The head of Wild Tail, who lives in the settlement of Sin Itomrau, recruited the will to form a reconnaissance team.

The brave men of the 10th Squad, with their swords in their hands, said, "Hihihihi, hihihihi!" I witnessed him run down the mountain like a bandit, and I got worried.

Sent to the city were young people with light wild tails and wild celebrities who knew more about the city.

After a while they all came back safely, but the look on their faces was blue as if they had caught a glimpse of the afterlife.

"Ya... oh my god! Oh, my God!

"Oh, you're back! So, what happened to the city? What's the big deal?


"Horrible murder, torture equipment... well, that sounded terrible already!

"Hey, what...!? Are our people living in the alley safe?!?

"No, that's..."

and the Wild Tail youths, who were scouts, cloud their words as if their confusion had deepened further.

"I knew you couldn't..."

"No, it's not! Nobody... nobody was killed!

"Heh... what!?

"All the brave men didn't seem to see their people! We bowled to the brave man a few times too, but he passed us by as if he didn't notice...!

"Duh... what do you mean?!?

One of the wild celebrities who was next to the young man, who also went to scout the city, takes over after him.

"That's not all. Incredibly, the brave ones always took the lead in killing and walking the mighty ones they were supposed to be imploring...!

To sum up their story, it seems that the crew of the 10th Squad, transformed into killers, were only focused on leading patrons of the Shinsengumi group and celebrities who were keen to exterminate the cults.

Tourists who are neither poisonous nor medicinal for brave organizations, clerks who work in shops and other places, and wild tails in alleys, are bare as if they don't exist.

Laughing like crazy, swinging a murder blade around people. That seemed like indiscriminate terrorism at first sight......

The fact of the matter is that

Discrimination terrorism............!

A mysterious act of selecting only our own patrons for some reason to attack intensively......!

"What the hell has the brave man done...!?

The settlers twist their necks.

Could it be there,

"Ah!? Mi...... look! Those brave men are back here!?

... bah!

Ahead of pointing to, oh my...!

I march bravely with a spear, the face of the 10th Squad......!

Sticking a still living human into a spear, bearing it up like a god......

Intimidating footsteps sound zazzling and looming......!

The settlers finally thought it was their turn and turned to each other frightened.

But as it were......!

The murdering braves in line don't give the Wild Tails a glimpse.

As if it were a roadside stone......

He passed straight through the foothills and further divided into the mountains.

"Duh... what do you mean...!?

"Ah!? Look!? I'm stabbing you on that spear..."

"Holy shit!? Isn't that Master Scylla!?

"Why is Captain Scylla being skewered by the crew...!?

"Oh, really... I don't know! I don't know. Bye!

Squad 10 continues into the mountains from the gate that leads to Sin Itomrau.

Originally this gate has been tightly closed to forbid entry into the sacred mountains, but has recently been left open by order of Revolv.

And usually after I crept through the gate, I'd go into the deep woods and I wouldn't be able to see him, but he was different today.

The figure of Scylla twirling at the tip of the spear remains jumping out of the crown like a nightmare.

In conjunction with the march of the 10th Squad, he floated deliberately like a drifter through the sea plains.

"But... where the hell are the braves going...!?

The answer came right out.

"Ah!? On the cliff, Master Wild Dog Mask showed up!?

... bah!

Ahead of what I pointed out is the same look of a wild dog mask as usual.

No, not as subtle as usual.

Weirdly dusty hot air was raised from all over the body.

There is an unprecedented catastrophe striking this island right now, but it is quietly standing on a cliff.

Even the white painted man in the bloody dress, approaching as he roams the universe like a flying muckade, has no way of moving.

That would also be natural.

It's a fact that no one knows, but all the culprits are him (●) there...!

Eventually, the face of the 10th Squad, who reached him, let down his face, like the students he had not seen in a long time.

"Master Scylla! Thank you for waiting!

"Squad 10, Wild Dog Live Maneuver, done!

"It's a wild dog mask, Zutaboro piercing it on top!

What made me so thrilled about this was the 'Wild Dog Mask' like no other.

"Hey... what are you talking about!? Scylla is Scylla! It must be the wild dog mask right in front of you guys!?

But the members of the 10th Squad and 'Scylla' silently killed the appeal, like the wind blowing through the mountains.

"There's no way Osama, like you, is like Scylla!

"Look at this beautiful face of Master Scylla! It's like being born in a dob. It's so different from you!

"Son of a bitch in a wild dog mask, it's always been at this rate! You must have lost your mind because of fear!

"If you ask me, you are right, Master Scylla, who was making a scene on this island!

"Hey, he hasn't done a lot! I'm the one who stabbed the sword in the wild dog mask first, Master Scylla!

"No, they were just putting their hands on the spear during the 'Evil Man Exposure'! I stood in the middle of nowhere with the most support!

The face of the 10th Squad appealing to their handles towards the 'Scylla' in front of them.

My boss, who smiles at my mask, says nothing.

And... disappear into the back of the mountain like a whistle with a rat drawn.

So... the blood hurricane that was hitting this island finally converged.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day.

Livolve had one since the early morning, holding his head on his desk.

Recently, because of someone's sleepless nights, I woke up in the dark and became caged in the study.

- Nanna, what the hell...

I wondered if the guys from the 10th Squad had attacked the city, turning the captain's Scylla into 'Evil Man Exposed' and disappearing into the back of the Sin Itmulau mountain...

The damage done by the tourists in the city is enormous...

Especially the big rich guys who were making donations to Shinsengumi, who are going to get killed...!

I also took a big look at the riots at the casino, on the arrow tip I freed them......!

Well, that's better.

The problem is, it's the 10th Squad that's gone into SinItomlau, Na.

Even though the Kamikaze enlistment ceremony is coming up soon, if it doesn't come out like this, it's going to be a big deal...!

Even though one of the "God's Fingers" teams must attend the enlistment ceremony to celebrate by the captain and to sing a team song by the crew...!

If this happens, let the young people do it to Sin Itmulau and find him...!?

But then again, the rat removal could turn into a rat Na......!

Oh, what the hell am I supposed to do now!?

I feel like letting go of my partner, it's full...!

Livolve squeezing his head and scratching, even though he stumbles on his desk and disrupts his hairstyle.

But his troubles will be resolved lightly.

"Ya... oh my god! Master Rivolve!

"Uh-oh, now Na, what the hell...?

"The 10th Squad people, the 10th Squad people, are in the 'Spirit of God Square'...!

"To Na, you mean back!?

"Also, speaking of being returned, I was returned......! But, but...!

The description of the crew who came to report did not get the guidelines, so Rivolve jumps out of the study onto the terrace.

The large telescope was pointed at the 'Spirit of God Square' throughout the city.


"Nah!? Nana na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na...!?

Like a broken keyboard, I can't stop being stunned.

What he was seeing was a huge statue of Godsmile, in the square.

The way you bravely set your sword up in heaven is in this square...

No, it's a divine thing, even a symbol of this island...

To that sword, what...!?

"Na, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?

Squad 10 is on a skewer...!?

Like a greedy dough, the captain Scylla and 29 crew members...!

He was pierced through his belly and lined up at equal intervals...!