Through loud magic, all over this island......

No, through the propaganda magic, I swooped all over the world...!

"Wild dog, banzahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Wild dog call........................!?!?

That wasn't even planned in advance rehearsals at all, a word for breaking the code......!

No, the call itself was planned to be exact, but its contents include:

"Dear Godsmile, Banzahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

'If we are for Dear Godsmile, even in the water in the fire......!! You can laugh and laugh even if they pierce you with a sword!!

'We also wanted to show a strong willingness like diamonds to participate in the ceremony in such a state that if it was for Lord Godsmile's sake, we would let him carry out the mission even if he was skewered his body this way!!

"Beginning today, I joined Shinsengumi, the rookies!! Take a look at this Scylla, the life of this 10th Squad!!

'And I swear!! If you too are for Lord Godsmile's sake, show us now that you are ready to laugh and go to heaven too!! Now stand up, now swear, that your bodies have already been dedicated to Lord Godsmile's sword, that it is life......!!

... so he made a declaration like a Black company's induction ceremony that would make him work even in the midst of a typhoon, and he also planned to make him a rookie.

Regardless of the good or not of its content, the script of the ceremony reads: 'In the pledge of loyalty put up by the body, the square is wrapped in inspiring applause'.

But from the first sound, that's ruined......!

"Wild dog, banzahhhhhhhhhh!!!

"We were hit by a wild dog, thirty unusual cockroaches......! I challenged a wild dog. As it turns out, I got my half pierced with a sword. Wow! I just have to laugh now. Wow!! Hihihihihihihihi......!

From Scylla's white-painted face, a masochistic grin pops up and yodale drips off the edge of her lips.

"We also attended the ceremony in this state to tell the world how scared the wild dog mask is...! This is how all brave men taste the same living hell that they take their halves from, and even shatter their stone-like pride!!

From between the giddy and chewed teeth, the lip color is flooded with a similar liquid.

"Beginning today, I joined Shinsengumi, the rookies!! Don't watch this Scylla die like this 10th Squad!!

Kaah!! and from his open eyes, red tears flooded his cheeks.

"And you have a frightened, frightened, awkward, sleepless night!! If you continue to carry the evil business of the name" brave men, "you will even be deprived of your sanity and sent to hell with a cry!! On this occasion now, don't show any distinction!! Now stand up, now swear!! that your bodies are already life on the palm of the wild dog mask than you are on this island......!!

And at last, his face becomes like a torn blood bag.

Blood seeped out of his eyes as well as his ears, nose, mouth… and scalp.

The look of it goes without saying, cursed paintings......!

"Die!! Die!! Die!! Those who are here...... No, all the brave men in the world would be driven out by the hands of a wild dog mask without one left!! Hihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

No, like cramping your whole body like a hanging thread got tangled up and making a mess of it, curse puppet......!

With his whole body, he was hustling about the end of the brave men involved in the wild dogs......!!

It was so full of creeps that not only the jaunty bursts that were beside it, but the people around the square glanced at it.

Livolv, who was in the Commissioner's seat, was also under pressure for a moment, but when he stood up with the momentum to kick the chair,

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

Towards heaven, one shot......!

Slightly sanity returns to the cannon of the brave, to the square that was being dominated by the madness of the wild dogs.

"Na...... I'm doing it to Na!! He's saying hello there, he's not a brave man anymore!! Vengeance to the brave, it's a wild dog's move!! Rookie!! Give that creepy wolf bastard there a blood festival!!

The newcomers ordered by Revolv can't hide their hesitations in their sudden first job.

Even though it has gone crazy in any case, the other person is Scylla in "God's Finger (GOD FINGER)".

Even in a dying state, he wasn't the one to win.

But he was shot in the foot,

"Just get in there!! Otherwise, as a sin of disrespect to Lord Godsmile, I will shoot you right here and now. Nah!!

That much said, I have to obey.

Instead of stains, the crew dressed in a single wrinkle uniform pulls the shiny sword out simultaneously.


"Dear Scylla......! No, take the evil of traitor infidelity. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Let Yoshiyoshi reside in a face that is still far from even adult, barbaric and similar to the rest of the miserable, and all special attack......!

Thirty enemies.

Besides, they are all pierced through their bellies, and their lives, rather than their physical freedom, are not even precarious.

However, they are fierce enough to enter the ten fingers of the Shinsengumi group.

And because the witchcraft sword also had the illusion of using the sword and the attack by sword pressure, those who were stabbing above it also became a great threat.

And then they are dominated by madness, fearless...!

"Hihihihihihihi! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die, hey, hey, hey!

"I'm not helping anymore, I'm not helping! Hihihihihihihihi!"

"I'm not just my family, I lost Master Scylla, who was my last support... at last, to my own life...! Hihihihihihihihi!"

"Then I'll take him on a lot of roads by myself. Ah! Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihi!

This, the world's ugliest inner circle note is being admired by the world through a transmission.

And that was the first moment, albeit slightly, when a long and flourishing organization of brave men showed off...!