A demonic stone that can reject everything that can be called an 'attack', a 'stone of rejection'.

It's even a pollen that transcends intelligence and physics, of flowers blooming in the demonic world, shut out.

Scylla, its owner, once attacked and destroyed the castle of a small country that had rebelled against the brave.

Whether they shoot in cannons and other siege weapons, or the Great Magic Storm knocked in by high-ranking wizards, they creep through with cool faces, like fashion models walking down the runway......

The witchcraft sword caused self-harm to all those in the castle...!

It was a 'stone of rejection' that rejected everything, but by fulfilling certain conditions it was possible to touch the owner.

It is to pledge allegiance to the owner and drink the blood of the owner.

Moreover, loyalty must come from the bottom of your heart, not from a servant.

And he is rejected again at a time when he feels unexpected about his owner, not least because he can be touched by oath.

Therefore, it is impossible to harm what has this stone......!

Because it is impossible, mainly to wield a white blade while vowing absolute loyalty...!

... impossible?

Is it really impossible?

If it's really, really impossible, how do I explain this sight...

There was a platoon singing along the boulevard of Greyskay Island, accompanied by military shoes.

♪ Your figure is more beautiful than the flowers of the high ridge

♪ Its heart is clearer than the blue sea

♪ Everybody, everybody, wants to touch

♪ Everybody, everybody, kneel

♪ But I can't touch it, not even a few ♪

♪ More than the hallowed beast of illusion, more than the steel ice of permafrost ♪

♪ Our fantasies, our ideals

♪ Dear Scylla Gorgestis, here it is

♪ I love Scissors, Master Scylla

♪ Master Scylla's, if it's for you

♪ And the kettle of hell, let's open it

♪ And the ladder to heaven, let's climb

As many as 29 troops sang softly as they dedicated to the man named Scylla...

And he was marching with his spear raised high.

At the tip of it...... when Nagasaki-kun's dragon, Scylla looks...!

By the sunny thunderbolt, I was stabbing him with blood rain...!

Around us are those of the Spirit of God who rushed by the life of Livolv, but no one hands on them.

No, I can't get it out.

Like the audience I've come to see the festival, I just keep quiet and follow the rest.

The tourists who fled and hid in the building were at the same time bewildered and wary of the sight that appeared across the window.

"Hey, what, are you...!?

"The brave men of the 10th Squad are taking charge of Master Scylla...!?

"No, I do it well by the Shinsengumi," The Evil Man Exposed "! Yeah, do it, half-dead the evil leader or something, and run around the city and show it off!

"What!? But it's not the wicked that's up there, it's the captain, Master Scylla, no matter what you think! What, do that......!?

"I don't know! The brave men of the 10th Squad seem to have gone really crazy!

"But I guess Master Scylla has a 'stone of rejection'!? Couldn't you have hurt any of them!?

"Oh I'm supposed to......!?

The answer was in the chatter of the 10th squad members.

After finishing the song praising the captain, they exchange words in a soothing atmosphere, like an end to work, with open eyes of pupils.

"Hey, as Master Scylla said, the wild dog mask wasn't a big deal!

"Damn it, this would have been just like Master Scylla said, alone!

"Master Scylla is really right about everything! Hey, I'm not wrong about that!

"Oh! You're really right! I'm getting more and more intoxicated by Master Scylla!

"Right! It's no exaggeration to say that we only have Master Scylla!

Such a bitterness pours down upon them.

"Higi... Higi, no, no...! If you're Scylla, here... Ooh...!

Dyed bright red with a white dress, Scylla squeezes her voice as she squeezes it out.

The "Evil Man Exposure" specializes in the Shinsengumi group, where the subject chooses the most painful and undead areas to pierce.

Pierce the tendons of your body, make them immobile, and manipulate them like puppets from below to inflict further humiliation.

"If you're Scylla, you're here."

Move Scylla's hands and feet like a posse of wild dog obedience, imitating the voices as the crew teases.

"Hihihihihihihi! I can't believe you think of yourself as like Scylla. The one with the wild dog mask, looks like you've finally gone crazy!

"There's no one who can stay sane with this' Evil Man Exposed '! Hihihihihihi!"

"I'm going to expose Temei's unusual appearance to you like this, and I'm going to give you plenty of shame! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!"

... Now it's time to see Osama's, "Overthrow Scylla" in its entirety.


Osama deliberately played a struggle during his first match against Scylla......

To defeat the 'Stone of Rejection'......!

In order to do so, it was necessary to return Scylla to the city.

If it had been found in the sight of Scylla that the crew had fallen on the 'Flower of Hope', Scylla would have slashed and killed all the crew.

And I would have strained my mind even more, and it would have taken a wild dog mask chase.

But if the wild dog mask turns out to be a miscellaneous fish, Scylla returns to the city and enjoys a one-legged resort.

I would even take a trip to the boutique to pick out a dress to wear to the ceremony.

And no matter how many swordsmen, they'll even let go of their swords when they try it on.

I just let go of a sword that could be life to a swordsman,

"Scylla will never get hurt. Because I have this...!

and would have loved the 'stone of rejection' embedded in his fingers.

But by then things had already gotten worse so far beyond his imagination...!

So much so that all the good bacteria that were protecting his body turned into cancer cells instead of bad bacteria...!

...... bariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

No way, no way......!

I was shown hallucinations with demonic flowers, my own men......!

No way, it's the shape of a murderous toothpick, let's break into a boutique, hit ourselves, etc...!

I didn't know, from their eyes, that Scylla thing was going to look like a wild dog mask etc......!

It was totally unexpected...!

The loyalty of the crew to Scylla is good.

The crew's hostility to the wild dog mask is very high.

To that uncontroversial, noble consciousness, the 'stone of rejection' ….

Put all their murder blades on the free pass......!

...... dosoooooooooooooooooo!!!


This is Osama's, "Overthrow Scylla" in its entirety......!

No, its ignition point (Burning Point)......!

... but will it not remain in question?

The 10th squad members are more than looking like wild dog masks up to Scylla......

In their dream world, who the hell is going to be Scylla...?

That, if you follow their 'Evil Man Exposure' route, you'll soon find out.

No, no longer, I may not even have to chase him...

Their feet were directed straight towards the 'Mountain of God's Residence'.