"Ah, the Wild Tails! Hear my call! And wake up and scratch! The only way forward is before us! In order for us to live, scream! We're human, too! And fight it! To the atrocities from the brave!

Brave exhilaration from the horses.

Until then, the colors of giving up and bewilderment were thick, and power began to dwell in the eyes of the likes of the farming nation.

"The history of our rebellion, that one page, just begins here! Our bodies are innumerable, but our minds are one!" One is for everyone, everyone is for one "! That's what we can do for our people, because we risk our lives for our people! Yes, we are the Wow Crusaders! He's a jihadist for freedom. Ahhhhhhh!

An already godly brand for the Wild Tails, the Wild Dog Mask, plus this morale-boosting kai song.

It was solidified among the Wild Tails, so devastating to blow up the barriers of masochism......!

"Wow wow wow!!!

Raise your fists and your dog ears, and even your tail, and respond with a whisper.

"Ah, everyone! Go on, follow me! Head to the sanctuary for us, the place that gives you rebel wolf smoke!!

"Wow wow wow!!!

There is no longer any hesitation in the people.

Led by a wild dog mask woman, she runs out of the settlement like a decimated dam.

... Well, the Wild Dog Mask Woman thing Kulalalaka has declared its establishment, "Wow Crusaders".

What, isn't that a name you've heard somewhere?

That was so much older than now......

It was a slum-dog mart incident in the corner of the office.

"I hereby declare the establishment of the Knights of Wow! From now on, the athletes are one and the same! The body is one, the mind is one! One fights for everyone, everyone fights for one!

The blonde twin-tailed girl bravely proclaims and raises a rapier.

"It seems so low."

Blistering and twinkling, the girl with the red headscarf matches the oak cane to its cutting edge.

"Hey, what are you fighting against? But if you're fighting, not violence, but over there with a hoe or something..."

An eyeglass girl who seems even frightened by her shadow puts up Shamoji, a weapon for her.

It was the moment of the formation of the Knights of Wow, which will remain in the name of future generations.

The adults I was watching beside me were about to smile, but there's one thing that snorts at me that doesn't seem interesting.

"Hung, what's" Wow Knights "?"

"What the heck!? Gonna put a ketch on the Knights Knights, founded by Knights of the Round Atashi!?

"If you're proud of your knight's fame, don't easily call him Knights or something. A knight has a sense of character."

"You're more of a maid of honor than a knight in the Holly Doll family!

"What the fuck!?

"What, are you trying to do it with this Atashi?!? Oh, maybe you, I envy The Wow Knights!? That's why you're putting on a heck of an innen!

"Gu......! Who would envy such a hoax!

"You're a star! Heh heh! If you regret it, try creating a Knights!

"How does it feel to be founded first by the Knights? Hey, how do you feel?

"Um, both of you...... Don't be so mean, why don't you let them in?

"Become...!? Such a hoax, I was in it. Whoa!? Look now. All right, this is because I've founded many times more fine Knights and I'm going to make you cain cains sound!!

That's when it was tickling in the coolaraka.

So I came here to form the Knights...

'One is for everyone, everyone is for one'......

The sign I was putting up on Doya's face was just a whole pack......!

The name of the organization "Wow Crusaders" is on a critical or totally out level, but I named Crusaders for a childlike reason: "Because it looks better".

... Let's get back to it.

"Wild Dog Crusaders," led by Kulalalaka, had come to a quiet beach on the outskirts of the city.

As soon as possible, the Wild Tails, who had been brave until then, return to sanity as if the power of alcohol had expired.

"This is...!

"This is the private beach of the Virgin!

What they were looking up at was a big sign set up at the corner of the beach.

There, it was branded 'Holly Doll Family Private Beach' and depicted a portrait of the three sisters.

Yes. This beach was given to the Holly Doll family by Rivolve.

The brave men were all gifts of this hand, trying to be liked by the Holly Doll girls.

But by way of example, the three sisters did not attempt to lay hands on any gifts from the brave.

Or the example mother completely forgets that there is a beach like this.

Kulalalaka stumbled upon this place during her escape life.

But there was always a god-tipped outpost, so I couldn't even get close, but now that Gorkon was issued, no one.

This place is bigger and quieter than any other beach on this island, but also has a superb landscape.

Unlike the rest, the sandy beach was specially picked up.

Beautiful white sand with double the sparkle is laid down, crushing and mixing the pearls.

Furthermore, as a villa, there was a palace-like mansion around which the flowers of the South blossomed into a botanical garden.

If you're a common man, there was a paradise there where you could just look and get stuck like a nervous little bow.

By the way, this beach has never been used.

Nevertheless, by order of Revolv, care was not the only thing involved.

The sandy beach has no footprint like dead mountain water, and one piece of garbage hasn't flowed to the beach.

The botanical garden is free of weeds and, of course, the mansion is well cleaned and shiny.

In addition, the mansion's basement (cellar) is always packed with fresh food and age-old wine.

If you are a concurrent Virgin, say, "I want to live here my whole life! It was a contract to think."

But it is ironic.

But it is hilarious.

No way, the beach we had prepared for the Virgins, instead of being used by us, could not even be placed in a corner of our memory......

On the contrary, by the least likeable wild dogs, I don't know if I'm being trampled and vandalized right now......!

Besides, this is where the wolves raise their rebel wolf smoke...!

Neither would Rivolve, who was strictly committed to the management and maintenance of this beach, have dreamed......!