 (one) daughter-in-law...

After family service, say you had a sudden assignment or something and let your family go home first...

Soyts and tails......!

He remembers something, speaking of which.

There was a telescope in the backpack at some point.

I was wondering if someone in the crew would have let me in by mistake, but since I'm in a great spot to see, I'm going to use it.

When I took the telescope retractable sneaking out of the backpack I was carrying, I expanded and peeked in.

And I accidentally leak myself to the sight that popped into my eyes.

"Oh! You look good! Inside the windows of the city buildings, you can see them all!

- When I get home, I need to be careful with my wife so I can close the window curtains...

And so on, when you shift the focus towards the hotel, there's...

"Ah......!? Ahhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

He was so shocked that the world collapsed away......!

There, what...!

My own wife, in a hotel room, is throwing a hot hug......!

Could that person be......!?

No way, 30 (satin oh) eh......!?

... Porridge...!

He accidentally falls below the cliff and suddenly loses himself so much that he removes his binoculars.

- Ah... that whore Ama...!

And that thirty (Yarrow) huh...!

Where I don't know, you're in such a relationship...!


Thirty always stood up for the role of sending Master Scylla on a mission...!

Thought it was taking me a while to get back...!

Is this how it was......!

My affair is up on the shelf, burning my angry hair with melameras.

- Chickshaw......!

When people are sweating and working......!

This is how I'm going to take home the souvenirs I was asked to...!

In the meantime, you danced mambo on the bed...!

Laughing at me...!

I won't forgive you......! I won't forgive you......!

"Never... Never forgive me!! Whoa!!

And as he leaves himself to anger, dive to the bottom of the cliff......!

Out of nowhere, he said, "Ahhh!?" I felt like I heard a scream.

But that's a hand job called 'God's Finger'.

The cliff was about the height of the building, but along the way it spinned with a circle,

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

I set a gorgeous three-point landing.

And a word while I'm in a cool pose,

"I'll draw dirty rainbows all over the city with your harrows......!!

Crazy to be jealous, dark hero born......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In this island of Greyskay, which was peace itself......

No, it's heaven for some humans, on the island of Greyskay, which was hell for some humans...

It should have been as peaceful as the outer sea of the island, in this leading resort......

An unprecedented and painful incident was taking place one after the other.

"The Wild Dog Mask Incident," "The Rampage Horse Incident," "The Eighty Rift (Yazazaki) Incident," and "The Dog God Incident".

These four incidents, which took place within just a few weeks, drove the island to closure without resolution.

And engrave the trapped people with the name of a killer named 'Wild Dog Mask' in a disgusting way.

But... no one saw the killer actually hurting someone.

What happened next was still new to my memory, The Celebrity Frenzy Incident.

Some casino ticks were found out and some tourists rioted.

The innocent were scared.

"I'm sure this was put in a murderous aura by a killer named Wild Dog Mask...!

And... they will, at last, know.

Of a true killer, who he is...!

It came early in the morning...!

From the mountains where the gods dwell, like the use of the devil......!

"Cahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I want to! There he is again! It's a wild dog mask!

"Gihihihihihihihihihi! There, there!


When they find a wild dog mask on the road, they are slashed with barbarian roar.

"Yu, brave man!? Hey, what!? Ahhh!?

... Zubaaa!

"Brave man!? What the hell is wrong with you!? Wow!?"

...... Shubaa!

"Ah, brave man!? I am not an obscene person, such as Wild Tail! Instead, for the annihilation of Wild Tail, make a donation...... ahhhhhhhh!?

...... gushaaaaaaaaaa!!

A flock of brave men strikes at the wild dog masks who were enjoying a late breakfast on the open terrace.

"You wild dogs! I'm not eating anything busy!

...... Gashahn!!

"Hey, what are you doing, brave man!? We are not wild dogs etc......! What!?"

"If you're a wild dog, you look like a wild dog, crawl and eat! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Wow, I get it! I get it! I'll eat, I'll eat, so don't be abusive to your kids!

"Gahahahahahahahaha! Nice outfit! Wild dogs are like wild dogs, crawling to the ground and not dying!

...... Zubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

"Ahhh!? Daddy!? Mommy!!

"I'm even jealous! Show me, tie him up and hang him in a tree!

A sword is freshly poked at the wild dog masks who exposed their unscrupulous bodies on the beach and slept under the parasol.


... Dossssssss! Dossssssss! Dossss!!

"Yu, brave man!? What are you doing? We're not evil people!

"I'm getting tired of just stabbing you, whoa, come here!

"Hey, what!? Me!? Whoa, drown! Gu Ha! Gu Boo Boo Boo Boo...!

"What do you say, bitter!? And you know what, it's a wild dog mask! Now I'm gonna float your dead body all over the island!

"How dare you sink into the sea! This, as it is, is really going to die! Oh, forgive me! Brave man! This man is not a wild dog mask! He's my husband! Plus, we've made a huge donation to the brave! And yet this trick is too harsh!

"Ugh! You females wild mask! Temei's sinking pretty good too!

"Huh!? Forgive me! Forgive me! Whoops! Whoops, whoops, whoops!


Now the real killer has attacked Gresky Island, frightened by the killer...!