The door of the study, which was closed like a heavenly rock door, bounces and flies with his men, who were repeatedly knocking.

Standing there was a sneaky rivolve.

It further deepened my style as a merchant of death, I was a Death Dealer......!

Until he was on the verge of being pushed to the point where he tried to turn down his life.

Now that the enlistment ceremony of Shinsengumi had ended in great failure, it was not immune to severe punishment from the upper brave men, because it was thought to be unavoidable.

But he got over it.

Take the narrow road that was in front of you...!

And he shot to death.

Possessed by himself, Reaper...!

He was no longer lost.

I glance down at my men crawling down the hallway with a creepy glow like a muzzle.

"Yikes!?" And he commanded this unto those who shrink.

"... gather the guests in the auditorium now, Na."

Then an hour later.

Major officials and brave men staying on the island were gathered in the auditorium, the largest room in the mansion.

Standing on the altar, Rivolve looks down as if they were even his own men like that.

Despite the fact that the majority are superior to Revolv.

And what was the first voice he unleashed......!?

"Starting now, in the name of Death Dealer Revolve, activate 'Gocon'...!!

Then I couldn't get my hair in without saying, "What!?" and the response returns.

'Gocon' is an abbreviation for 'Godsmile War Condition', a declaration of a state of war.

If you are a brave man of a certain rank or above, and you are the chief officer of the place of issue, you can issue an order.

It is divided into six stages by level, with the following breakdown:

Level 0: Normal Time

Level 1: "War on Organizations of Certain Size" * Available to Brave Men of Seating Tin or above

Level 2: "War on Small Countries" * Brave men of Chi Tian (Chi Ten) and above can be issued

Level 3: "War on the Great Powers" * Brave men of Tian (Shiten) or higher can be issued

Level 4: "Confidential" * Warriors of Quasi-God (Jun Shin) or higher can be issued

Level 5: "Confidential" * Warriors above the rank of God (Shinji) can be issued

Since Rivolve is a brave man of the Seating Class and above, Gorkon's declaration is considered synonymous with Level 1 activation.

And if this proclamation is made, the brave men who proclaim it will be granted the following privileges in the issuing area:

1, Removal of restrictions on the use of weapons and magic

2, unlimited cooperation of the people and the obligation to give

3, a duty of cooperation for all brave men of lower rank than the declarant

4, Arbitrary cooperation of brave men of higher rank than declarants

At last, with the help of those outside your organization, you can war on your peeves.

Moreover, since this is also a declaration of emergency, the approval of the brave upper management is not required.

But it is not a hoard for those who are driven out.

From among the guests, anxiety erupts as if they had received red paper.

"Duh... what do you mean, Lord Rivolve!?

"Gocon activation is synonymous with declaring war!?

"You mean there are so many enemies on this island!?

"I heard that! Right now there's a legend on this island called 'Wild Dog Mask'!?

"Are you telling me to activate Gocon to do something about that person?!?

"If that's an analogy, it's like killing one wild dog... no, it's like bringing up an army!?

"You think that's allowed!?

"Revoke the proclamation, Lord Rivolve! Now let's do something we didn't ask!

Livolve, who was showered with a hustle and fury, slowly raised his hand, which he was unloading.

He was standing on the podium, so from below the stage, I didn't see him from the waist down...


and thrust out it was

... pistol (cancer) Huh!?

...... Zgahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The explosion rocks the campus and the guests who were standing up from the chair will be chess knocked down.

He opened his mouth as the aftermath and the nitrous smoke rose.

"The other guy is definitely a wild dog, Na, but he's a dick, different hairy, Na. It's a bloody wild dog, Na."

"Bloody, wild dog......?" and someone parrots back.

"Yep. I'm trying to bite the owner's hand, it's a doggy that hasn't gotten laid. If my prospects are wrong, that's apparently Ujauja..."

"No way, that's...!" and someone took a breath.

"You're right, Master Scylla... Scylla is a part of it, Na. Let me explain, in order, na"

And Rivolve talked about his previous greetings.

"... and that's why I'm Na. Now you know why I activated Gocon, Na?

"Ma... I can't believe there's a whole bunch of wild dogs in the brave men's organization... a whole bunch of wicked people...!

"But what Lord Rivolve is saying, it's through!

"Not at all! The 10th Squad's assault at the enlistment ceremony, too, has now been explained!

"Besides, when you become someone enough to move Scylla, you must be a pretty high-ranking brave man!

"Does that mean the upper levels could also be contaminated......!?

"Lord Rivolve! Who is the leader of the 'Wild Dogs' and do you keep your eyeballs on!?

"Yes, of course, Na."

"So, who is it, huh!?


As soon as Rivolve uttered his name,

"Whew...... yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Similar movements to the gunfire erupted.

... Rivolve finally made it to the big hang.

I put all the rest of my life on the ticket (chip) for the big game......!