By order of Rivolve, a scaffold was quickly placed in the Godsmile statue of "The Square of the Spirit of God", covered as if it were in the process of being built.

And Livolv told those who were on the spot:

"All right......! Until the day of the ceremony, there is no need to say anything else! And lay down your mantra! Those who leak, even tourists, will be punished with severe punishment, Na!

Furthermore, when he gathered the men of the Shinsengumi Square on this island, he said:

"Look, you guys! This brings us to the final preparations for the enlistment ceremony! I was actually going to start a long time ago, but I'm late...... but that doesn't matter, Na! Be prepared to un-pause the strict posture and welcome the Na 'lu people to the ceremony!

This was also another bitter decision for Rivolve.

There is still a wild dog mask in the mountain where God lives, like a Buddha who came back on a spiritual horse in a basin.

By the input of the 10th Squad, which could also be a last resort, I wanted to eliminate sole (●)......

But now that the tiger children's they are in return, there is no longer a means of confrontation.

No, there is...

I don't have enough time to prepare for that anymore.


Priority was now given to dealing with the most important event named Enlistment Ceremony.

But it's like forcing the Olympics in the heat, like having an event on an island with a killer.

You may wish to call it off or postpone it, but I want you to think about it.

that there are only about elementary school classes, such as those that wild dogs can interrupt for a reason......!

There was no one on this island who could overturn this Livolve decision.

They were also still insulting about the wild dogs.

And from there, it wasn't long.

First, the aftermath of the tragedy that's creeping all over the city.

Clean up the body, scratch the bloodstain, paint and deceive.

From above, decorate for the ceremony.

There was also a parade on the day, especially since the boulevard was freshly decorated with flowers.

The celebratory flowers, which have been given earlier by the brave and royal families of neighbouring countries, make a whole florist......

No, it was enormous as if I had bought out every mountain of flower gardens.

One flower is very large and full, and there is not one that is not in shape.

Flowers arranged to fill the sidewalks of the street so as to compete for glory.

Among them were also secluded flowers made by the Virgin, who was selling them in horticulture, named Hanaglui.

Flowers blooming gloriously mad, as if they were sucking up life stained with cobblestone.

With its razor-sharp beauty, where there is no trace of the dead, the next is the eradication of the living and the living.

Rather than wild dogs for the ceremony parade, it is unacceptable to cross one rat.

Large quantities of chow killer were sprinkled in the alley, as well as homeless hunting.

The captured Wild Tails are collectively forcibly repatriated to the settlement.

On that day they were to be taken to the Plaza of the Spirit of God and made to watch the execution of the cult leader, but this time I was not able to help.

Because there is no pivotal leader.

Neither the wild dog mask nor the witch Chesna ended up catching it.

Because wild dogs like my father and daughter were soaking in the water like a hot spring resort, tongue drumming at the delicacies of the mountain sea and enjoying vacations more than anyone else on this island......!

And finally...

Restrictions on entry and departure from the port of Greysky Island, which had long been laid, are lifted.

This was, above all, good news for tourists who could barely survive on this island.

But...... what was waiting for them after that was a rough reality.

How dare Rivolve stamp them with the burning of slaves......

I pushed myself into the Wild Tails' settlement...!

This is to prevent the leakage of the tragedy that has hitherto struck the island.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Many powerful people began to visit the island to attend the ceremony.

The docks are filled with luxury ships, and the harbor is filled with decorated people.

Well, when that happens......

Wouldn't it bother you if someone's trends?


While in the weakest position in interpersonal combat, the Virgin...

I let the elite men named the Shinkansen Marine Guard send me to the hospital alone...

Mother Reincarnation Huh......!!

Although he was temporarily the three sisters forced to withdraw strategically, rumors of the opening of the port tighten faster than anyone else, trying to get ahead faster than anyone else on the example painful ship.

This was also taken up by the media as a major incident.

"The Holy Dolls' Virgins participate in the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit!

"This is the first time the Holly Doll family Virgin has officially participated in the ceremony of the Brave!

"Love discovered by Dear Reincarnation!? I want to meet my beloved brave man, but I am determined to participate in the ceremony!

'What is that, a happy brave man...!?

'But I looked it up, and I didn't have anyone like that! I think the day will be revealed, so wait for the continuation!

With all sorts of speculation flown around, the ship carrying the great Virgin like a weaving princess, like a reunion over a hundred years, leaves the harbour of Halbury willingly.

... It was good until I did, but the incredible misfortune here strikes her.

If you take a path to Greysky Island, somehow the ship won't go as far as it should go.

Even though it's a chase wind, the tide flow is good...

Like rebelling against a magnet, pushed back with invisible force......

From offshore at all, we can't move on...!

"Ahhhh!? Why, what are you doing? Why can't your ship come in? Why, what?


The great cry of the great Virgin ringing wow, as if it were going to blow to the Seven Seas.

It was so tearful that it overflowed the pool on the deck.

Mommy, again...!

This strange matter was also taken up by the media.

"The Holly Doll family ship, the Golchan, is stuck on the sea!

"Dear Reincarnation, a woman cries on the sea!

'All the ships that left the port at the same time have arrived on the island of Greyskay without any problems, but only the ships of the Holly Dolls, why......!?

"All the other Grand Virgins testify. Master Reincarnation has touched the wrath of Lord Godsmile...!

"Until now brave man neglectful tsuke!? Kamikaze only rejects the Holly Doll family!

Such a rarity was happening on the outer sea of Greyskay Island, but preparations on the island are steadily progressing.

The media, who wrote so much about the Holly Doll family, went straight into the area and moved on to covering the ceremony.

Moreover, this time, a magic technique of video transmission, called 'Transmission Film', which was tested on a tour of a certain brave man, is introduced.

Although the tour itself was difficult to describe as a success, only the "propaganda film" test operation was successful, so the same technique was used in this ceremony, which was to be relayed.

Brave and powerful people who don't normally participate or want to, can also watch the enlistment ceremony at local facilities this time.

For this reason, Rivolve's pressure and temper was not a ratio of past ceremonies.

Whatever the merits and failures are, they are passed on not only to those who are on the spot, but also to many who are outside the sea.

Hopefully it will be an appeal to the upper echelons and a stepping stone to further emergence......

If it fails......

No, it's arguably wild to allekore about that before it starts.

Okay, let's actually watch it.

The most bizarre ceremony of the brave!