Kulalalaka was crying on a street corner without a crowd.

Forever and ever......

But you suddenly returned it to me, puffing away Chesna's body, who was holding him tight.

And I wiped my face with dirty clothes sleeves, like a wobbly lad.

"Wow? Don't you have to be hungry anymore?," said Chesna.

Then Kulalalaka said, "I wasn't crying!" Answer immediately.

Bright red to the ear,

"Wow, I'm a knight! The knight never shows tears until he achieves his grief!

Then Chesna reacted with a good ear up.

"Wow!? Cancer!? So it's your dream!? What is that!?

I never thought I'd be asked for more details, so Kulalalaka stuck in words.

"Ugh...... Oh, yeah...... Uh, uh, su... until it's time to hit three sevens of slot machines!

Chesna didn't know either Slot Machine or Three Seven, but she said, "Wow! Really?!" and be honest and convinced.

And when you let your innocent eyes shine again,

"Wow! So what was it that you were flushing from earlier!?

Release further pursuit.

"Oh, that's...! Oh, you just got trash in your eyes! What garbage has flowed into your eyes is not a tear!

Then Chesna seemed to have a point, barking well, like a jewel imitating the howling of her parent dog.

"Wow! I see, was it garbage! Hey you, but the fact that you were crying so much must have been a big piece of trash!?

"Oh, yeah! Big piece of garbage with about an eyeball!

"Wow!? Oh man!? It was so dumb rubbish, so awesome!?

Chesna's eyes begin to shine again.

Kulalalaka forced the topic off, as she would have been suffocated had she been pursued on this matter any further.

"Oh no... more than that! You must have been assaulted by Shinsengumi in a city cafe before!? What's your name?

Then Chesna gets her attitude right and says, "Wow, it's called Chesna!," he responds with his hands up.

"Right, Chesna? I am Kulalalaka. I got a little back and forth, but let's thank you. Thanks to you for saving me."

"Wow, you're welcome!

"By the way, why are you here? This island is on strict alert, isn't it?

"Wow! Kamisa grabbed me!

"God asked me to use it...?

Suddenly, the word god or something popped up, so Kulalalaka frowned.

Hair didn't realize that the identity of the girl's "Kamisama" was about Osama, who knew her well.

"What the hell did you ask me to do?

"It's Mr. Bird! They wanted me to buy a bird for a bird in the city!

Pi! and with his fingertips and tail, Chesna shows there is a pet shop dedicated to birds.

The brightly colored birds, however expensive they may be for celebrities, were put in cages and hung.

Every bird is bald by stress because of the noisy events of the last few days.

But in it, the only bird that hadn't moved into this situation either.

One big owl, like a gray cloud.

Birds around say they're making a scene with gagging bums, but he's the only one standing there without being slightly mobile.

They say they are caged, but they penetrate cloudless hearts, like nussies in the night forest.

Kulalalaka looked familiar to a being that made her even feel the difference.

No, I couldn't even look wrong.

"Oh, you..."

and tried to crush it towards the owl. At that time,

"Whoa!? There are still people here!?

Wild wild sex has broken in.

When Kulalalaka and Chesna shift their gaze, there......

The lads in uniform, who are partitioning this city with our faces...!

They came sluggishly on a giant strand walk like a chimp, surrounding them both.

"Plus, you're homeless! And one is a wild tail female!

"Before the enlistment ceremony, we the god tip group cleaned it up... I didn't know it was still there!

"I didn't think I needed to clean again, but Master Rivolve was right!

"Oh, cockroaches really follow me whether I kill them or not......!

"But now, I'm bored. You're having a little fun looking around!

"Oh, when I came here thinking about killing even a bird on a hippopotamus, more kill-worthy guys jerked off!

"Come on, I wonder how I'm going to play you...? I need to figure out a way to have plenty of fun without killing it easily......!

A worrying gaze about how to cook the prey caught tangles between the two girls.

Coolalalaka covering scary chesna.

"... is it finally a bunch of killers? Trying to kill an innocent human being for entertainment is looking down on you!

I didn't expect you to say that from the homeless, so the boys get the look of being poked in the void.

But soon, he had a vulgar laugh with the Guerraggera.

"Hey, did you hear that, right now! Even Muko!

"Muko is the man version of the bride!? Suddenly what are you talking about?

"I'm sure your fear has driven you crazy!

"Hey, it's Mr. Muko! By order of Master Rivolve now, the homeless and wild taylors of this island are to be killed!

The first to react to the word was Chesna, no other.

"Wow!? All the Wild Tails!? That means one of the settlements too......!?

"Oh, yeah! In the afternoon, a separate squad will raid the settlement of Sin Itmulau, killing all the people there!

"Oh, I wanted to go that way too! It's not just two, it's all you can kill!

"Yeah, well, there's a bunch of crazy guys like you, and you're gonna get away with it! And if we set fire to it, we'll start a hell of a bonsai at the same time, and that's awesome!

"Yes, because of this, let's do a hell of a bonsai here too! Light them up!

"No, wait! Then tie his ankles with a rope and light only one of them! That way, you'll see the hell out of me!

"That's good! Gahahahahahahahaha!"

Wrapped in a lowly laugh, Kulalalaka gets annoyed.

Then the boys peered into her as if to incite them.

"Is that it? Mr. Muko, what did you do with the momentum just now?

"I'm sure you're scared and you're a little pussy!

"Is that...? If you look closely, you're not a woman!?

"Oh, seriously! It's not Muko, it's Yome!

"Ahhh!? Could it be that he's tangled up with us at the cafe......!?

"Yes, they do! Definitely! It's that bitch who was running away at some point, all over the noise of a wild dog mask!

"Oh, my God, you're still alive in here! I thought you were dead!

"But just fine! We got away with the Wild Dog Mask and you, and they took the blame, and they ate the pay cuts!

"If you don't, I'll clear that rabbit too! It's not about the bonsai of hell, it's the full course of hell!

The boys make a noise like they're on fire.

And they pulled out their hips swords simultaneously, even though they said they were two women.

"First, I'll chop you up...!

"Now like before, I'm not letting you get away...!

"Hey, he's shivering! It was a café!

"I knew you were freaking out! Hey, try pulling your hips sword out! Or is it the same as then, freaking out or cancer!?

But the tremor was clearly different from what it once was.

And those trembling lips, they move quietly.

"You're just like the birds over there...!

Behind Kulalalaka were pet shop birds who perceived a shitty kill and made more noise.

"Put on a fancy ornament full of names and colors: Divine Spirit Group..."

"Nah...... what the heck!?

"Spread peak perch and noise, void......!

...... Gashy!

The hand was finally called.

It was on my hips, on my sword......!

There was tremor.

But it was very different from what it was before.

The moment I grabbed the pattern, the snake relief that was embellished on the violin crawled,

...... Gashyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

And, like gripping back, I wrapped it around my wrist......!

That's all, "Become...!?" and the lagging chimps.

"Do you guys know what happens to noisy flying birds......!?

But don't wait for the answer, it just pulled out......!

And the red lotus overflows......!


"Heavenly Legs, by" The Snake (Chalkan), "is eaten and crashed...! They melt their wings and crawl unnecessarily...! I'll teach you that now, make the world noisy, you bitches...!

Illuminated by a fiercely bright red light, the chimps can't move a single step, as if they've already been burned out.

"I made the Holy Virgin of the Grand Virgin Sentirus (Holy Sabre) my only daughter......! Coolaraka Passion Flower!!!!

At that time, in a world of fire powder, they watched.

Next to the girl who gave her name......

Unlike Chesna, another girl leans in......

I was waving my little hand up like a sword together......!