The "Gol", which exalted the wave shivers, kicked white sand into the beach as it gained momentum.

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"Whoa!? I thought you'd come to Dear Reincarnation. Ha!?

Kulalalaka greets the ship before it even stops yet.

The ship stopped at the tip of its nose.

"Fair enough! I missed you. Wow! Coo!

Reincarnation, who was at the bow, overflowed with tears, jumped directly at her, without even descending the talap.

When I jump straight into my chest, I start to circle like my lovers.

"And thanks! Thank you so much! Coo!"

"Hey, I never thought you wanted to see me again as badly as you cried! I didn't know you could thank me for that...! Thank you. Happy!

"I was actually trying to get to this island much earlier. But for some reason, the ship is barely moving on...! But when Muku got here, he went in and out like a liar! I came to this island because Ku sent Muk!

Yes, it was.

The Golchan is stuck off the coast near the continent.

Even if I could go back, for some reason I was in a situation where I couldn't go any further.

But there was already a history of retreating once, so Reincarnation didn't try to go back hard, even if his surroundings persuaded him to.

And finally, she makes a decision.

"I've made up my mind...! Mom, I'll swim across to the island where Gol is...!

"What!? Sister, you're so lame! We, the Virgin, are supposed not to expose our skin in public! Besides, I can't believe how unsinkable your sister is to swim to Grey Sky Island!

"Mom can't afford to live without Gol anymore! Please, understand, Primla!

A sister with a bear under her eyes and a sneaky one.

She hasn't eaten or slept for days.

It equals suicidal behavior, such as swimming away in a physical condition that doesn't even remind you of such life support......

Finally, Primla also decides because she has been tempted.

"Wow, I get it......! So... I'll swim with your sister to your uncle!


"Look, sister, Pine says this, too. We sisters are together forever and everywhere!

"Ahhh...! Primla, Pine......!

And the three sisters tried to pull into the cabin to change into a swimsuit.

The ships of the media who were just there tint as the Virgin's swimsuit is a great scoop.

But it was the empty wreckage that just landed on the difference in touch.

And as soon as the three sisters glanced over Kulalalaka's message, something strange happened.

Until now, there's a ship that didn't move on, as if it had been annoyed by an iron chain...

Start moving forward, as if you had been released from restraint......!

The route I was about to take, risking my life, was finally cut open...!

My oldest daughter, who has been set in sight like an addicted patient, and my second and third daughter as if it had become contagious.

They were likely to command full speed forward even now, but what they uttered was an incredible word......!

"" "To the Hurlbury Small States, I'm going back now!!!!

Sky wreckage has no hippo to rest, now carry the reincarnation message to Halbury Small Country.

Like chasing that back, the 'Golchan' heads to Harbor of Halbury.

By the time we got to the port, the Slumdog Mart staff who had received the message were waiting with supplies like mountains.

After loading it onto the ship on a steep pitch, I take it back with boomerang momentum.

And finally, the aim is Greysky Island......!

Even though the 'Gol' was loaded with large quantities of supplies at that time, it proceeded at an unlikely rate, as if it were flying through the sky.

The media ships that follow are lightly smashed despite being quite fast ships due to the nature of chasing the subjects covered......!

By the way, it takes about four hours by boat to get from the Hurlberry Small States to Grey Sky Island.

But the 'Gol', which gained strange powers, what a......!

Just enough time for a couple ramen to arrive......!!

It wouldn't be hard to imagine how such a wild-speed, full-blown thing would have been a sight off the beach.

The Wild Tails, who saw it, had their butts on, like pins that were garters but had taken strikes.

"Hey what...!? What the hell is that...!?

"Oh, that was impossible fast!? It was like a hayabusa!

"But Master Wild Dog Mask's flag is hanging! That ship must be the one sent by Master Shiranosinyi!

"Something is bothering me about the painting of a heck of a Osama... but for sure! God's ship!

"Oh! 'Cause look. No! Heavenly Lady is on board!

A primula holding a pine pack descends the talap and joins the reincarnation.

That was so divine that it suitably emerged from a ship that did not seem to belong in this world.

Blinking Virgin costumes, like fresh snow shining in the light, and overflowing tears are like diamonds......

"Oh...! Hey, how beautiful...!

"And, Heavenly Lady! The heavenly lady has descended! And the three of you!

"... the three of you? Holy shit!? Are those ladies the Holly Doll family Virgin!?

Fast enough for a flipped bug to come back to normal, no! and the wild tails that fall down at the same time.

Three sisters who realize it come to them.

"Wow!? Come on, you can come over here. Huh!?

"Shh, be quiet! Don't look! Don't speak up!

"It's like the eagles, but come on and look at it. You're not a good way to go!

"Bye! The Grand Virgin and I just met each other, and there are many punished!

"Besides, I can't believe you went into a private beach, and your neck. Bye......!

"Ahhh! I'm done! I'm done with you guys......!!

The Wild Tails can't stop trembling like they were thrown out on the winter mountains when they say it's a beach in the South.

Stay shrunk and wait for a shakedown from the Grand Virgin.

They all did not suspect, believing that the avalanche-like cursing murmur was something to pour down.

But brought to them, your words......

"Oh well! Nice to meet you, mum and cum! The Wild Tail you guys wrote in your letters. Oh, my God! You can call me Mom! Oh, look, come on! Show me your pretty face, bah! If you're a good girl, your mom will tease you!"

Five 'moms' appear in one dialogue after a hectic tension baby words......!?

"Um, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to surprise you. May I introduce myself? This self-proclaimed mom is Reincarnation Holly Doll, Mother of the Holly Doll family. And I am my second daughter, Primla Hollydoll. It's the three women I'm holding... Oh, excuse me. May I see your faces, gentlemen?

Soft and warm in the spring sunshine, and sounding comfortably in the ears, a Kagura bell-like voice......

Moreover, the Virgin never looked down greatly, but encouraged herself to break her knee and raise her face.

When they give their approximate faces, they were just trying to reach for and touch their dog ears, with a toddler girl and eyes.

Then the young Virgin lay down her face sassy, clinging to the breast of the Virgin, who was sitting with her knees broken, shy.