The Wild Tails, who had never felt comfortable living before, were wrapped up in a vortex of further chaos after the Holly Doll girls appeared.

I can't help it.

And I can't even resist all this.

Anyway, I descended before them because I am a man who does not call himself the Mother of All Humanity (Mother Earth) other than the brave...!

Mother looked at them thin and dirty, and sparkled the eyes of the girl who visited the flower garden, and came and went between them with a full smile.

Shake hands tightly with both hands, the child hugs, and the younger child hugs.

Not even.

"Ugh, if we had such cute, good kids, we should have come to this island much sooner. Wow!

Calling the old people, who would be much older than themselves, 'cute and' and 'good boy'......!

The Wild Tails, who have been knocked into the mood by coercion, just stiffen themselves.

When it comes to the statue of the Virgin among them, all those who treat themselves as dove rats.

Because it was the first time I had ever been sissy driven away with that hand, kicked away with that nappy leg, gently stroked, etc...!

The mood is no longer a discarded cat condition that has continued to be abused by humans.

I can't believe how warm and soft the hand of the Virgin was until now only a violent device......!

The adults were as baffled as ever, but the tensions in the children dissolve slightly.

The cheeks of Mother, who had cuddled and cheeked the two young Wild Tail twins together and laughed at each other with a cackle, were already sucked.

On the contrary, the dress, which was like a heavenly maiden's feather, is thinly dirty without a shadow to see.

"Oh, um... let it be, Virgin! Oh, I'm afraid...! Touch us and your beautiful face and food will get dirty!

I thought maybe you hadn't noticed, and the chief of the settlement shook his courage and spoke to her.

It is a bungee jump identical suicide to them without a hippo, such as speaking to the Grand Virgin.

Besides, if you find out you've been transferred dirt to your own body, etc., it's not strange to be leopard-changing like a hellish stripper.

And I knew you hadn't noticed, Mother drops her gaze to see what's going on with her dress.

But all that was there was a breast big enough to block my vision.

She had only seen herself in the mirror for a long time.

I didn't know what was going on down there from the chest of the dress, so I spread my hands and look at my sleeves.

Then, as if even charcoal had been rubbed on, it was indeed black.

But she laughed as though, smiling like a child in the middle of a hang-out.

"Ugh, really! We're all really good kids to share the proof that we've all lived full of them with our moms!

"Yes, a testament to living...?

"Dirty means we've all played a lot and worked a lot, right? My mom is so happy to feel it! 'Cause this is how you tell your mom's body that we've all lived a lot, right?

For her, other people's dirt is the same thing that my young child ate and scattered energetically.

For her, what it attaches to the body is carved the height of my young child, the same scratches on the pillars.

Feel the proof of my child's life, no unhappy mother or anything......!

The grownups cried at last for the thought conveyed.

"Oh...! Dear Mother Reincarnation! I can't believe there's a Grand Virgin like you...!

"Not the goddess...! Mother Reincarnation is not our goddess!

"Oh, yeah! They're flying the flag of a wild dog mask! Mother Reincarnation is a goddess to me and Wild Tail!

The Goddess of Salvation finally descended before the Wild Tails, who had long been tormented by the brave.

They surround their mothers and leak their pharynx, like the sparing students of graduation.

Primla, who was watching it, finally gets impatient too.

"Ah, gentlemen, wipe your tears. No, let me wipe your tears."

She wipes the Wild Tails cheeks with a white handkerchief.

And it wasn't just tears, it wiped everything clean off to the dirt on my face.

"Yes, you're so beautiful. So don't cry anymore."

And with an unbeatable angel smile on my sister, nickel......!

That smile was just destructive enough to make all the wild taylors fall in love......!

Older and younger children know their first love, and youngsters know their unfulfilled love.

And the old man, bathe in cold water......!

Todome is the "Dog Ear Touch" of the three women.

Actually, Pine Pack loved touching other people's ears.

Normally I don't like being touched in the ear by someone I'm not even close to, but when they do to her, for some reason, my face will burn......!

Besides, when I try to touch you from this side, Pfft! And I can't wait to get away with it again......!

The wild taylors, touched by their ears, were, but remained, like the favored grandchildren who had preceded them.

Woohoo (oh), what the heck......!

The Holly Doll girls are only minutes away from meeting......

Easily entered the hearts of the Wild Tails, who were as stubborn as permafrost, and had already ascended and packed into the idols of the settlement...!

"But sister, you've suddenly regained your usual energy"

"Yeah, 'cause this island is full of Gol Smells."

"The scent of your uncle!?" "Ooh, ooh!?

Uncle Mania's sisters only felt the sea breeze, although she desperately moved her nose and tried to sniff it around.

Aside from that, in the meantime, what were the knights on the coolaraka and the ship doing...

I was unloading a crate full of Slumdog Mart merchandise from the ship.

Every big crate painted "Mr. Gold" is arranged on the beach.

In the middle of it...... the incident happened.

One crate,


Along with the explosion, I bounced and flew...!


Three sisters and the Wild Tails who will be amazing, less chess knockouts.

It was spreading to the beach until then, you know, the mood blew up all at once.

The explosives that were inside, even the outburst...?

But on Slumdog Mart products, that shouldn't happen......?

Beyond the white smoke that will soon rise, a tiny silhouette of Mitsu.

One of them crawled by accident,

"Keho! Kaho! I can't hang in there anymore!

But the lord of that yellow-hatted voice was grabbing his collar along the way and dragging him back into the smoke.

"Hey number three! I told you to be patient, even if you want to smoke, until you have a decision dialogue!

"Shh, I'm sorry! But smoke me...!

"Certainly this smoke is too much. I stopped it in the right amount."

"Though you won't be dressed just with Cholo! It's here, I need to flaunt it with Doburn!

"But the only thing that can stand this smoke is the cockroach of the future. That means Charles Lott's. It wasn't hair, it was tactile."

"Who's the future cockroach! Oh, more than that, you're not covering your mouth with a headscarf! That doesn't make you look like a villain!

Smoke is clear at last, on a crate left only at the base......

There were three girls in elementary school.