The Wild Tails were now in what could be called paradise in this world.

They were thrown into an energetic beach by a fling from an elegy-filled hiccups settlement.

I should have been happy, but I was like the dead brought to hell.

"I can't believe you're coming to a private beach dedicated to the Grand Virgin...!

"And besides, that Holly Doll family...!

"Master Reincarnation, who is the great Virgin of the Holly Doll family, says it's a great way to go!

"The more great the Virgin, the more severe she will be!

"Oh, yeah! Things like the eagles could get killed just because they're in sight!

The Wild Tails know only the Holly Doll family and Reincarnation by name.

They were shaking all together, perceiving it as a common statue of the Virgin.

Where did the bravery go before, Kulalalaka drinks from the horse toward them who are now about to escape.

"Everyone, don't be cowardly! Don't worry, I'm a good friend of Dear Reincarnation! More than that, we'll be ready for the war! Let's start with the upcoming operation!

But from the length of the settlement, which was directly beneath him, a difference was just mentioned.

"Wait for me! I can't believe we've never done this before! And no weapons! How do you fight a brave man with a round back over an amateur......!?

But Kulalalaka gives it a nose.

"Hung! It's not something I can be taught to fight true! It's no different than the farming you do all the time! All you have to do is wave your sword like a wax and strike it down like a wax!

The chief said, "Oh, that's so lame...! I almost said," When I drink it down with Gokuri,

"Wah... ok! We came here to fight! So, but where's the weapon to strike down!? Master Wild Dog Maskwoman told me you left all your farm tools behind!?

"Hum! farm tools, etc., can help with the battle! True battles are not the same as farming methods, and it is those who work out that bring abundance!

"Oh, so impotent!?

At last, the dissatisfaction burst into my mouth and erupted.

"That's right! At least we can't fight without weapons!

"Yes, they do! Thank you for the weapon!

"Maybe you can fight with your bare hands!?

"That's not much of anything!

But Kulalalaka doesn't move.

"Don't worry! We'll have the weapon soon! That's surprising too......!

"You're sourcing me!?

"Ah!? I don't think we should steal from the 'gorgeous smart' on this island...!?

"Damn, that's no good! Master Shiranoshinyi makes stealing the worst evil!

"That's right! Besides, we're only supposed to use what Master Shiranoshinyi admitted!

"Yes, they do! I only use farm tools that have been offered to Master Shiranosinyi!

"There's no way there's a weapon on this island that Master Silanoshinyi would approve of!

"That means you can't use it even if you have a weapon! If this is the case, I should have had my farm tools......!

The wild tails collapsing in dismay.

But Kulalalaka doesn't seem to move at all.

"Hung, I told you! The weapon you can get is" Totally "! Don't go with gorgeous smart third-rate weapons or anything!

"What...!? There's no other weapon on this island than Gorgeous Smart.

"Besides, Gorgeous Smart is a great weapon for the brave people... and the god-spirited people!

"There's no way there's a weapon in this world that goes beyond that!

"Bye! If there is, the weapon God gave you......!

In that one word, the Wild Tails breathe as if they noticed something.

"Ha......!? No way, I'm going to get it, what is a weapon......!?

Kulalalaka laughs back at her niggles like she finally realizes it or something.

"That's right! What we have in our hands is not a Gorgeous Smart weapon or anything like that used by an obscene being such as a brave man!

And I looked up, and I glanced at the coastline.

At the end of his gaze, he floats on the coastline, a sun-like being.

Towards a great being like that sun, she shouted.

"What we wield is a shop chosen by God......! It's the sacred weapon of" Slumdog Mart. "Ahhhhhhhhh!

as if to call it then,

... Buh!

and the flag flied.


The people peeled their eyes and doubted the sight in front of them.

But still unbelievably, rub the peeling eye.

It is also impossible for them to become so.

Whatever, there...

Because a shining being like a treasure ship was coming this way at an incredible rate like the speed of light......!

For a big fishing flag that swells in the wind, what a...!

Same as that (●) mask, wild dog appearance......!?

"What... Yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

The Wild Tails are stiff as if their ears and tails, on the contrary, their whole body hair, no blood, flesh or bone, no even their cells have been turned upside down.

The treasure ships scream like they can't beat, the benefactories......!

"Coo, you're so sweet!!!!

From the bow, the eldest daughter who lets herself just fall into the sea and shakes her motherhood......!

Behind it,

"Oh, sister, don't be dangerous! If you get so violent, you'll fall!

It's like the lovers of a sinking luxury ship, the second daughter to cling......!

Next to it,

"Coot! Coot! Coot! Coot! Coot!

It's like a cat that broke oranges and popped out, three women who twist their bodies......!

Yes, this is...

This is the Holy Doll, the famous Virgin Clan in the world...!

King, Queen and Jack of Hearts in the Legion of Wild Dogs......!

Heroes come late......?

That's too old...!

In this day and age, heroin is what comes late......!