...... Zgahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The sound of the explosion penetrates the corner.

Hell's cauldron lid overflows with scorching heat as if it had opened, causing a blast and the surrounding windowsills to bounce and fly.

... bread! Bread! Bahhhhhhhhhhh!

The chimps named Shinsengumi, who were right next to the blast site, took a decent bath in their sword pressure.

Blackburned face on a chilli perm like an explosion cont, the uniform is burnt down and a pair of pants.

"Hih......!? Hii......!?

It's like meeting a fiery demon, losing his sanity, talking and smashing his back.

But Chesna, who was closer to the blast than the chimps, hasn't burned one hair tip.

"Wow...!? Shh, it's from awesome......!

Ahead of her looking up, there's a hardening coolaraka, still in a cool pose that she's finished waving her love sword.

This is how the fillet still emits the red light, like the iron that has been heated.

I ran sweating from my forehead at the heat of being close to my face on the stove.

- Damn... Chalkan blades are swords that increase in power by the sentiment of their users...

Though I haven't shaken it in a long time, I've never had so much heat...!

This too, Sen......

No, thanks to my mother...!

Then I heard voices from nowhere.

'If you ever do that again... That's your power. The Chalkan Blade resonated with your desire to protect someone.'

"Or... mother!

'Go, Kulalalaka. Stay with your mind. There must be no more strays for you right now'

'Ha, ha! Mom!'

Kulalalaka looked straight ahead.

At the end of a long stretch of boulevard, far beyond is a large mountain.

She no longer had eyes for the chimps at her feet.

But after the jobby water noise, a trembling voice filled with tears rises up like hot air, and even if it doesn't respond, it draws attention back.

"and... hell hey!? Really?

"No way, I can't believe the Chalkan Blade is so powerful......!

"Holy shit, there's no way I can win this...! There's no way you can win. Yo!

"So, let's not, I said!

When Kulalalaka has no choice but to look, there are chimps there who wet their bread.

They were completely frightened, and all she had to do was narrow her eyes,

"Hiya!?" He proceeded himself to take a dungeon, along with a scream drawn.

It's urine. I beg hard for my life as I stick my face in it.

"Yes, help me with all my life! All my life. Huh...!

"Hey, I'll do anything, I'll do anything......!

"Oh, I said stop! But he and the others are crazy about the weak cunt...!

"Hey, what?!? Temeh was the most nori!

"Chi, it's not! Master Rivolve told me! I can't help but tell Master Rivolve...!

"Ah! Oh... yes! Yes, it is! If you defy that narrow-minded fool, you'll soon be played a game called Rosinante Roulette!

"I won't do this again! I won't, just help me this time! Please!

"" "" "" Please!!!!

It was a perfect and breathtaking apology, connected from a flowing excuse.

Unexpectedly, the sleeve of Kulalalaka's clothes is pulled when it is difficult.

If you drop your gaze further, there's a boss Chesna.

"Um, Yusha, I want you to let her go."

Even Kulalalaka, who was a little involved in the Shintomi group, said he already had unforgivable emotions......

The girl is supposed to have been even worse off, but she's trying to forgive them.

To that generosity, Kularaka unwittingly curled her tongue.

"You wild taylors must have been oppressed by a lot of them before. Besides, it would have been at its head before I was a witch. And yet, forgive them?

"Wow! We are Kamisa... Shiranoshinyi, no one should stick together unless you forgive us for the" Nora Mask "!

It was a fine mindset, but it was somewhat catchy rhetoric.

"On the contrary, God...... with the forgiveness of" The Naughty Mask, "you mean the contention is not naughty?

Then the witch says, "Wow!" He rang.

"When we fight, it's for you! We don't fight for ourselves!


Coolalalaka is somehow, but I feel like I've figured out how the Wild Tails behave on this island.

And I had heard that it was a faithful species, but it was more than I could imagine.

In any case, there is no hippo playing with the miscellaneous fish now that he has been able to do what he needs to do.

Kulalalaka offers the chimps a sharpening as he holds his sword in his sheath.

"You thank this girl for her mercy! But the next time you show up before me, you can't just do it! I'll let you do your favorite" hell's mess, "so be prepared! Come on, let's go!!

I was drunk, and I said, "Hiya!?" and the chimps jump up and crawl away with the crust.

After dropping that ass off, Kularaka shifts her gaze.

At the tip of the toe, a pet shop.

Approaching a large cage, one of them pulls the door open for each small lock.

...... Gushaa!

And he spoke toward a gray cloud-like presence, floating inside.

"Muk! I saved you from being trapped in a bird basket! Now that I've repaid my debt, I owe you one!

Until I 'repaid my debt' I can see why it would be 'one more loan'......?

To the mysterious theory, the owl, called Muku, tilts his neck silently.

"So let's just have that debt paid back! Get a message delivered to someone right away!

But Kulalalaka proceeded unilaterally.

It was at the pet store counter, a quick message with a pen and a note would tie it to the owl's leg.

"Well, I asked for it! Just do it!

Owls that are rushed away and fly away with a face that doesn't float.

After dropping that ass off, Kulalalaka was wearing something from the backpack she retrieved from Janjan Bali.

Chesna stared at all of those endings as Kyotokyoto with a strange face.

"Um, hey, what are you going to do... wow!?

The girl opens her eyes halfway through the words.

Because there...

"... I am the 'Wild Dog Mask Woman'...! Here and now, a blast......!!

The girl didn't make it a prediction, because there was a new hero standing......!