A person in a red dress screams at the white paint all over his body, which was stabbing him in the root of the sword.

"So 10th Squad Song, Simultaneously OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

After a disgusting backing voice, as many as 29 men who were on him continue.

♪ Well... you look more beautiful than the flowers of the high ridge... ♪

♪ Ugh... its heart is clearer than the blue sea... ♪

♪ Everybody, everybody, heh, touch... wanting... ♪

♪ Everybody, everybody, kneel down... ♪

A powerless singing voice, like a sentence of resignation, spreads as it crawls around the guest seat.

Until before the screening, the audience, who stood up together to sing, had lost their voices to that too much pain.

I can't help it.

The sword of a thick stone pillar pierces the torso.

Instead of singing, even being alive is a strange level.

their hands and feet powerless as dying bugs, and from time to time,

"Ugh... it hurts..."

"Ouch... Ouch..."

"I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die..."

It's something that's crushing me like that, so as a watching side, I feel like I can't help it.

Rather than enlisting, the overnight mood dominates the venue as if there were war dead.

This is how one of the media snapped as he put the team song simulation in his true photograph.

"Something... I think I stabbed a dying cockroach in a barbecue skewer with thirty pieces together..."

That was too heartless a word, but too precise, and a loss of laughter occurs from around you if you've gotten into a bump.

"Buffoo! Oh, my God! That would be disrespectful!

"So, but when they say that, it's just starting to look that way...!

"Buh-heh! No, please don't! It'll make you laugh!

"So, but why are the 10th squad doing that...?

"Maybe you're appealing to immortality that you won't die so much?

"No, take a good look, there's plenty of healers and virgins behind you."

Behind the statue of Godsmile was a scythe carriage.

On the scythe stretched along the sword of the statue were bells of healers (healers) and virgins dressed as black children.

They are desperate to offer healing magic and prayer, healing exactly the crew they are stabbing now.

This, of course, was one of Livolv's instructions.

Livolve submitted a 'sacred application' in the name of 'rescue' to help the 10th Squad.

But it takes more than six months for it to be approved.

In the meantime, it is unacceptable to touch the statue.

If left alone, he would die, so he gathered healers (healers) and virgins on the island and let them hit real-time treatment in a 24-hour system.

To be honest, it is foolish to add even water to an empty barrel of holes.

But I couldn't possibly not do it.

Squad 10 is the eye-catching guest at this enlistment ceremony.

Because if Sole dies on the way, it's ruined.

As for participating in the ceremony with the sword stabbed, I rather meant to push it off as a testament to my loyalty to Godsmile.

It was a reasoning that was quite impossible......

Those decisions turn out to make the 10th Squad people suffer instead......!

There is no longer any prospect of help, like imposing a life extension measure on patients complaining of pain that they are better off dead......!

Their spirit and flesh, which continue to be dominated by unusual and intense pain, come here and take their limits.

He peeled off the very white eyes of the pain, and at last tears, runny noses and yodales began to drip uncontrollably.

Still they keep singing.

It's like a company animal dragging its legs to the company, even in a car accident......!

♪ Hi... higi! Shit, but I can't touch it, how many...!

♪ Ma, more than a phantom sacred beast, more than a permanent frozen earth steel ice GOOOOOOOOOOOO...!

♪ Gosh...! Wow, our fantasy, our ideal...!

♪ Oops! Wild dog mask, here it is......!

At first I thought I heard it wrong.

♪ Sooo... I love ski skis, wild dog masks...!

♪ Of a wild dog mask, if it's for ooh

♪ And the cauldron of hell, let's open it...!

♪ And the ladder to heaven, let's climb...!

A sudden change of song caused the passenger to sit down.

"of, wild dog mask!? Sure, you sang a wild dog mask now!?

"Yeah, I heard that too! What the hell is a wild dog mask!?

"Hey, what's going on from what to what, once and for all...!?

The audience here don't know about the wild dog mask because they just came to this island the other day.

At last the audience's anxiety peaked as the brave men of the 10th Squad, who were waiting guests, sang a strange song after they appeared with skewers.

And I was more surprised than anyone else, those two......!

- Na, Na why, Na why is the name of the wild dog mask coming out here like this?!?

- Why, why is the name of the wild dog mask coming out here?!?

Think of it. Their lives have gone crazy since they got involved with the wild dog mask.

Once upon a time, Osama, who calls himself the Wild Dog Mask, messed with the resort...

The casino is broken and closed, and my son is still lying on the hospital bed...

Once upon a time, in The Immortal King's Country Tour, Osama in a wild dog mask ruined the tour...

At the casino where I wagered a relapse, a hefty woman dressed me in wet clothes saying it was a flavor of a wild dog mask......

Anyway, I don't have any good memories for them, and a wild dog mask that has become like a poor god.

Exactly, I didn't think there would be any such thing as showing up at this vigilante security ceremony...

He just showed up...!

Riding in the wind by the name of a change of song, lightly, refreshed...!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! To the great squad song of the 10th squad, guys, clap your hands!

Jungian burly screaming to blow away the signs of a windless wild dog.

The squad sings originally up to number twenty, but he activated MC's power to force him to cut it off.

"Then next, congratulations! Congratulations from the 10th squad! So JANJAN BALLY BALLY YEEEEEEEEEE!!

With sparse applause, Djangian Bali approaches Scylla.

Rising on a podium-like stair-like platform, he stood at the same height as Scylla, who was piercing the root of his sword, and pulled a stick, the catalyst for loud magic, to Scylla's deep red mouth.

"Come on, Master Scylla! I'm going to ask you for a great word for the crew you're going to enlist... ahhh!?

... bah!

Scylla snapped the loudspeaker stick out of Janjan Bali's hand.

And it was uttered, the first voice...!