A watermelon field, newly built on the private beach of the Holly Doll family.

But it soon turned into another fruit.

Because of the wildlife, objects like pomegranates are buried that have been vandalized.

The brave men who had their faces slammed so hard that they didn't even know who they were, were leaking whimpers.

"Ugh... come on, whoa..."

"Help me, somebody, help me, yeah..."

"Kill me already, kill me. Yee-haw..."

Now that the Holy Dolls had also abandoned them, they wondered if there was any mercy for them.

But they still had it, too.

There's something called mercy to be given...

It poured down from heaven like grace.

Unexpectedly, when the heads of the brave men who were buried were covered in shadows like dark clouds,

... Bubba Bubba Bubba!

Striked out with momentum like a high-pressure washer, it hits a butch in the face of a brave man who was buried, sprinkling sprinkler-like glitter around.

Their hazy consciousness jumps up like an electrical shock.

"Wow!? What the fuck!?

"Shit, it's Shomben! It's Shomben the horse!

"Ghaaaa!? Stop, stop, stop. Whoa, whoa!

Urine towards the brave.

There will only be one horse, albeit world-wide, who can do such a stabbing straight line.

Yes, our 'rusty wind'......!

His urine, called "The Devil's World's Pleasant Horse," has a somewhat delightful perk, like coming with a small plate of nuts if you ask for a beer in a coffee shop.


Halfway through, the effect of healing wounds......!

In some cases, there will still be moments that I would appreciate.

Even if it were an extremely humiliating object: horse piss, it cannot be turned into life.

This was not the 'Buddha in the ear of the horse', which was given to the brave men, but the 'mercy of the horse's urine'.

But it is.

For them buried only with their faces on the beach, this was like just one more piece of torture equipment.

Anyway, if you think the wound has subtly healed,

...... Zaku!

It's like a thong claw that snatches freshly baked bread, and they decide there again......

If you think the swelling subtly pulled off,

...... Zubaahhhhhhhh!!

An iron egg, like a demon ball of death, penetrates my cheek...!

And chase,

... Bubba Bubba Bubba!

Undo them halfway through again, dirty rain......!

It is no longer a permanent institution of suffering, created by nature.

It was the crushed eyed animals doing it, so it's extra eggy.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!? Ouch, it stinks!?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!? Stinky smell, painful!?

"Stop it! Stop, stop, stop! Stop it, whoa, whoa!

The brave men, who have gotten better, are letting the face they serve ram like crazy, like a chin anago to be burned in the ground.

The media in the ocean had all the way into a true photograph of the overly humiliating torture.

"Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

"The brave men are being tortured by the island animals!

"Such a sight, rarely...... No, once in a lifetime...... No, no, I wish I could be seen reincarnated ten times!

"Take a shot, take a shot!

The media in this world is basically the stance of the brave magpie.

Anyway, Godsmile is such a global hero as to be called the god of God, and it is a popular admiration that he leads a brave organization.

Because entertaining them leads to an increase in the number of copies.

Sometimes newspapers get attacked by thugs if they find out it's a mistake, including a flying article about the brave sage that they don't even know for sure.

Except for the truth that is thus contained in the true photograph.

If it's a brave scandal, you'll get a lot more copies than a bad maggot article.

"There is no way our brave men can cause scandals or anything. I'll make sure of that," the readers take it.

In a way, there may be something close to inflammatory commercial practices.

While doing so, the brave men, slapped by the caller whistle, are transferred to the pomegranate fields like flow work.

It was implanted on the beach like a seedling and tortured.

"Ah, look! Those godtip brave guys, they just got in last year!?

"Oh! He's a genius swordsman over a handsome man, a very popular army of rookies!

"For the sake of further image enhancement of the Divine Spirit group, I would have been treated idly!

"Oh! So much so that they said it was a delicacy that could counteract Ride Boy!

"Ahhh, such a beautiful face, scissors, eggs, shomben...!

"No more shadows to see, it's a bumpy guccag!

"Awesome......! Speaking of brave men's idols, even though they just got their faces stabbed by mosquitoes, enough to get the people involved executed!

"No matter how much Dear Godsmile's favorite Holly Doll family, this is too much...!

"Definitely......! We're in a historic moment right now...!

The Wild Dog Crusaders stack up a perfect game while they are both struck by emotions and similar shocks.

Combat personnel have gained practical experience, like mercenaries who have already beaten them up.

The non-combatants lovingly support them at the end of each battle.

"Guys, I've been able to meh the right bad boy, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Are you hungry? Are you throaty? If you get hurt, tell your mom!"

"Good luck, everyone. Have a cold squeeze. May I wipe your face?

"Guys, cancer, eh!

Their morale stayed elevated as the Virgins took care of themselves.

Everyone was strained, as if they were athletes wanting to show their women managers a good place.

But the effect of the caller whistle is also fading.

At last, no matter how much it sounded, it made a situation like no one was coming.

Kulalalaka, raised on the altar, shouted at the members taking a break.

"Wow! Your work seems to have swept away the nearby enemy soldiers! Then we're heading out to the city! First, send an advance team..."

But the hem of the trousers was pulled, even though it was hard.

When you drop your gaze, you look up with a blurry eye, a redneck girl.

"What, Midnight Sugar again? Have you been complaining about something again?

As the girl affirms, the tip spread like a trumpet, offering a large cylinder.

"I'm gonna use this."

"Isn't that a loudspeaker? Are you saying I don't have enough voice?"

"It's not. Coolalalaka's voice is stupid, and the dead wake up. Let the Virgins use this."

"What no? What's that supposed to mean?

"If the Virgin uses this to appeal, the Divine Spirit will be more attracted."

"You think the voices of the Virgins work better than the caller whistles that announce the urgency? I don't know if there's ever been such a stupid thing."

"I'm over there, thinking I was turned into a blonde fox and glasses tanuki, and I'm gonna try. Seven colored dreams come around. But before we do that, we just need to get the interception in order."


Kulalalaka was incredible in obscurity, but the caller whistle operation proposed earlier did a terrible job.

That pokes and moves her that was skeptical.

"Again, it's a maneuver change! Stay based on this beach for further interception! Now to be a massive engagement! All hands, prepare yourselves!