We're back together, man and woman.

The two were very different, even though they were in the same situation.

High quality tuxedos.

What I was wearing during the MC of the enlistment ceremony was torn during the escape, but there are plenty of spares.

On her back she bears the backpack she took from Kulalalaka, and on her hands the sword she took from her as well.

And the first trunk I ever took from an unnamed brave man.

The cart borrowed from the mall is filled with food collected in this city.

He said he no longer had enough in his hands to overflow, yet in his hands, an apple he had just taken from a fruit shop.

Ripped tuxedo.

He borrowed it from the casino during "Narrow Roulette," and lived a fleeing life wearing it, so it was no longer the same as a borough cloth.

The ears and tails that were stuck are already falling off.

His face is full of bruises, and a bloody seeping scar peeps through the fissures of his clothes.

In both hands, nothing.

The difference between the two was as if it were a diagram of the current (current) state of the world.

Those who have more than enough and those who have less than enough......

He who says he already has it all around him, but even after dyeing his hands in evil, he still tries to hold it...

Who says he doesn't have one, but never dyes his hands for evil, and doesn't try to hold it......

The brave and otherwise......!

She never took it, even if she was stood in the abyss of death.

And I didn't even fish leftovers.

I was just searching all over the city, wandering down the alley.

He's got the pattern now, give me the sword.

She was now gripping exactly that sheath of swords.

And he was staring at the man with a starving wolf-like glance, glowing behind his bossy, disturbed forehead.

And then again, squeeze your voice all over the cough (burning).

"Give it back...!" and......!

"... Ki... to an evil man like you, that sword will not respond...! Nah... because that sword is not a sword to take something important, it is a sword to protect something important...! No... I've been looking for you...!

Could the man answer be......!?

"I've been looking for you, too. Ahhhhh!

It was a pleasant valve, as opposed to a woman......!

And with an eye-waking word,

... Dogaa!

Release the fight kick......!

She got it right in her belly,


and blew his breath out of his lungs and into the garbage dump that was in the corner of the building.

From above it relentlessly, the chase pours down.

"Oh my God! It's my fault! From Starlord! Come down! Oh, shit! Thanks to you! Like this! You live in an alley! Fugitive life! You're gonna die! You're gonna die!

Though the sword remained in its sheath, it was quite powerful, like an iron stick.

She was struck down. It was at the beginning that she said, "Ugh! Grr!" he was screaming, but eventually it would go away too.

But I can't stop hitting a man whose emotions have exploded most of the time.

Leave it to the fierce to shake the sword so that it is nothing to do with her, to smash everything.

"But I am! You're not giving up! I'll crawl you up as many times as I can! Like you guys! Get out of my way! Here's how! Here's how! Here's how! Bullshit!! Kill them all!

Finally, all with Todome, swinging it wide,

"Me, you me, me! Janjang, it's burly!


I see an intense dozen dozen on my head, like slapping and cracking a murdering watermelon that took my parents' lives.

Then she deceived her shoulders with a bicun, and stopped moving.

Janjan Bali was teasing her shoulders.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha...! This is what happens to all those who defy the brave......!

The spitting spit spreads slightly across her cheek.

But hanging on to the lowest three and a half lines doesn't stop the feeling of Janjang Bali.

"Guys, this is what happens to everyone......! He beat me to death, kicked me......! Dead but beaten, kicked, spit......! And you're gonna regret turning against the brave in hell!

... Ha ha ha...!

She stared at her own sword, shaken up like a sickle of death, in the midst of her Kasumi Yuku consciousness.

It reflects the brave man's last outrage in his vain eyes.

Living is also finally injury and fatigue, hunger and tension across the limits.

An end was finally about to be struck to a life of escape that would not end even after escaping from the casino.

- My life, too, is that it, or...

Saying all the great things, after all, I couldn't save one thing...

Is it possible or impossible to be killed by a sword in your hand to protect you......

At the end of the day, the emotion she was feeling was, 'The Way to Give Up'.

At that time, it was the same….

But just like then...


And I can tell it's a slight little run, I think the footsteps are approaching...

"You can't bully me, dude!

A tiny shadow flies like a cramped rat from a corner of sight......!


And bite one black cat that doesn't have a nose......!!

It was a witch girl like no other.

The girl stood resolutely when she said she was only less than half the height of the brave man.

He was eating up on the thighs of someone more than twice his height...!

I thought your ears would still be on this...!

"Ghahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!?!? Yes, just so. So so!? It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!? Let go, let go, let go, let go!? Let go of me!?!?

Janjan Bali manages to bump around the legs of those bitten along with the screams and shake the girl who has become like a turtle.

But I won't leave......!

She stared at the state of that counterattack, falling, like any other HR.

For some reason, there was a certain word in my head about Osama.

- At all times, it's something you never give up.

Run, run, run, run around.

Shake your limbs, shake your hair, even with a twist.

Please move on to live.

If you can't run, walk, crawl, if you can't crawl, scream......

And if you can't scream, you pray......

Even wild dogs will pray if they precede death......

Besides, wild dogs don't care about people.

Unfortunately, there was some jitter, just around the corner...

End of my life, until that moment when I can finish, scratch and scratch, scratch everywhere...

And... back to my people...

That's the wild dog......

And that's the Wild Dog Sword Method I teach you all.

"The Wild Dog Sword Act" is not a sword to attack, but a sword to protect......

There's not one thing you can protect, even if you're conceited.

...... kah!

Behind her eyes, her eyelids opened, as if the small universe had exploded.

And my body, which I could no longer move on my own volition, hairy earlier, was moving naturally.

"Ugh...... Ugh!!!!

With the roar of the beast, she was devouring.

Of the brave, on the thighs......!

Exactly two wild dogs devoured me, Djangian Bali is a huge scream that I don't think belongs in this world.


He collapsed more and more, hitting around enough to scatter the garbage pile, raging enough to punch his head on the ground with cancer.

But it won't come off......!

The fangs eating into my thighs......!

"Hike... Hike, Hike, Hike, Hike! Swords, put your swords back! That's what I, Lady Sentirus gave me, is an important thing!!!!

"You have to pay for it. Uhhhhhh! Hey, you can't bully me! Uh-oh! If I don't return what I took, I can't!!!!

The roar rising from the feet of Janjan Bali was creeping and as if she could not hear it.

And at last......

"Do, stop, stop, stop!! Stop it!!!!


Jungian burly ripped apart along with phonetic sounds like his name, taking away pants by pants.

But he didn't have enough energy left to fight back anymore.

"Hi... higi!? Don't help me! Help! Help! Help! I'll give you anything, okay, you want all your life saved! I need your help!!!!

I chewed everything out screaming like that, didn't even try to hide my rounded lower body, hit it over there, hit it over here...

He fell, stuck it in the trash, wore the trash out of his head and couldn't figure out a further direction, disappearing into the alley as he bounced around like a smartball.