and a shock like the appearance of an imprint or cherry blizzard strikes a devout witch girl.

"Wow......!? WOOOOOOOOO!? Hey, you were a laxative mask too!?

Chesna was surprised too peeked and flipped back with Cotten.

But using the momentum that rises, he sits down in the ground with Shuba.

Towards the little, round witch girl, 'The Wild Dog Mask Woman' proclaimed in high spirits.

"Chesna, there's no such thing as a shrinking hippo! Come on, get up! Now is the time to fight!

Then Chesna only gives Vikri a face and turns a startling glance.

"Ugh!? Ha, ha!? With whom?!? Plus, I can do that so it's awesome!?

The Wild Dog Mask Woman said, "I can!" and answered forcefully and instantly.

"We'll soon find out who we're fighting! And if we all decide, it's impossible! Come on, we're on our way to the Wild Tails' settlement now!

"Wow! So... but we don't have time for this anymore! From now on, even if you run back to the settlement, you'll be overwhelmed!

I just had a problem saying, "Mmmm......!?" and roaring wild dog mask woman.

"Hmm. If this happens, I'll have to borrow my horse somewhere. It's also an extraordinary horse..."

One reed-haired horse crosses the corner of her sight making that decision.

The giant horse is walking in such outfits as being on a walk and purposefully appealing to 'passing through'...

"Sa...... rust!? Just in the right place! Let's do you as my fast horse!

The wild dog maskwoman finds it, but quickly, I say, and as I lifted Chesna up to her side, she ran to the horse.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, the settlements of the Wild Tails at the foot of Sin Itomlau were surrounded by disturbing air.

Not many people of anxiety are leaping out of their houses, gathering in squares, leaning against each other like victims and trembling.

"Ko... all the brave men of Shinsengumi around here are gone..."

"I can't believe that even though the number of watches has been running low lately, not a single one of them is finally gone..."

"The brave men of the Spirit are taking the whole city completely."

"Hey, for what?

"I don't know, but when that's over, isn't it your turn next?

"Meh... I'm not saying anything rare!

"So, but that's crazy! This is the first time you've lost your brave watch!

"Bye! The brave men have made Master Wild Dog Mask their enemy! The next time the brave men come, the wild dog masks and all of them are going to kill us!

No longer can anyone argue, and the square is surrounded by tranquillity and fear.

If it's normal, it's not strange if anyone proposes to escape......

We all knew there was nothing we could do where we ran away.

They, the wild taylors, who are the targets of persecution on this island, had nothing but silanocinyi.

And finally, here comes what I was afraid of.

... doggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

The sound of hooves shaking the ground was approaching the settlement...!

That horseshoe, unlike anything they've always heard, was heavy and majestic.

As if Reaper were imminent......!

Yet, as if the inescapable end were to come......!

It had such an overwhelming aura that it shrunk up the settlers, even though it was just a murmur.

Indeed, it was' despair 'for some.

But on the contrary, for some......!?

"Ah!? Ahhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

The first thing I noticed was a certain young man.

He gets up and points to the mountain path down to the city.

Then the settlers turned together.


"Ah......!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

What they saw was incredible, 'hope'......!

If I was drifting at sea, it would be like Joes helped me well......

Besides, he was with me, only his disgusting boss seemed to eat me......

Glad to hear it, but it's like it's only a dream, something that doesn't get me confused......!

"of...... wild dog mask saaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!?


Like the wind, I was headed to the settlement...!

A mask already deified for them, the woman wearing it......!

She's like a saddle horse Tengu, refreshed and...!

Besides, the princess position has a witch Chesna......!

In a scream that is neither joyful nor moving, the Horse is instantly indulged in the square.

The woman in the wild dog mask shouted as she raised her horse's legs high as one of the great men who seemed impossible or otherwise in the dictionary.

"Everyone! I'm a 'Wild Dog Mask Woman'! But no hippo explains the details! Soon here, the Divine Spirits will be pushing over! You need to get out of here with me now!

"I will!" said Chesna.

To the sudden proclamation, the wild taylors whose confusion accelerates.

The chief of the settlement stood up and asked on behalf of everyone.

"I don't know who you are, but you are Siranosiny-sama's god of obedience, the same as Master Wild Dog Mask, to tell you from your name!? But there's no place on this island to escape!

"I'm not a squire or anything, but I don't care about that now! And don't worry about where you're going! Safe place, I know! Follow me!

"But...! SinItomlau still has a wild dog mask! We can't just leave Master Wild Dog Mask alone and run away to a safe place!

Chesna is also hacked by the word.

"Oh... yes it was! Sometimes I still have a scab! You can't just put away your scum and snort it!

Then the Wild Tails also continued to mouth.

"Oh, yeah! There are still wild dog masks in the mountains that we believe in!

"We all need to join forces and protect Master Wild Dog Mask!

"We're not moving here if they kill us!

But the other God drank them all.

"Don't make me fall asleep!!!!

Just that one voice makes me quiet.

"Where there were no weapons like you, it wouldn't even be a paper fort!! Do you even think your god wants the foolishness of just being kicked in like paper scum!! If so, that would be hilarious!!

"Wow, are you trying to fool our God!?" Someone screamed.

"You are the ones who are fooling!! Do you believe in a god that must be protected from time to time? No, definitely not!! That man I know is not such a fragile person!!

Calling the wild dog mask 'that man' made the settlers hold that there was something like intimacy between them.

Chesna said, "Hey, you were pretty good with Kami, after all!" and his eyes sparkle.

"And...! You think I'm gonna let you get away with this!!

"What!?" Towards surprise, "said the wild dog maskwoman, releasing her last todome.

That's enough that the Wild Tails accidentally pat their dog ears...

Hard to believe, it was a word......!

"Our" Wow Crusaders "will destroy this base and move to a new one immediately! Let's have an ops conference there! We will now be holy warriors, driving the evil braves off this island!!

"What... Yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?