Normally, a killer comes at night, but early in the morning...!

Normally, I'm alone in being a killer, but as a big deal...!

A total of 29 things, ghosts turned into killers...!

Like a fish that got mad water......!

Like a cannibal eel who can breathe in his lungs...!

It rolled out to the city......!

The fear, the damage, and the misery, are not the ratio of the great events so far.

Big, big, big case...!

Anyway, the other person is not a horse or anything, human......!

Besides, it was said to preside over all the goodness of the world, brave men......!

And this is the end of those who have aspirated the pollen of "Walkthrough of Hope"...!

If you want to borrow the words of a girl,

"I will be dragged out of my desires until I destroy myself, the flower of the demonic world"......!

That's right.

The 10th Squad of Shinsengumi, and the 29th of God's Fingers...

I've been dragged out to destroy myself...!

After killing other crew members in delusion and accomplishing "Special Assignments," continue the original mission, Wild Dog Killing.

Follow a wild dog mask that isn't even there, from the mountains to the city.

And they saw what became the righteousness of desire.

Countless, wild dogs...!

Finally, it begins, forever engraved in the history of this island, the Kill All (Genocide) Show......!

People fled so insanely that it was not the ratio of incidents so far.

And I finally think about it.

He said it was just the first of hell, like what's happened so far...!

They are poked, slashed, nabbed, spit......

Hanged, soaked, egged, trampled......

And I finally figured it out.

The killer we should be afraid of wasn't a wild dog mask or anything...!

But even so far, the tourists could only escape.

Because even though the 10th squad members turned into unreasonable executioners (butchers), they had a brocade flag.

The name of that invisible flag is' The Brave '......!

Called 'Son of God', given only to those who are born and chosen, haute couture......!

Hurting the brave, whether intentional or negligent, will never be tolerated.

Because they are considered an impenetrable light and all acts are believed to lead people to the right path.

Even if you get caught with dirt, you have to be so happy that "un on"......!

But it wasn't just the ones who got their family ripped apart in front of them and shut up.

Some celebrities pulled out a high-class, expansive sword for costumes they bought in 'Gorgeous Smart' and challenged the killers......

Light, return......!


The opponent is an elite in the elite, also known as' God's Finger '.

Even about the normal class of swordsmanship classes, even without the use of swords or the like, you can make them go down with just your fingertips.

Even if I was losing my sanity, no, it was because I was losing my sanity that my God-like strength was multiplied and I could no longer get my hands on it...!

The presence of Shinsengumi, also known as the guardian of the island, was a factor that further increased the damage.

And it was the presence of Death Dealer Revolve, who takes its overall command.

"Ya... oh my god! Master Rivolve!!

"Nah, it's noisy... The 10th Squad caught a wild dog mask and came back?

"That's right, the 10th Squad people are back...! In the city, they're raging!

"Na? Well, that's how big I look at you, Na. If you caught a wild dog mask, you could let him take off the shark for a little while."

"That's not the slightest bit! I'm walking into the city, killing people indiscriminately!

"I'm telling Na, you"

Neither did Rivolve believe the reports of his men, who had changed blood phases and jumped into the study.

But his complexion also changes when he sees the state of the city with a large telescope equipped for the mansion.

"Na......!? Nah, so ah......!? The whole city looks at the villages of the wicked. Let's see...!?

The city's best boulevard, which usually enjoys shopping, was stained red like a river with blood shed by folding bodies.

If you follow that flow, upstream there is......

In the biggest, most luxurious, castle-like shopping mall on this boulevard......

Stuck like amateur insect collection, celebrities look......!

Below that are the members of the 10th Squad.

They were struck all over their bodies by a waterfall-like bloodbath, "Hyahahahahahahahahahahaha!" and laughed madly......!

Removing his face from the telescope, Rivolve quickly flies a bubble.

"The Shinsengumi group on this island has been mobilized! The guards in this mansion, the harbor guards, the guys who work in the warehouse, they're all there! There's no one left, let's go!

The mansion, the residence of Livolve, is also a castle fortress, comparable in size to that of a small country when it comes to armaments.

With them it will be possible to snap no matter how much 'God's Finger' is the opponent.

But he is...!

"Tourist rescue is a turn away! As soon as possible, get to the 10th Squad! Look, don't be abusive!

How dare he not allow those in the 10th Squad to be harmed...!

If it was meant to be, the murderers who should be killed instantly...!

Keep him alive, capture him...!

No, I was trying to protect you...!

The reasons are obvious.

It is in preparation for the enlistment ceremony of the Shinsengumi (Shinsengumi), which approached a few days later.

On this island...... no, the best in the neighboring countries, the event of the brave.

When the brave organizations unite unanimously, they say that festivals to boast of their glory are going to be withheld...

I just wanted to avoid being ruined, no matter what.

Besides, at this ceremony, there are a number of 10th squadron appearances.

Because there is the congratulations of the captain Scylla and the simulation of the squad songs by the crew.

What if I hurt them here...

Worst case scenario, they could reject the ceremony......!

In that case, the Revolve mentes that divide the ceremony are rounded......!

As a brave man, he made the best choice.

But as a human being, the worst choice......!

If I were to parable this, I would say that Pitbull's mad dog is eating up people in the city......

It's like saying to settle it in a discussion by the Decree of Birth Pity.

Woohoo (oh)......! Dear dog...!

... For the record, the type of dog was divided into three main parts.

The first is the Rabies, made up of 25 people from 01 (Jewel One) to 25 (Twinkle Five).

They were tracking a wild dog mask, and by "Hope's Walkthrough," many other humans besides their fellow crew members were looking like wild dog masks.

The second is the Rabies, which consists of four people, 26 (Twinkle Six) to 29 (Twinkle Nine).

They were tracking Chesna, and by "Flowers of Hope," many other human beings besides their fellow crew members were looking like Chesna.

For tourists, they are both the same 'killer group', but their troubles are far above the latter.



They're coming after you with a "magic device" that sounds like a chainsaw!

"My lady......! Young lady......! Young lady......! Join my uncle, let's do something good......!

"Oh, my God, it just hurts a little! When I stab you, I just bust you...!

"After that, I'm so scared my whole body's hair will turn bright white, but hey!

"Gotcha! Come on, suffer! Suffer! Suffer! Crazy, crazy! Crazy! Hi-ha-ha!

And... last.

Luckily (?), there was only one person who did not belong to either 'killer group'.

He is unhappy (!) Also, finish your Scylla transfer assignment and get dressed in the hotel lobby.

I was just about to go back to Sin Itmulau,

"Death doesn't matter! Thirty (satin ooh) ooh!!!!

...... dosuuuuuuuuuuuu......!!

By the hands of my buddies, one poke...!

"Oh, you, 27 (Twinkle Seven)...!? How could you do this...!?

"Oh my God, you thought I didn't know anything! Unrighteous intimacy in the middle of a mission is a joke!

"Heh... oh my god...!?

"One woman and I would have danced plenty of mambo and had some fun!? Let me see that dance here too...! If you go through the Magic Instruction Device (Koitsu) on the way, you can see it picked up and collected from your belly, it's a masterpiece...!

"Become... what!? Do it, don't! Stop it, please!