"" "Our" Wow Knights, "I'm Coming Up Now!!!!

The girls, who have been tinned with smoke, remain black like bronze statues, releasing cool poses and decision dialogues.

And the poker-eyed crowd, and the rabid dog and the famous leader just ate it.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Kulalalaka! I didn't think I'd let you out of here!

Bishy! Kulalalaka bites her teeth like a Phantom pointed at and cornered by a righteous hero.

"Ku......! Weren't you guys in the middle of a class at Slam Dog School!?

"That's how luck number three works! Muku helped me out of the window, trying to get a print that was flown out of the window!

"It was every week that I fell through the window, but thanks to you, I don't think I'm going to fall this week."

"hey...... what the fuck!? But already then, Muk shouldn't have had a message!?

"That's part of" Number Two of the Moves "! Muk had a message! You didn't write to Mother anymore, but Mother did, a letter to Slumdog Mart!

"I deduced from that text that something crappy was happening. And the mothers are coming back to the harbor."

"That's why the Atasis snuck into one of the crates that Slumdog Mart was preparing! Then no matter what happens, you won't be pushed back!

"Gu......! What we're going to do is not a piece of shit! It's a real war! So I thought it would be a good idea to involve you kids, and I...!

"I knew you were the tenants who instructed me to leave you! And I can't believe you thought it was for the Atasis! I guess I really had the soul nerve not to give the 'Wow Knights' a place to play and let them envy me later!

"Well, that's an argument! What are you doing in evidence...!

"The story is up. I just got this kid to tell me about Wow Crusaders."

Next to them, Chesna, who seems to have already been taken in, said, "Wow! ♪ And it was ringing ♪

"And I'm not saying it's a round pack to the regiment! You must have been scared to find out when the athletes arrived!

"But the degree of woe is much higher than ours, Mr. Wild Tail and the others."


The Phantom, who has been seen through everything, can no longer carry on two sentences.

What were the Wild Tails doing with their little theater like that......

"Come on. Come on, we're all hungry, aren't we? I brought you a bunch of lunches, so eat a bunch!

Spread lunches and rugs on the sandy beach in the middle of a meal, as if you were a group guest who came to visit the sea.

Totally, it was no longer a battle mood.

"Oh, you know, Mother. More than that, they fought with the brave men..."

"If your stomach was Peco, you wouldn't even be able to play with it, would you? So I have to fill my stomach first, hey!?

"Um, excuse me. If it were true, I would have made it a lunch I checked your preferences for, but I didn't have time... to see if it suited your mouth..."

"Let's fill it up!

Wild Tails advanced by the Virgins and began to put heavy boxes on them.

Then everywhere, a voice of joy burst forth.

"Ugh... Ugh!?

"Nah... I've lived a long time and I've never eaten anything so good!

"Wow! Yummy! It's so delicious!

"I'm so glad you're alive to be eating so much!

While doing so, the knights, who worked silently, finish unloading all the crates from the ship.

When I opened the lid using the nail removal, the slum dog mart item was tightly packed.

Kulalalaka, standing on the crate, shouted to everyone to tighten her mind.

"Wow! Looks like you got a stomach full! Then we're ready for battle! Whoever has himself in his arms, make a line on my left! Melee weapons, as well as dust masks and heavy armor! Whoever doesn't have himself in his arm, he's on the right! Supply weapons and light protective equipment for cover, as well as masks for dust protection! Otherwise, those who cannot fight wait on this beach! Set up a tent and act as a supply clerk!

"Oh, well. Coo, be so brave...... cool wow!

"Kutan, cancer, eh!

"Melee weapons, we've got a strike-based weapon! Because for an amateur in battle to use, a weapon with a blade can accidentally harm itself, and it's dangerous! I have the technology to do damage with my sword again, and it doesn't work on my armored opponent! In that regard, a strike weapon can be damaging as long as it hits! Even if it's from above the armor!

"Something like a word I've heard somewhere...?

"Yes, Mr. Primla. That's what Dr. Goldwolf said in class, just like that."

"Coverage weapons are light crossbows for adults! It's a slingshot for the kid! Unlike a bow for this, I need little skill to handle it! Just connect the bullet, set your aim and pull the trigger! Use a chili bullet, not an arrow, to prevent damage caused by accidental fire and to get an effect wherever it hits your body! Hardly any damage if you hit it directly, but when it bursts, it sprinkles around with so much dust that you can't even open your eyes! For this reason, be sure to wear and fight the dust mask you have paid for!

"There's a" wonkle "in my face."

"You'll soon be able to peel off your skin."

Finally, I couldn't stand the cha-cha, and Kulalalaka went in with a loud voice.

"Who is' Wonkle '!? Don't abbreviate my Holy Knights! Plus more than I came later, you' Wow Knights'...... 'Wow Knights' will follow my instructions too!

"After I rephrase, I only abbreviate 'wow'."

The "Wonkle" that stares down and the "Wonkle Knights" that stares up.

The gaze of the leaders of the two Knights collides, with bees and sparks scattered.

Charles Lunlot twisted his golden twin tail up laughing with his nose as he invincibly distorted his mouth.

"Hum, okay. For a while, let's take a look at the arrangement. If it's not Locke, be prepared because our Knights of Wow will lead the Wild Tails."

"Ku......! There's no way anyone can follow an elementary school in a life-threatening battle!

"Really? Then I'll just have one.... I like you there. There are sights, so act with us."

"Wow! I don't think so. Soo!

The witch girl Chesna is not just a metaphor......

I was waving my tail patterned and turning back lightly.