Rivolve was under his study desk, holding his knee.

But now, the drizzle of reality escape has already disappeared, yet transformed like a genius with a supercomputer in his head.

He was running his eyes blood, chewing around until his thumbnails wore off, and circling his thoughts.

- Right, that's what happened Na...!

I thought the wild dog mask was a solo offender, but it isn't...!

He's a massive Na rebel organization...!

It was "The Wild Dogs"......!

The spike-taken wild dog mask took the witch on horseback in a cafe on this island and traveled vertically throughout the city.

I did something deliberately somna flashy to make an intense appeal to the existence of a 'wild dog mask'......

Everything that would happen in the future was to impress him that it was his fault...!

I was totally fooled by it, and I was at the mansion just then, sending Cy Crops to him.

Besides, when I was using that consultation as Cy Crops, a wild tail called Strongtanishi came in under the guise of coincidence, Na.

Cy Crops was a god-spirited squad Cao, and Strongtanishi believed in the god of wild dogs, so I followed him and believed him...


Both Cy Crops and Strongtanisi were part of The Wild Dogs...!

With that in mind, the holla story that the wild dog mask overwhelmed Cy Crops with just a wooden fork is also convincing, Na.


The Wild Dog Mask and Cy Crops show each other, firstly ending the crew who accompanied Cy Crops.

And after that, the guys in the settlement were watching Na, and they both danced a cloud dance...!

Na-na-san, did you do something?

That's to mislead the settlers that the Wild Dog Mask is a being with a godly power...!

If you look more closely at Cy Crops' body that he was dragged in "eighty (or so) rips," look what you noticed...!

Yes, Cy Crops isn't dead, Na.

The fact that they were murdered in the middle of the settlement is more proof than anything else...!

He's still alive.

But I decided to die.

Is that a na...?

It's an incident that happens after that, to move in the back na......!

Yes, I knew it...!

The more I think about it, the better it might fit Na too......!

The reason why Gorgon is still missing is also easily explained.

Nan, he's also a 'wild dog group' Na...!

The 13th squad is quite hands-on.

But Cy Crops and Gorgon, one of them will be there.

Nah... Nah, it's him...!

After you kill your own men, and you expose the bodies to the sea and the pool and turn them into things...!

And finally, it's Scylla, Na.

He's also a "wild dog group"......!

I don't even have to think about this anymore, Na.

Seeing the betrayal at the ceremony, it's obvious...!


Right... that's what happened...!

The first start was just one wild dog......

But it is, Na. That's right. It was Na.

That's just, it just looks......

Behind just one wild dog (back) were blood dogs named Godsmile...!

Put on the skin, named "Divine Spike Group"......!

Within that, hiding the nature of the 'Wild Dog Set'...!

And then there's Janjan Bali.

He is a hidden member of the "Wild Dog Group" in the city.

Probably an example, acting in pairs with a woman who said she had trouble at a cafe.

And what those two did was "Celebrity Frenzy"......!

Djangian Bali played a person who admired Djangian Bali: Champagne Akemakri.

Did you need to take the place of a brave man...?

That's easy.

According to information from casino guests, he was using laughing pills to tick at 'Narrow Roulette'.

If you do it while the brave Djangian Bali remains, your behavior as a Djangian Bali is restricted.

So when I get to the bottom of it, I refrain after that, because I can represent the MC at the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit.

As Champagne Akemakri, Djangian Bali loaded down as the MC of 'Narrow Roulette' at the city's casino.

And I used a woman dressed as Wild Tail to raise the 'Narrow Roulette'.

The woman on the "Narrow Roulette" seems to have been more sturdy and sturdy than any wild tail ever made into a "ball".

That would be right, Na.

If MC cares about Na, Na's pain in the balls for "Narrow Roulette," because Na can adjust as much as he wants.

That's how they attracted customers and finally got a chance to play big games at the best casino on the island.

And... sprayed the chickens...!

All you have to do is incite the many tourists who were at the casino......

All the casinos on this island are fucked up......!

The work of the "Wild Dog Group" enters the final phase after that.

Their ultimate goal is the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit...!

Here, Janjan Bali and Scylla teamed up to make a mess of the ceremony.


... I got caught up in the study in that shock.

... I will be disposed of as a dumb-ass messed up by just one wild dog.

... take all the blame for the scandals we've been through...

...... yeah nah......

... Yes Naru, it should have been.

For him...!

Dice the squid and let me catch my eye...

Whether I'm behind it or not, there's a guy who tried to hit 35 (you)...!

I already have an idea who Soitz is.

There's only one person who can manipulate the godtip group so far.

Let it be Na. As far as Scylla was concerned, I let her live in madness at the ceremony and do enough to expose her to death in shame...

There's only one person who can do Sunna Arts... Nah...!


Shinsengumi, Director...!

Army of One ugh......!!

His purpose is to corrupt me and get this island...!

"One Army (Army of One)" Nan is named, but he is only a force pusher and a genius of plot.

I would do this about as much as butter on bread. Nah......!

Your plan was just perfect...!

As long as I feel the 'narrow space' of the real thing...!

And even if you fail, you won't even get your tail grabbed by what the wild dog mask did...!

But I'm sorry Na......!

No matter how much you ask, you can't just give me this island. Nah...!

I'm trying to plunder them with squid sama, Na, Na, Na...!

Now it's our turn to shake the dice......!

I'll give you plenty of reminders of how the guy who hung me up...!

"I'll entertain you (Enjoy) ……! Between life and death (Live or Die) ……!"