Kulalalaka, who defeated Janjan Bali, falls down again in the garbage dump.

I almost used up my last force to the rest of the cusp, and no longer could she spit out the dough from the tuxedo she ate up.

But the face, slightly faint, was laughing.

- No longer have I, ever...

But at the end of the day, finally, I could finally protect it......

One, get the girl...

My life was like dead once.

This is the end of my second life too...

Think about it, even the first time you died, you seemed like this......

Behind her pimply, trembling eyelids, she comes to this island and countless sighted horse lights run.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

It was once her, the land of Pujeto.

That's the same garbage dump she's got right now.

Becoming a Holy Sabre, she can't stand that the Sentirus she serves is being rambled by the brave and slashed by the brave.

But she lay down in the slaughter was Sentirus, who had sprung up sheltering the brave.

Sentirus with red fissures so as to separate the small body.

She turned to Kulalalaka and said:

"Arigato" he said...

In a state of confusion, Kulalalaka flies out of her bedroom.

I kept wandering so much that I didn't know who I was, time or place, on the contrary.

And... in a certain corner of the city, I'm finally exhausted.

I don't eat, I don't sleep, my spirit is worn out.

Fighting against the group, body rattled.

It was a boring rag that even the homeless would throw away, rolling into the garbage dump.

Like the dirty snow that melted away on the side of the road, it was miserably about to end its life.

But fu,


And I can tell it's just a little run, the footsteps are approaching...

After stopping in front of Kulalalaka and doing a peeping trick......

"Ah! It's Ku! Angels, wait! You can't take Ku!

I thought you had a tongueless voice.

...... paaaaaa......!

Kulalalaka's body was engulfed in warm and soft light.

It is precisely now that the soul, which the angel has tried to take away, is stopped and recovered healthy.


When Kulalalaka opens her eyelids snuggly, there's...

Even in a dim back alley, there was a young girl, who emitted sun-like light with you.

"It was dangerous! Almost there, I was just about to go with the angels!

When a girl says that and laughs, the light emitted from her becomes even stronger.

It was not something unpleasant that made me want to turn away, but a strange light to rest my heart.

But even that glow of mercy does not reach the current Kulalalaka.

"Who are you...?

Kulalalaka does not say thank you, but wakes up slowly.

Then he pointed his gaze like a blade at the toddler in front of him.


"It's Rig!

And he laughs back with a blinking smile.

She is as young as she was freshly in kindergarten, and her back is lower than the coolaraka sitting on an agave.

Yet he was wearing the Grand Virgin's dress, so he was dragging his hem cheating.

"Coo, are you hungry? You should eat this!

The toddler girl, who named herself "Rig," took a paper wrapped sandwich from the dog stuffed backpack she was carrying and gave it away.

Apparently, 'cu' is referring to Kulalalaka.

"I will not accept charity. Go that way."

"You have to eat properly! Otherwise, Sen will cry!

As soon as he heard the word 'Sencha', Kularaka was reflexively grasping at her chest.

I thought I'd cry out loud, but Rig doesn't break his mother's smile.

That's all, Kulalalaka guessed.

"The Grand Virgin's dress… you are an ally of Sentirus. And let the liver rest... just like Sentirus, you're 'back'."

Rig said, "Yes!" and reply cheerfully.

... the life of one called the 'Grand Virgin' is said to be divided into two main parts.

One, like a normal human being, dies of old age.

The other takes thirty years of age to the border, turning back his age and getting younger.

And after you return to the baby, you will become a soul and become one with the Virgin of your inheritance, giving you stronger strength for generations to come.

The former also has great power in this world and is common enough in the Great Virgin to be found in textbooks.

But in this example, which is very strange, everyone is going to be an ugly old woman.

It is said that this is because it is sucking away the filth of the world.

The latter is often found in the Grand Virgin, who is not so powerful in this world.

Those who are not in textbooks, but loved by many people, say they will follow this path.

As Kulalalaka has mentioned previously, the matter of its rejuvenation is called 'return'.

Rigg said as he plumped his legs as he was grabbed and lifted from his chest by Kularaka.

"Rig and Sen are so good! Sen told me it was time to 'return', so I went to Sen's to play with him!

"So you heard about me from Master Sentirus, didn't you? And this is how you were looking to punish me instead of Master Sentirus, who has already been returned?

"No! But that's what I was looking for! But it's not to punish you! Sen was worried about Ku all the way to the end!

"Is there a reason for that? I have slain Sentirus and slaughtered even Sentirus because I was slain by the brave."

"That's why! Because Sen said 'thank you' to Ku!

To that one word, Kulalalaka's hair turned upside down.

"Why......!? Why is that? Why did Sentirus say 'thank you' to me and so on, even if he was slashed!?

"Rig and Sen have been promising something!

"Hey... what?

"Good luck to the two of us, 'I like what I like' makes a world where I can say with my chest up, I promised!

"... what?

"It doesn't matter who you are or what you were born into, everyone can be a brave man, everyone can be a Virgin, anything! You can do what you want! Everyone is free to say 'I like what I like' and 'No what I can't do'! I'm going to make the world like that, 'cause Rig promised Sen!

Rig continues, shaking with Coolaraka's hands.

"Of course I can't do it right away, so at least I'll let my own kids do whatever they want," he said! And then one day, I'm sure those kids will change the world, one by one, that's what I thought!

"You...! Don't distract me! What does that promise have to do with Sentirus being slashed and thanking you!?

Then the smile disappeared from Rigg, making him look like a pigeon who ate a bean cannon.

"So!? That's all I'm saying, don't you get it yet!? Coo is a kid just like Sen said!

"What!? What does that mean!?

"It's better than that! Coo, do you want to know why Sen was slashed and thanked?

"Oh! That's why you've been saying that since earlier!

"Then I'm coming with you, Rig!


"Coo, you got nowhere to go? Then I'm coming to Rig's house! Then you know how Sen thanked you!

"You know why!? Then don't follow me, tell me now!

"I can't! 'Cause I promised Sen I'd return it! Until Ku realizes it herself, don't tell me (●), they say!

"Master Sentirus said such a thing...!?

"Yes! So Sen, I'm coming to Rig's house and living with you!

Rig bouncing like a pigeon rabbit and out of Coolaraka's hands.

After I handed the sandwich to Coolalalaka, I stuck my hand in my backpack again.

A long sword emerges from the backpack as dark as the bottom of a well.

Speaking of size, it's not something that goes inside very much, but I guess it's a backpack that's magically expanded in space.

"Yes, Coo! This is the important thing Sen gave you? Then again, you can't let go!

Once again the toddler girl back to smiling like the sun was offering......

It was now the only memorable item with Sentirus, the Chalkan Blade.