Smokescreen-like sand smoke will soon gush.

In it, a silhouette shakes up the stick and swings it down with full force.

Everyone is self-absorbed.

Everyone was squeezing out their seeping voices with hatred and tears.

"Holy shit! Oh, my God! This ohhhhhh!

"It's your revenge! How well, how whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"My daughter was hit by your mine experiments and burned black! This isn't it, this is it!

At your feet, the young men of the Divine Spike group who hold their heads and round their legs and shrink like dangouts.

"Ahhh! No, no, no! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

"Let go! Let it go, let it go, let it go! Let it go, let it go, let it go!

"Do anything! I'll do anything, just life, just life. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

It's a one-sided lynch that can be described as tragic.

But those who watched around did not try to stop them as one.

The Wild Tails, who were in the audience, crumble as they stiffened their fists.

"You brave man... I can't believe I'm begging for your life..."

"The settlers... killed our family, the brave ones..."

"The Wild Tails killed by the brave men, they were all begging for the same life!

"But the braves didn't forgive me! I'd rather kill him with a laugh. Just!

"And yet, when it's my turn to be killed, I beg for my life. I can't believe...!

"Pathetic, what a pitiful figure...!

But if you're just begging for your life, it's still good.

Because they are human, even though they are brave.

"Ghaaaa! I don't care what happens to these guys! I'm the only one who can help!!

"Geez! It's him, kill him first!

"Ha ha! Don't shield me. Yo! Uh-oh!

"Higging! If you help me, I'll tell you something good! Higu! Yes, I'll talk about what's going on right now! Higgie!? let me talk, let me talk. No, no, no, no, no!

How dare they, as soon as they are stood in the abyss of death, begin to sell their companions, and on the contrary, even their organizations.

... Many of the humans of the world held pride like Samurai in their brave men.

Dedicated himself to an organization of brave men headed by Godsmile, he stands suddenly on the arrow side of the monsters and becomes the keeper of justice.

It was more dangerous than anything else, but he stood at the door of his life and remained loyal to himself.

Even if their deeds were outrageous, they seemed to do so with something like 'belief' behind them: trying to make this world better.

But it's just a phantom......!

I was wondering if some of the lids on Setouchi have a sawdust or splendid ski...

If you open it, it's just fattening......!

There's a short, inferior living like just a pleasure killer......

Like a rotten simmering dust, it just snapped and smelled bad all around...!

Deep sorrow spreads to the Wild Tails, reminded of the reality of the brave.

"I can't believe that my family, my friends and companions... have just been murdered by all these staring down...!

"Regret......! I regret it......!

"I won't forgive you, I will never forgive you...!

"Oh, you guys are going to join us! Those brave men... no, I'll thoroughly destroy the garbage!

They tried to get ahead,

"... Until then, ahhhhh!!!!

A sharp voice was thrown at him so that he could bathe in cold water.

It resonates loudly enough to wave the Great Sea Plains, making everyone unable to move perfectly, as if they had stopped until time.

"Until then! If you do any more, you'll be dead! Remember, our" Wild Dog Crusaders "are the Knights of Immortality!

Wild Tails' dissatisfaction erupted in the decree from the altar.

"He says he's gonna die!? They killed my family!

"That's right! I need to get him in the same eye, I don't care!

"Master Wild Dog Mask Woman! Please don't let me take my family's revenge!

But Woman shakes big.

"Rana!! If you kill them, you'll end up in the same bastard!

"Oh, no...!" And before them stood up, the light moved.

"Ku is right. I don't think you need to take my life. I need to meh properly for bad kids and make them reflect. If you took your life, you wouldn't be able to meh anymore, would you?

That's the same mother tone as always.

But some of the words made me feel a strong 'belief' as a mother, like teaching my child.

In any case, when Mother tells me, I just have to back off.

The Wild Tails rearranged, and the first and second detachments, which had been dispatched, unwrapped the siege, no matter what their shoulders were.

There he was beaten all over his body, his face pampered like a balloon, and the appearance of young men discolored purple all over his body.

"Ugh... come on, whoa..."

"Yu, let it go, let it go No, no..."

"I don't want to die, I want to die..."

"Hey, why... why am I looking at you like this..."

Though I saved my life one day, it was the first time I had been dead long enough to think that I would have been happier to die as it was.

… that was definitely true.

Being lynched to death by the wicked is a humiliating finish that will be laughed at to the last generation for the brave.

But the brave men still do not know that the 'shame on death' is not even scattered, that it is' tranquil '.

Why is the world already here because he wants to come down?

Resurrected from hell, the demon wolf...!

And the world was already changing.

The brave just live and let the responsible counter keep spinning like a slave, to a living hell......!

These god-spirited youths, too, will think later.

"I wish the Wild Tails had beaten me to death then," he said...!

The real mercy in this setting is' stabbing Todome '.

The gentle primula was about to rush out reflexively, but had been hanging on for a long time.

When she sees the injured, she wants to pray, and she can't wait.

But it had come from her mother, and it had been stopped tightly.

"Pooh, even if the brave man gets hurt, you can never give him a prayer! If you pray at all to the brave, you make it a fait accompli and you step in more and more! So this is all I promise you, Rig, absolutely! Yu Bi Bi - Ri Bi - Ma..."

When they were the same age, the promise had been made.

Reminds me of that, Primla stomps.

He put a hardened clench on his chest and pulled in mercy as the Virgin.

On that shoulder, my hands are gently placed.

"Yes, that's fine, Pooh"

A primula that gives a ha-ha face to a strange voice that sounds like two girls in different tones.

"Sister...... Mother......!?

An even younger face slammed on Mother's face, who laughed all the time.

The four mothers and children meet for a hissing reunion.

It looked like a strange sight beside me, though, as the three sisters were just holding each other crying in their appearance.

Now, the full bogged braves will just experience Hell's First Street.

They were proposed by Midnight Sugar and buried only face-to-face on the beach.

On a sandy beach off the private beach, like a watermelon splitting tournament, swollen faces line up sloppily.

I was seeing that unusual sight sooner than anyone else......

It was a media vessel that arrived late on the island of Grayskay following the 'Golchan', which left the port of Hurlbury.

"Hey, there's someone buried on the private beach of the Holly Doll family!?

"Could it be that Aren't you the god tip group?!?

"Why is the brave man buried on the beach of the Virgin!?

"I don't know! Oh, look over there! There's a bunch of people wearing wild dog masks!

"I heard martial law is now laid on the island... what the hell is going on on on that island!?

"This is special dane smell is going to pump...! Whoa, let me put the record balls on! Use it to fit it in a true photo!