- Then I head to the Halbury Small Country with Master Liglas......

I became the maid of the Holly Doll family.

At first, I refused to be a maid of honor, because there were already many knights in the Holly Doll family and because I, myself, was no longer the body through the Chalkan Blade.

But even serving Master Liglas, in the end...

I didn't know why Lady Sentirus thanked me.


The question will finally be resolved, too.

I can finally get to Master Sentirus's side too...

Oh, everything that was so annoying to me disappears.

Tiredness, hunger, pain, suffering...

Trouble, regret, everything...

In a fading consciousness, the last thing Kulalalaka was hearing......

"Hey, are you okay!? Hold on! Angels, you can't take your sister!

I thought you had a tongueless voice.

...... paaaaaa......!

Kulalalaka's body was engulfed in warm and soft light.

It is precisely now that the soul, which the angel has tried to take away, is stopped and recovered healthy.


When Kulalalaka opens her eyelids snuggly, there's...

There was a young girl, even in a dim back alley, who emitted a sun-like light with her.

Earlier, she was a wild tail girl, who had been bitten by a giant burly with Kulalalaka.

"It was dangerous! Almost there, I was just about to go with the angels!

When a girl says that and laughs, the light emitted from her becomes even stronger.

It was not something unpleasant that made me want to turn away, but a strange light to rest my heart.

I feel like Kulalalaka saw that glow of mercy somewhere someday.

But it also disappeared quickly from the girl's body, as if it had been a mistake to see.

"Oh, you helped me...? Yes, what the hell did you do...?

When Kulalalaka wakes up, the girl offers a small vial that has been emptied (from).

I went into a crystal bottle, not glass. Plus, I saw a surprise face.

"Eh, isn't it Elixir......!

Elixir is a form of potion, but in addition to formulations such as drugs, magic training is practiced.

Finally, it is the upper version of the potion, whose effects and immediate effects are also comparable to the healing of the Virgin and the healer (healer).

It's just that it's so pricey.

Instead of being an adventurer, even leading adventurers are considered precious items that rarely go hand in hand.

By the way, dying with an elixir is called 'To Hold Death' and is one of the causes of death to be ridiculed.

"Why do you have Elixir or something? Is that what you stole?

The girl shook her head in a panic when Kularaka asked harshly.

"It's not! Ha ha, you got it!

"You said it was my mother? Why would a mother do something like that?

"Wow, when I was tinier than I am now, I dreamed of being the Virgin. But Wild Tail was told she couldn't be the Virgin. I've been depressed for a long time, and on the day I was born, you gave me an elixir in this calf."

The girl says, pulling up a big tail that she was letting fit into her body and taking out a small cloth bag.

"When someone gets hurt, you can help them by using the crease that's in them... You said you could help people in need, like the Virgin."

The girl smudges and drops her gaze. That used to seem to be adorable embroidered or something, but now it's worn out without a shadow to see.

And it represented at the same time the harsh conditions in which she had been placed and that her mother was no longer in the world.

Kulalalaka swallows his breath.

"So... isn't that like a mother's shape! Why such an important thing to someone like me, who I just met......!? Besides, I'm in such a below homeless situation, to me etc......!?

Then the girl looked even surprised.

"Because once, you tried to help me! And the Virgin is what helps people in need! haha you said! The Virgin helps whoever is stuck, regardless of Mibu or whatever! That's what I wanted to be!

Psst! and a blooming smile.

Kulalalaka's heart lit a tiny fire.

And I feel unreasonable from the bottom of my heart.

- Why can't a child with such a wonderful idea be the Virgin?

There are a lot of Ethe Virgins in the world but those with money and power to look to...!

Wild Tail, so you can't be the Virgin............?

Who, the one who decided such absurdity!?

Who made the world such, restricted way of life by identity and birth!?

Asked herself so, she opened her eyes as if struck by lightning.

The words of one person flash back hard.

"Rig and Sen have been promising something!

"Good luck to the two of us, 'I like what I like' makes a world where I can say with my chest up, I promised!

And finally......

She got an answer.

- Lady Sentirus didn't stop me from becoming a Holy Sabre.

If I became a Holy Sabre, the world would know that I was protecting the deemed child, which is considered a taboo for the Virgin...

It never stopped me from making my name known as Holy Sabre.

Even though he was sniffed out of it by the downright brave and badly struck...

Alone the whole time, I was indulged...

That and this, everything......

Keep your chest up and say you like what you like, you can be what you want to be, it was to make the world...!

"It doesn't matter who you are or what you were born into, everyone can be a brave man, everyone can be a Virgin, anything! You can do what you want! Everyone is free to say 'I like what I like' and 'No what I can't do'! I'm going to make the world like that, 'cause Rig promised Sen!

Sentirus has fulfilled my desire to be of service to Sentirus...!

That and this, everything......

For me, it was...!

"Of course I can't do it right away, so at least I'll let my own kids do whatever they want," he said! And then one day, I'm sure those kids will change the world, one by one, that's what I thought!

So, that's why Master Sentirus...!

At that time, I covered the brave...!

No, not right...!

You covered me......!

If you find out I hurt a brave man, I will not be spared the death penalty......!

In order not to be so, Master Sentirus......!

Relax, Kulalalaka gripping her fist.

In her, the words of a further figure come to life.

... There are many reasons why humans kill each other.

But for whatever reason, by slashing the target, the slashed side has to be only that strong.

By taking the other person's life, you have to think that you have come close to the ideal you hold.

And from here on out, it's the difference between humans and animals.

The slaughtered side must rejoice that by being slashed they brought the ideals they held even closer to reality.

We must rejoice that we were able to become blood, flesh and bones to arouse those left behind and strengthen their hearts.

This is what is called 'The Readiness of the Slaughtered'.

- Right, that's what happened...

Lady Sentirus, while the Grand Virgin......

He was ready to be slaughtered...

That night, in the bedroom, even if I slashed him......

No more remorse...!

That's how they believed I could make this me stronger and bring my ideals closer to reality...!

So, so then...!

Even if I slaughter you, thank you...!

In her, what had been frozen for a long time, finally melted out.

It comes from the bottom of the belly, from the inside of the chest, into a hot blood tide.

And in front of her, a person stood.

"Wow, hey! Is this something important to you? Then again, you can't let go!

It is rarely a wild tail girl who is offering a chalkan blade......

Right next door to it......

"Let... Sentirus, dear...!?

When I looked at her, the girl, who shone the light, laughed like she was in trouble.

'Already, if I did... you'd finally notice. I've always been in this sword.'

'No way...! I can't believe Master Sentirus was being returned to Chalkan Blade...!

'Yeah, that's right. Because I don't have a trace of the Virgin, do I? So I thought I'd return to your sword. "

"Why, why, so awesome!? The Grand Virgin, who did not have a trace, should normally be returned to the statue of God etc......!? More so, why a sword like mine...!?

Then the girl looked even surprised.

'Cause... I'm your mother. It's natural that you want to keep an eye on your daughter by your side, right?

The words, the hot things that were coming up, finally pour out.

Like pushing away all the obsession.

"Or... mother! Mother! Mother!! Wow!!!!

Kulalalaka keeps crying forever and ever as she whimpers and spits everything out and pushes it away with tears.

The Wild Tail girl said she had been cuddled together for every sentious......

He stroked my head forever and ever, mercifully.