"We are in a family of brave men, grinding our fangs... asking for the opportunity to eat away the owner's hand, the dog's name..."

Shinsengumi Director, Army of One Gorgeous...!!

"Whew...... yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Livolv dared to publish the name of those who would be the true culprits.

Because I thought some of our guests might be connected to the 'Wild Dogs'.

Then, Soyts should run.

Like a running dog......!

Rivolve has already ordered his men to mark each guest.

If anyone tries to fly a message or use a message after this gathering, hold down the contents and you will have confirmation to Honmaru at once.

But this was too risky a gamble for Revolv.

By analogy, it's like being told to cut one that stops a time bomb out of a firing line color-coded to 160 colors.

Anyway, the same is true for 'accusing' brave men above themselves.

Besides, as someone who flies anti-flag to Godsmile.

But there is no definitive evidence yet.

You have to grab that even if you're going to die.

If you can't do that, bomb...!

That's why Rivolve wanted to keep as many people involved as possible.

As well as the members of the Shinsengumi group who were visiting the island for the enlistment ceremony, put together those in power who are here now.

If he is also a guest of the royal family, he brings a large number of guards with him when he comes to this island.

Small countries have about a few troops or squadron classes, but they also bring in as many troops as squadrons when it comes to big countries.

That's not as good as "God's Finger," either, but quite a few users.

Mobilize all the way to those forces for a mainland showdown on this island.

That's the last trump card "Ace in the Hall" left in Revolve......!

But normally, where I asked for help, no one would come on board this, like tap-dancing gambling over thin ice and minefields.

Anyway, I can't be more "wrong" than I was involved in the brave men's accusations.

Even in the King's class, if it's a mince, it's your word level.

That's why Rivolve issued "Gocon," one of the mighty for the brave.

While the 'Gocon' is active, the duty to cooperate is imposed on those who are requested to cooperate.

Of course I can say no, but then I wait for a needle like Iron Maiden (rather).

Anything non-cooperative with the brave is considered unnecessary, so it gives an excuse for condemnation.

For those in a position, that's where you definitely want to avoid it.

And that means…….

As of "Gocon," the Powers will be forced to make the ultimate two choices.

I. Accept Livolv's request for cooperation and become a celebrity bomb......

II. Will it be a celebrity fall, rejecting Livolv's request for cooperation......

In two, one......!

If the former fails, there is a danger to life as opposed to a celebrity fall.

But if you succeed, you have tremendous returns.

If you can prove the betrayal of Army of One, who is in the upper echelons of the brave, you will certainly be given a great deal of petition by Godsmile and treated as a hero among the people.

And the latter has no success or failure.

They just take the risk of falling celebrities.

The only thing that can be called a return......

That's all the damage, that's all.

The failure of the former implies direct death, but the failure of the latter leaves a chance for a relapse.

If Livolv's accusation ends in failure, there is an excuse for 'not joining the unscrupulous Gocon'.

But only Lettel, 'The Inhuman Who Turned Down Gocon', like a sticker on a tance, could peel off but not disappear.

If so, it would be impossible for anyone to think that the former would be better off in these two choices.

In addition, it was one at the enlistment ceremony that pushed the backs of those in power who stood at Seto.

We have witnessed the madness killing show of the 10th squadron, and we have come to wonder if maybe the god tip group is really corrupt.

And finally, those in power gathered in the auditorium make decisions.

Everyone, declare to be aboard Rivolve's "Betting Ship"...!

Revolve, finally gather up to the chips of players other than yourself and make all bets (all bets)...!

Instead of double pushing, double......!

No, a hundred times push......!

But this is goodbye (bye) ……!

No longer required level of explanation, nuclear bombing project (Newclear) ……!

Rivolves and the Powers were going to challenge the gambling of the leeward formation, but it was impotent, reckless, futile......!

From the side, it's not even gambling already...!

If I were to analogize, I would have to find my own parents out of a bunch of pigs rushing in, but somehow there's a mix of bad boys out there trying to get out of juvie, like they're going to get in the way...!

Just a jerk......!!

... By the way, there is actually only one way the celebrities can help.

It was, on the contrary, to tailor Rivolve to the traitor.

Determine Livolve's accusations to be paranoid and unite in the auditorium to tie him up.

All you have to do is turn that figure over to Army of One and everything will be resolved......!

But no one could come up with such an ultra c, even if they did, so livered that they could be transferred to execution.

So it's done here...!

Livolve and the power of neighboring countries joined hands, 'Wild Dog Busters' damn......!

The home of "Wild Dog Bastards" was set in the mansion of Rivolve.

Take him as the Supreme Commander and place other brave men and powerful men beneath him.

Having gained a great deal of fighting power at once, Rivolve first mustered all his fighting power in the courtyard of the mansion.

Then he spoke to the soldier under his eyes (*), looking down at the terrace of the study.

... Gentlemen! We're in the middle of nowhere!

The stalks of the brave organization supporting Master Godsmile are rotting and in danger of collapse!

If Master Godsmile is the turtle that forms the foundation of the world, then our brave men are the elephants who support the world!

One of them is about to go wild right now!

If an elephant starts a riot, the world will shake......!

We have to stop it!

The opponent is a giant elephant......!

I'm sure he's a strong opponent, but we can do it!

Because we are, 'brave'......!

Because it's a good thing!