Since the advent of the wild dog mask, Rivolve didn't leave the mansion a single step to be careful.

But all this time, there was no way I wasn't answering.

He drove several armored carriages and pulled many escorts to the 'Spirited Square of God'.

The thing I saw over the lens of the telescope, praying it was some mistake.

And I see exactly the kind of sight that the chief test looks like...!

Rivolve jumped inside the square trying to break the main entrance.

I got off the carriage like I was rolling over and looked up at that sight......!

The statue of Godsmile is the same great shape as usual.

No, it was illuminated by the morning sun, and it stood for a divinity that could no longer be described as divine.

All I said was that I was the 'heaven', a sword I put up bravely.

Only the sword was different.

It was usually white and glowing. That drips liquid like a faint black paint into the moisture......

Thirty humans were pierced and pierced...!

This is no longer a commotion for your brothers...!

No more, no more...!

Big Family (Family) Huh...!!

Besides, there's so much TV coming to cover......!!

Besides, it's unprecedented that only the father (Big Daddy) is absent......!!

There is already no shadow of a murderer on those of the 10th Squad who stabbed him.

It was rather painful, like the victim of a killer.

"Na, nana, nana...!?

Right beneath them, Gackling and kneeling Revolve.

It is attacked by fear and despair that rips your body apart like a raw tree, causing your vision to creep and distort.

"Na...... Na thing, Na thing......!? So, who the hell are you talking about...!?

But the answer took one thing.

Behind his brain comes a corpse dragged by countless horses and countless corpses floating in a pool at home.

Wild dog mask............!!

Cold sweats flood me, and my whole body gets soaked like rain.

"Oh... are you all right, Master Rivolve!

"Oh... be sure!

My men come on both sides and wake him up to help.

He opened his mouth, blue-faced as a deceased.

"Na... Na, Na. Why did you get into this...? This square should be under surveillance in a 24-hour system...?

"Well, that's what I did last night when I asked the person on the tension post (Hariban) about the situation, and he said that there were no intruders..."

"The first thing I noticed, too, was that of a lawnmower coming at dawn," he said.

If it had been the usual him, he would have called those people now and put them on a narrow roulette.

But now, he was so beaten that he didn't have that much energy.

And it's weird.

Even at the time of the "Dog God Case," there were a large number of young people from the Divine Spirit group at the Mansion, falling asleep.

Despite this, countless bodies floated in the pool the next morning.

Moreover, since the incident, the main facilities on the island had increased the number of watchdogs and met with strict vigilance.

Especially since this god-tipped square is also the venue for the enlistment ceremony, it was particularly strict, laying a security system where instead of a wild dog could not get into one rat......

Besides, if we're just gonna leave the body behind, what a skewer we left on the statue.

That and for thirty......!

What kind of magic did you use, no, how did you do what you couldn't possibly do with any great magic in this world...

But with Revolv's cloudy head, I didn't know how much to think about.

Besides, I wasn't given time to just calm down.

"Master Rivolve, may I?

"The night is dawning and tourists are beginning to notice"

"Goddamn it... Na et al., pay the men and remove the remains of the 10th Squad"

But here, a miracle happens.

Thirty bodies pierced through the torso began to sunbathe in the morning and whilst asagao...!

"Ugh... Ugh..."

"Ya... help, help,..."

"Hey, come on..."

"Where are we... What happened to Scylla..."

To them suddenly resurrected, as if their hands had come out of the graveyard, Revolve and his men turned upside down.

"Nah......!? Hey, he's alive!? Oh, come on, don't be sassy! Bring the 'Hashigo Carriage' now and rescue it!

"Hashigo carriages" are carriages with stretching hashigos that are used for firefighting activities, etc.

That was arranged in great haste, finally trying to be hung on the statue of Godsmile, just before that......

"Oh wait, Master Rivolve!!

Something came in from another man.

"If you want to touch Godsmile's paintings and statues, you need to apply for holiness!!

"Ha......!? Oh yeah Na......!!

Just that it's gone, breathtaking Revolve.

Anything that mimics Godsmile, except for printed material, is also supposedly scary to touch.

If you have to touch paintings, statues, etc. for example by moving, cleaning, etc., you have to submit a written application to the upper brave people and obtain approval.

But Godsmile related artwork, that's what the world doesn't have time to name.

It is therefore also famous that the approval of the 'sacred application' takes a very long time….

If you submit now, it will take at least six months......!

"Na...... Na et al, there will be a sacred application for the cleaning of this statue!?

That's what I said, and once again, I'm breathtaking that Rivolve is gone.

The statue of Godsmile in this divine square is cleaned every month.

It is after submitting the sacred application, but it takes time to approve it, so I am applying in advance.

If it were in the name of 'cleaning' the statue, it would be possible to rescue the members of the 10th Squad who stabbed them in the sword.

But this also creates another problem.


That it's the same as treating the members of the 10th Squad as garbage...!

If it were in the name of 'rescue', I would be respecting them as human beings......

When it comes to 'cleaning', the hun of a bird stuck to the statue becomes alike......!

Of course this is only a nominal matter of 'sacred application', so we just have to worry about it.

But it's the creature called the brave who cares......!

It's a creature called the Brave One that makes it hard to make you a big problem and makes you an ingredient to demote you...!

And at the time of the pigeon manure (Hatohun) treatment, the helped Scylla herself did not shut up either.

Definitely furious and wouldn't quit the ceremony either.

In that case, the Revolv mentes, rounded......!

It may seem foolish, such as worrying about decency even though 30 lives are at stake.

But that's...

That's the 'brave' quality in this world......!!

Rivolve, who has been forced to make the ultimate choice.

Do you want to 'clean' the men of the 10th Squad as a hathun on the statue of God...

Or are you not afraid that you will be punished, and that you will 'rescue' them as brave men and as one person...

The decision he made, it...

Oh my...!

Well, it wasn't either...!