On that day, the island of Greysky covered a cloudless sky.

Always a pleasant island, but today the sky is clearer and more beautiful like a watery crystal.

On this day, like the future of the young men who would be brave, they were sparkling.

In the "Square of the Spirit of God" are the devilishly dressed.

In the front row, a rookie wears a brand-new uniform and proudly hangs his freshly paid sword.

The long desks on their left and right will be lined with brave men, beginning with Revolve.

Around it, royalties and nobles gleaming in seven colors, like prisms, in the light of the sun, to boast of the glory they possess.

They are not just on the grounds of the square.

Many spectators are packed beyond the iron fence as well.

Much cruder than the guests, the front row of stair-style seats has the press.

The shutter is switched off in front of a true-photo (shin) device that is arranged like a stubble gun seat.

Until the ceremony began, a particular focus was gathered by a certain prestigious Three Sisters of the Grand Virgin.

She is the three Ijwal sisters, who had made it difficult for her to come to this island because she had seen the Holly Dolls as her enemy.

Landing on the island with their sobbing mothers on their asses, they remained niggardly all the time.

Seats above the scoop aiming press are the little rich people invited for a busy day.

At last, they are those who were called as so-called reactionaries, applications like the aunts of telephony shopping.

They had a lot of power on their way back to the mainland, but they were busy on this occasion.

But there was no dissatisfaction, and they were all waving Nico's smile like they were waiting for this day.

Because they were coming to the party after this to make connections with the brave and powerful.

This square was full of different thoughts, both inside and outside, but there was one place everyone was paying attention to.

It is… the most sacred colour in the world, decorated with gold and purple, the white Asian stage.

At the corner of the stage stood a speech stand, a figure dressed in a crisp tuxedo.

He had a run-down skin like a mummy, but luckily it was black in color and hardly noticeable.

And only the eyes shine like a young Wayan who doesn't lose his shine even at dawn all night.

What he claimed even more than that was his head like an exploded bird's nest.

"Now let's start the 20th edition of the Shinsengumi Enlistment Ceremony!

It met voices that echoed across the square, even in the local voice, but the loud magic was blowing it across the island.

...... dowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Along with the opening proclamation, fireworks are launched and pieces of paralysis and explosions are scattered in the blue sky.

At the same time,

...... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

The audience outside the square all cheered and applauded.

In addition,


The orchestra, which held back behind the stage, began to play the tone simultaneously.

Backed by a good accompaniment, likely flowing into a luxury café, Afromiira, the MC progression, began by introducing herself.

"To the glory of showing you this wonderful ceremony, it was the brave guide (how do you call it) JANJANG BARIBARI! YEAH! The brave man originally scheduled as MC seemed to soak it up, so I guess this janjanjabali will let him keep his substitute. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

He, Djangian Bali, became chased in a casino case, and Ajito was spotted and lived a life in the alley.

But he didn't give up.

Heaven didn't let him go like that.

Happiness that came down again, Sole...!

"The Tenth Squad's Murder"......!

Good thing there's a killing storm blowing in the city, good thing we're in a havoc, and somehow the 10th Squad guys don't want to target him...

In the midst of a pile of corpses being built and a river of blood flowing, he worked as a fire thief...!

Break into a wig store where the clerks are gone and get the finest Afro in the store.

The snail's persuasion is great, and he quickly returns to bloom.

Legendary partaking, to janjang bari......!

And... he stepped in, too, as he was struck by the enthusiasm of the 10th Squad.

Into the realm of "Killing the Brave"......!

I knew about the brave guide who would hold the MC for the enlistment ceremony, so I ambushed him at the harbor.

The city had already been roughed up in preparation for the ceremony, so execution was easy.


170 unnamed warriors.

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 Unnamed Guided Braves ⇒ 168


In the alley, Giangjanbari, who took a set of luggage, including a costume, turns to the 'Square of the Spirit of God' with no food on his face.

And a word toward the staff of the Divine Spirit group who will be chased into the setup,

"They called me a surrogate MC, Gianjan Bali! There's no doubt that when I'm here, it's going to be a magpie ceremony like no other in the past! JANJAN BALLY BALLY YEAH YEAH!!"

... and to this day.

He was in a strictly quiet venue, and one was thrilled.

'Well, let's go to the first program first! Come on, let's introduce you to the big guests. Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!


Easy listening turns into something brave with Zuncha, Zuncha.

"If it's the usual ceremony, big guests are the flow to march and take the stage from outside the venue, but this time it's totally different! This is the twentieth time we've celebrated, and it's a surprise! Nant-nant, the 10th squad is already in this room! Ladies and gentlemen, you'll see. Huh!?

The audience went out of their way.

"What!? Are the 10th Squad here already!?

"Liar!? I'm a huge fan of the 10th Squad, especially Master Scylla! I'm here for this ceremony because I can see those people!

"Me too! I wanted to see those great swordsmen with these eyes, and I came a long way!

"Me too! There's a squad song from Squad 10, so I've been memorizing the lyrics with you with the intention of singing!

"Where!? Where are they?

The press and a large audience began to roam about this, beginning with guests.

Incidentally, "Spirit of God" is one of the most popular brave organizations in the world.

Regardless of the truth, the life of a brave but always at the forefront and sparing no life for Godsmile was gathering popular support.

"Now, along with the squad song of the 10th Squad, you're here! If you know the lyrics, come with me, Grandpa Song! Okay, go ahead, then. Jaaahhhhhhhhh!


After the jingle, the moderator showed it by hand......

Behind the stage, covered with a water-coloured cloth, an iceberg-like object......

That, along with the signal,

... bah...!!

and was taken away.

Then there...!!

The specialty of this' Spirit of God Square '......

No, it can also be the main one, the statue of a great person......

The Godsmile statue......!

Its brave figure, which receives the hashigo of light pouring from heaven, is divine enough to make all the beholders kneel.

But now, only now, it was different.

Oh, my God, what...!

He was in the sword the statue stood on...!

No, he was poking at me no matter what I saw...!

Like a prey mozzled by mozz......

Thirty people, the brave ones...!

"What... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!?!?!?"

This had shocked the audience as if a local earthquake had occurred and the heavens and the earth had turned upside down.

In fact, most of them had fallen off the chair.

Well, you know already.

With the ultimate choice given to Livoliv, give the answer you gave......

He didn't "clean" or "rescue" the 10th Squad.

What a choice you made, "maintain"......!

The brave men, whose torso remains pierced by the statue sword, are invited to participate in the ceremony as it is...

I did a hell of a rough trick...!