"The red cockroaches just showed up! Ten opponents, just right for the first line! Squad 1 and Squad 2, YAYYYYYYYYYY!!

The armed wild dog masks move out at the signal of the captain on the crate.

... Zazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

He ran through the white sand and surrounded the young men dressed in red capes, like marauders.

They were frightened at first, but when they remember that their opponents are wild taylors,

"Fuck, fuck! You son of a bitch!

"How dare you poke at us godtippers!

"If I did that, I guess I knew what would happen!?

"I don't care, do it! Kill them all!"

Stand up as you draw your sword, back to back with each other, and confront the wild dogs.

Twenty wild dogs were dispatched by the captain in total.

There is a double difference if the number alone.

But the opponents were wild taylors, so far they have been abusive, weak people.

At the end of the day, he couldn't have beaten the Divine Spirit, the skill of the Normal Class of Swordsmanship Dojo.

Yes, peasants and swordsmen if you like.

It couldn't have been a battle.

Without 'A Thing'......!

"Man can't beat God! Because it's human! Except if you're a wild dog! Because wild dogs have no gods, no humans! Both are equal and only subject to eating off the throat whistle! Come on, eat up! On their necks!

The captain raises his hand high enough to rush through heaven, screaming even more.

"Coverage personnel, prepare to fire!

... Za!

Then, ten of the wild dogs that surrounded the godtip group take a knee-jerk position.

In the hand that was erected, there was a small crossbow.

The young men mocked.

And convince ourselves that our victory will not waver.

"Gahahahahahahahaha! What's with that toy crossbow?!?

"Wahahahahahahahahahaha! I thought such a shoboi's would work for the god tip group!?

"Hyahahahahahahahahaha! Try shooting. Yikes! That's when you guys are last!

In the training ground of the Divine Spirit Group, swordsmanship is taught, assuming all things.

As well as being surrounded by multiple situations, they are thoroughly planted with how to fight when dealing with ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows.

Ranged weapons in this world don't have that much range except for some special.

Especially now, the distance from the light crossbow directed at them is only about ten meters away.

In that case, how to deal with it......

He sensed the breath of being shot off, attacked by an archer.

Play off the arrow bullet with one machete and break off the archer with a knife to return.

It's pretty high-tech, but they do it.

In that case, there will be an overwhelming difference in both technology and number of places stepped on.

It no longer seemed like the battle was on before we fought.

But it is.

The battle simulation conceived by the young men of the Divine Spirit group is if the opponent was a 'human'.

If they were 'wild dogs' what would happen......?

That's not what they thought.

Because there's not enough to take a wild dog or anything.

Being like crawling around an alley, clawing leftovers, frightened by people's shadows, and even escaping into footsteps.

I never thought about fighting such a weakest being.

Such a weakest being equals God to ourselves......

I didn't even dream of peeling my fangs...!

"Shoot me!!!!

The Commander's decree was an excellent signal for them too.

...... Zaa!

Kick the white sand like a wave and challenge the wild dogs who are archers.

One young man was screaming in his heart.

- Come on, shoot me...!

It was only when I shot him that Temehe's last......!

... Bishung!

He laughed at the bullet that had been fired.

- It's a fucking bullet! I can see you stopping!

But that's it, it's over...!

Dye this white sandy beach with the filthy blood of Temehe...!

You know how easy it is for Temé and the other wild dogs to get slaughtered when we're just teething to the godtip group!

If you kill him gently, the rest of them will know the difference in strength and turn him into a U.N. crowd...!

Even if there are hundreds of them left, they are powerless...!

of the Killing Show as usual, here we go......!

It was the best thought.

Because that's how they always slaughtered the heathens who would resist.

There are no exceptions to that.

There were just no 'wild dogs' in that past example as one.

I would use any hand to live, 'Wild Dog' Ha...!

The moment the young men of the Divine Spirit group, who had been specially attacked, slashed off the impending bullet,

...... pahhhhhhhhhh!

Like a smokeball, it played.

The next moment,

"" "" "" "" "" "Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

A nasal cry for ten rocked the beach.

Exposed to the smokescreen of chili peppers, they tears and runny nose at the shock of it all, tearing face sliding on the sandy beach.

"Ghaaaaaa!? Ouch. Ouch!? Ouch good no!?!?

"What the fuck!? What the fuck!? Eyes, eyes uhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

"Ouch! The mess hurts. Whoa, whoa!

"Dying, dying, dying uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Young people wandering around, like insecticided cockroaches.

That's all I had already, and the battle was on for a while...

"Oh, it's a chase! Melee personnel, kahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

First decree, now the wild dogs with sticks fly.

And not blindfolded, like watermelon splitting on the beach......

No, as if to slap the watermelon in the field for production adjustments......

Rarely beat the fallen braves......!!

... Gassssssss! Baki! Gosha! Gusha! Mesha!

The Divine Spike uniform is one of the finest pieces of 'Gorgeous Smart'.

With the added defensive effect of magic training, it's no use getting shot with an iron bar, as opposed to the stiffness of the stick around it.

But the Wild Tails were supplied with rod-shaped weapons (Paul Weapon), the finest of Slumdog Mart.

It has a reach, it is light and very easy to handle, but it is enhanced by magic training.

Striking down the iron does not break, but tells the other side of the iron you struck to keep the shock intact.

It was a clash of the finest things.

What happens if the finest of 'Gorgeous Smart' and the finest of 'Slam Dog Mart' collide......?

The spear that pierces all the shields and the principle of shield that prevents all the spears......?


A spear piercing all the shields and just a piece of paper......!

"" "" "" "" "" "Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Screaming, again......!!