In the most sacred and supposed lofty square on this island......

There was a bloody wind (kapu), as if to reproduce an anger, a scream, and a former tragedy.

And the lives of the young men, who were full of hope and future, and killing and ambition, were scattered.

Whatever the corpse, even the captain alone is powerful enough to destroy a small country class, and there are 29 men he has recognized.

Bows and arrows and crossbows originally bounce back even flint-rock long gun bullets.

Magic and the like are guarded by soldiers stabbing at the top, throwing knives and stopping them.

Take the Virgin and the healers (healers) who were healing until then and take them hostage and cover them.

Those called "God's Fingers" were showing their fearful power, even in the critical abyss of death, precisely like a finger away from God's hand.

If that power had been wielded by legitimate opponents, the visitors would have forgotten to evacuate and applauded.

But this time, a complete inner circle note......!

Those dressed in the same uniform are getting into trouble and killing each other...!

Particularly the guests who were in the sanded seats were given back blood because they had dressed for the day,


With the screams, he escapes...!

The enlistment ceremony of the Shinsengumi group, which is supposed to be full, is so unprecedented in the history of the Brave Event...

No, there have been similar examples lately, but more so, remotely...

... Shit or Shit...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then, the ceremony was cancelled.

The rebellious 10th Squad was desperate after a while after the spiritual strength of the Virgin and the healer (healer), who were hostages, was exhausted and unable to receive healing.

And... this new enlistment was all killed on the first day of enlistment.

Even objects to celebrate have been lost.

In the meantime, evacuate the officials and brave men of the great powers to the mansion.

And… by then, the Commissioner-General (Commissioner) said….

He was indoors as the bright red sunset plugged in to decide.

On one side of the perimeter, in the dark light of my own blood...

He didn't even sit in a chair, he was diving into a study desk.

Hold your knees like a fetus, so that you can escape all things.

From outside the room, I can't stop the sound of a rambling knock, like I'm beating my mother from the outside.

"Master Rivolve!? Master Rivolve!? Guests are waiting!! Come out and explain your upcoming policies to everyone!!

"The great nations and the brave are very angry!! You'll be in a fallen heaven as it is!! Please, please explain to everyone!!

He was out of his shell.

- Right now, under the desk I'm at, there have been so many Wild Tail pregnant women...

My leg mat. Was the kids in my stomach in this mood when I kicked them? Nah...

If so, I'm probably in the best narrow room right now Na......

It is the same condition that you have a pistol (cancer) stuck to your forehead...

It's a dice. No, it's a three-and-five.

I love these 35 eyes...

Behind 35, 42…….

It's called dying, Na.

Just a little flip, go afterlife......

But vice versa, three or five... it's awkward to have extreme fun surrounded by onions on corals and bolts on rugs...

So I can still...

I should be able to do it na......

Nan, I won a number of big hits on the front or back and I've come this far Na......!

He picks up his partner who was falling at his feet.

The lip (muzzle) was inserted into the temple.

...... GRI......!

- No matter how dry or not feeling anything, only he...

Just the way he feels (kisses), whenever he rocks me......!


He tried to give himself up to the gun claw, at that moment.

... Hiu.

and a little wind blew through.

The windows are all supposed to be closed, but I visited them from nowhere. It drops the paperwork that was on the desk at Revolve's disposal.

I casually drop my gaze on that piece of paper that my men would have left...

It was a document from the Intelligence Department.

Until now, I had him washed about the wild dog mask and the woman on the run, and the report had been delivered to me on my desk this morning.

But only today, Rivolve was not looking through because he was on his way to 'Spirited Square of God' as soon as he woke up.

"... be!?

There is an eye-waking thunder all over his body.

"When we investigated the mask the wild dog mask was wearing, we found that it was one of the party goods handled by Slumdog Mart, an adventurer's shop rolling out in the Halbury small country"

"We had trouble at the cafe with the guards of the Divine Spirit Group, and it turns out that the identity of the woman we were in the process of arranging was that she was head of the" Slam Dogmart "branch,"

"Also, for the brave (howsha) Gianjan Bali, which was being investigated additionally, it turns out that" Slumdog Mart "was the main MC for the event" Tour of the kingdom of Immortality going with the Grand Virgin "held in the past"

Those sentences fit in like a puzzle with a pussy in Livolve's brain.

Until now, it was a kick to connect what I thought was falling apart...


Livolve was witnessing a sight in the frenzy of the ceremony.

The 10th Squad and the rookies messed me up and gave me the look of MC crawling out of the stage.

That the head of that MC no longer had the characteristic Afro.

At that time, I was more distracted by the noise, and Rivolve only had the feeling of "Was that MC a rash?"

Then Djangian Bali disappeared somewhere at some point, but I didn't even care to stop......

But here, points and dots like stardust connect and become constellation-like lines...!

He now had blood running through his brain like a newborn baby and a look as if he had pores all over his body.

"Sooo......! Right......! Were you...! The mastermind of this series of events is no wild dog mask......!!

He is convinced.

"The wild dogs in the mountains are totally disguised (fake)...! I used them to turn a blind eye to the gods of the Wild Tails...! The contents of that mask are just ossan......! Everything I've ever done was the work of those who were moving behind me...!