Commander-in-Chief Rivolve had put up an overthrow Army of One, but kept that fact only at the top of The Wild Dog Busters to share.

Because I thought it would affect the morale of the soldiers.

Anyway, the opponent is far ahead of his stature as a brave man and the power he holds.

Instead of being able to fight and win, most of them will shrink just because they hear the name.

If so, we'll have to collapse from the foundation that supports him.

And if we limit the battle to this island of Greyskay alone, Livolve has a chance of winning too.

After finishing his first speech on the terrace of the mansion, he pointed his removed partner (cancer) in a certain direction.

At that gunpoint, I was setting a target...

"The Mountain of God" ……!

"The enemy stands on a mountain worshipped by the wicked! Set that mountain as the enemy's home, lay a siege net, and start the annihilation war!!

Livolv thought Sin Itomlau was the one between the eyebrows of Army of One.

Over there, two traitors are hiding: Cy Crops and Gorgon.

If only we could keep him alive, check mate......!

If I can make you throw up your connection to Army of One through torture, I can hehe break...!

Give me his stalk...!

From Scylla, who did not look at us, he wondered if it would be quite difficult to compel him to confess.

But Rivolve is a brave man, so he was good at it.

At the end of the day, abandoned people, drugs and blood freezing torture equipment are too strong in the mansion.

Those are enough to have to be gibberished up before breakfast, even if they are a god tip group......!

But both Cy Crops and Gorgon, even if their minds rot, their bodies are divine tip groups.

It may be difficult to capture alive.

The quickest way would be to catch a wild dog mask.

The contents should be just osama, so you should be able to capture them with a wild dog feel.

And in his case, he won't need drugs or torture equipment.

If it's also a nail clipper and earring, I can easily make you confess......!

That's what Rivolve thought.

He knows how pathetic Osama used to be for someone in a wild dog mask.

When I think of that time, my cheeks get loose.

Anyway, thanks to that (●) Osama, I am now….

Unexpectedly immersed, Rivolve shook his head brushly.

When I regain the face of the Commander-in-Chief, I raise my hand with my partner high.

And finally, shout loudly for the start of the operation.

"Now let's start the operation… 'Dog Pick Pack', a swarm of wild dogs that got busted...!!

Woohoo (oh)...!

It's time for you to tell me who...!

The people they are trying to get to right now are not the "Bunch of Wild Dogs (Dogs Pack)" etc...!

The target is "Wolf Bundle" …!

Besides, I'm at the top of it...

Eat and kill the Hell's Keeper Dog (Cerberus) too, that there is a golden Demon Wolf...!

Quick, I said...!!

But thoughts from different worlds, etc. can't even arrive...

...... zgahhhhhhhhh!

The starter pistol has blown to the Ethereum......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Here's what the op-ed code name, "The Dog Pick Pack," was all about: a flock of wild dogs that were slaughtered.

First, thoroughly explore the whole city, harbors, beaches, etc., including buildings.

If wild tails or homeless persons are discovered, they shall be eliminated immediately, regardless of their identity.

After that, we will burn down all the settlements of Sin Itmulau and eliminate those who are there, regardless of their identity.

Finally, siege Sin Itmulau in all directions.

After making a call to surrender, we will launch a simultaneous attack with a siege weapon.

After turning the mountain of God into a bald mountain, it was a scenario where all armies stormed...

The first thing that sweeps the city is the fear of enemy latency.

In battles where there is a difference between the number of soldiers and the quality of weapons, what the disadvantaged side takes is guerrilla warfare such as ambushes and ambushes.

Especially since, when the invasion of Sin Itomurau in the centre of the island begins, the presence of guerrillas in the city that hits its outer perimeter takes the form of a rear.

Besides, there are non-combat celebrities in the city.

Especially since those considered dignitaries are tucked away in Rivolve's mansion, all that remains in the city is about first-class celebrities.

Still, if you're taken hostage, that's a lot of impact.

And next, as for the settlements, it is simply because they stand in the way of the battle.

Where they decided under the influence of a wild dog mask, it's not so much a threat, as there are only about as many as farm tools that can serve as weapons.

Still, being a meat shield can have quite an impact.

To eliminate those hindsight worries, Rivolve decided to clean the city first and then around the mountains.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

From the mansion, when the artillery at the start of the operation was sounded......

On the corner, there was a man and a girl.

It was a pair of Osama and the girl.

One of them was that girl...

The other was not that (●) Osama.

"Holy shit! A wild dog kid is gonna fuck me, you're a hundred years early!

The man was raising the apple high.

On that leg is a girl who knocks her dog ears down horizontally like wings and spreads her tail around.

"No matter how many people there are in the store, you have to pay them properly! I can't do Dolobo, so soo!

"I'm a brave man! Brave guys are as free as this little apple, whenever you want! Holy shit!"

I was kicked in the foot and the girl said, "Geez!?" and falls into it.

"Yu, Yusha is still the reason... we have to pay properly! Everybody needs to be really good.

I still tried to eat it down, but there......

... bakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Something like a stick just swung down......!

"Holy shit! Holy shit! This is what a busy kid like you would do!

...... bissi! Baki! Gas!

"Yikes!? Because I want to be there. Shh!? Please stop!?

The girl doesn't stop, she shrinks with her head.

But I don't quit unilateral lynching.

... Bassi! Dogga! Zuga!

"Everything always gets in my way!? Why are you trying to kick me off Starlord!?

... Gassssssss! Gusha! Zuga!

"I could finally be an MC for the enlistment ceremony and it seemed like I could finally get my usual me back...! That wild dog again! That wild dog. Ahhh!

...... Gash! Gosu! Gushaa!

"Well, you're always jealous of my talent!? That wild dog! And you!

"Oh... uncle, no...!

The girl cries like a child scared of parental abuse.

But that increasingly set his abuse on fire......!

Because that ear, that face, it reminded me.

Some cause......!

"And that woman, that woman, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The moment something like that famous wandering stick, shaken wide, tried to strike,

...... Gashyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Someone grabbed Sole.

"Or... give it back...! Gosh... this sword is mine...!