Although the first battle of "Wow Crusaders" was small, it was an unharmed overwhelming victory, instead of getting the wounded out.

This brought great confidence to the Wild Tails, the members.

"Ma... I can't believe you fought a brave man and could win..."

"Besides, you're dealing with the warrior!?

"Not at all, I beat an elite group of warriors (Shinsengumi)!

"This, too, was given to me by Master Wild Dog Maskwoman, thanks to a great weapon!

"That's right! I can't believe Amateur Washi and others had such an easy and strong weapon to handle, it's like a holy sword!

"Plus, the operation Master Wild Dog Maskwoman gave us was just fantastic!

"Oh! It's simple, but it's so powerful... it's like it's gained a thousand manpower!

Their morale was exalted when they were initially surprised by the Giant Killing, which can only be described as' godly '.

"Master Wild Dog Mask Woman, bang-bang! Banzai!

The beginning and end of all the way to the Hooray Trilogy, as if we've already had a complete victory.

The three sisters of the Virgin watching it beside her are Nico, and the wow trio doesn't seem interesting.

"Hey Primla, that stick and light crossbow is a super powerful goldwolf handmade guy, right?

"Yes, Mr. Charloonlot. Before I came to this island of Greysky, it was made by my uncle in between jobs. My uncle said to use it for when something happened, but I never thought it would help so quickly."

"Speaking of which, Dr. Goldwolf said it was one of them."

"Right, Dr. Glasparine. Your uncle gave you a lecture at Slumdog Mart just before you came to the island."

Kulalalaka, who was entertained by someone else's hundosi, is in a perfectly good mood.

On a crate of wild dog markings that had already turned into a platform, she shouts softly.

"Wow! Let's keep moving to the city! First, send an advance team..."

But the hem of the trousers was pulled as if it was hard.

When you drop your gaze, you look up with a blurry eye, a redneck girl.

"What is it, Midnight Sugar? We're in the middle of an operation, so don't interrupt."

The girl offers a metal stick about the size of a cigarette so as to ignore it.

"I'm gonna use this."

"What's that?

"The" Caller Flute "was in the possession of the defeated Shinkansen crew. Perhaps if we blow this, we'll get the crew we heard about."

"What's wrong with that?

"We're not going out this way, we're calling in with this whistle, we're going to intercept here. That way, we can gain ground and, above all, let the Wild Tails gain real-time experience safely. Of know-how."

That was an honest argument with no sound.

The untrue Kulalalaka almost rebelled, but swallowing the word all the way through,

"If you're going to say that much, you don't have to try that operation! But when it didn't work out, you Wonder Knights stopped talking extra and obeyed our Wonder Crusaders, okay!

Midnight Sugar, pulled the whistle from her hand, nods honestly, "I get it."

On the way out of the scene and back to my people,

"It's easy to handle, just like someone else."

I bluffed, but that hadn't reached Kulalalaka.

"Again, it's a maneuver change! Based on this beach, intercept! All hands, prepare for my command now!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

From there on, there's a piece of the puzzle.


and seemed horribly haunted, as if he had made a sound and harvested it.

"I heard the whistle! Over here!"

It's like a family of rats caught in cheese, the brave ones, who show up tearing apart the zawazawa and the bushes......!

As soon as it popped up on the beach,

... Bishung! Bishung! Bishung!

By the hands of humans who had been waiting for sprayed chow killers in their hands, they were subjected to intensive fire….



I was showered with chili powder all over my body, and where I was falling like a fire man,

...... dokabakigshazgadgowow!!

Rarely punched......!!

Occasionally, they may appear from unexpected places, but they cannot,

"I heard the whistle! Over here!"

...... zvowwwwwwww!!


To a pre-set pit, upside down......!

The brave men who were hunting wild tails in the city are destroyed individually one after another.

And on the outskirts of the beach, like the watermelon fields of the great riches, the geese necks are arranged.

The shameful ugliness of the life was on record without warning.

"Shh, wow! Awesome! This guy is a big scoop!

"I can't believe the natives of the island flipped an anti-flag on the brave and decided as a resistance......!

"And even though they say they're a god-spirited group, they're one-sided!

"Oh, the arm of the sword is supposed to be more overwhelming in the godtip group, but it hasn't made it at all! Completely op win!

"No, the weapon you're using isn't just any more! Because you're doing so much damage from the top of a god tip set of protective gear that can be considered first-class!

"Isn't that trivial! The most surprising thing is that there are the Holly Dolls Virgin!

"Maybe you're being held hostage!?

"No, you have such a supportive hostage!

"Right! Even though the braves are worn out and not even dealt with, the Wild Tails are getting so much prayer that they fell and crippled their knees!

"Well, I get it! The flag the Resistance is flying belongs to 'Slumdog Mart'! The Holly Dolls have supplied them with weapons!

"Does that mean the Holly Doll family Virgins are sponsors, not hostages?

"No, not quite! Instead, the Commander-in-Chief of the Resistance is Mother Reincarnation!

"Become... what?!?!?

The reporters who were aboard the offshore ship are stunned, as if the prophecy had told them that the earth would perish.

In the meantime, the watermelons on the beach are growing.

Besides, for some reason today, only on its watermelon beach were sea animals gathered that were not usually there.

First of all, 'Yashikudaki'.

It is a crab that shatters hard palm fruit into two pieces with claws like a plant bass.

It crawls out of the woods strawberries and hits the watermelons.

Zaku, Zaku, Zaku, Zaku, Zaku!

Like a woman who has encountered a legendary cleaver, she gets her face choked with scissors.

"Ahhh!? Come on. No, don't do that. Huh?

"Look, I'm deaf, I'm deaf!

"Meh, my eye, my eye. Ahhhhhhhhh!?

And even 'Cannon Turtle'.

It is a turtle that rises to the beach when laying eggs and buries hard eggs like steel in the sand at high speeds from its buttocks.

That emerged from the wave strike, turning his butt around.

"Do, don't, don't, don't!

"No, no, no, no, no, no!

The only brave men who can be possessed and cry with their necks alone who will be free, like prisoners who will be shot to death without blindfolds.

But there's no way that begging turtles for their lives or anything else could work.

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!