The brave men, who jumped out onto the beach like a beach flag competition, were soon haunted by the giant pitfalls that were being set up.

There is both a deep bottom and a jitter, like an ant who realizes he has been fitted into an arijgok.

"Oh, my God, what the hell!?

"It's a pit!?

"Chickshaw, it was a trap!

"Help me, help me!

From over their heads in such a frontal and backward unconsciousness, their voices pour.


Guide the people, the voice of the goddess of war.

"Wow wow wow!!!

As we echo, armed wild tails jump out of the shadows of the rocks, out of the botanical gardens, out of the mansion.

It dug from the back of the woods, and sandwiched the brave men who were in the woods, who did not fall into the pit.

Chili bullets are fired in from all directions, and red dust strikes.

As if it had come from a swarm of bees, the braves go wild and rampant.

"Ghaaaa!? What the fuck!?

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!?!?

"Spicy spicy, spicy no no no no no no no!?!?

They take away their sight, step off their legs and fall into the hole one after the other.

Those who do not, too, are thrust down like a sphere of billiards by the wild taylors with sticks in their hands.

"Guha!? Ghaa!?

"Stop, stop. Whoa!?


The second part of the operation developed by the Wolf Crusaders, The Virgin's Lamentation and Destruction Operation, played the same trick as the first.

But there are many remaining forces in the city, and they are still gathering together.

Kulalalaka, who feared that the pit would be filled as it was, cried out in his voice.

"All hands, gather at the beach! Intercept the remaining forces arriving with total force!

Those who were dropping the brave men in holes from the forest side jump out and join those on the beach.

From behind the woods, the brave men were pushing to stain it out.

Kulalalaka assembled his troops on the beach to fight in a promising position.

If there is a big difference between the force and the force, it is a good idea to develop guerrilla warfare in the woods, but that requires soldiers to be used to guerrilla warfare.

Wild Tails and Wild Celebrities are battle amateurs in the first place, and they only let them possess the skill to fight with a burning blade or so.

In that case, it is safer to maintain a battlefield in a promising location where it is easy to grasp the situation and provide cover.

And finally, to a battle that was unilateral, an end was struck.

"Temehe et al., you think you're just going to suck like this to the god tip group. Oraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

"Poke at the brave man and don't think he'll just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

"It's too late to regret it! Kill them all, kill them all orahhhhhh!

The brave men who raise the barbaric voice of the bandits attacking the village and come aboard the beach.

That was so overwhelming that it was going to be crushed at once.

Originally struck by the momentum of its rage, the Wonderful Crusaders would have been like swallowed by turbulence.

But thanks to the large hole lying in front of the forest, they had to bypass, and the momentum was about the size of a flooded creek.

They whisk through narrow passages and become as if they were corporate animals that crept into contention for tickets with only two.

"Temehe et al., you think you're just going to suck like this to the god tip group. Oraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!... don't push it, Temeye!

"Poke at the brave man and don't think he'll just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!... that I'm first! Out of the way!"

"It's too late to regret it! Kill them all, kill them all orahhhhhh!... and when you push that much, aaaah!?

They push each other. Not much, they finally show up to something that steps off their legs and falls into the hole.

Besides, the bad touches were those who had already fallen into the hole.

How dare they jump and reach out and grab and drag the ankles of those who are on the holes.

I'm not betraying my people.

I simply wanted you to help me.

"Ha, help! Help me!

"If you find out you got caught in a wild tail pit, it's demoted!

"I'll give them a tenfold reminder! That's why you're pulling me up!

"Whoa, don't ignore me, Temee! If you're gonna ignore me, here's the deal!

Like countless hands reaching out of a hole, it's like a lake of death...!

But even with such, literal foot pulls, the Divine Spike still prevailed.

Now let's look at the power of both sides.

First, Wild Dog Busters.

The Divine Spirit group is the main constituent member, joined by the soldiers that were taken by those in power who endorsed Gorkon.

There are four main countries that endorse it.

Headed by Sevenlux, a large country, the Gankpflu, Killeland and Rondowl small nations connect the houses.

Incidentally, the royalty of the Hurlberry small country was also at the site of the formation of Gocon, but the person refused to cooperate and said he had returned to the hotel.

Except for that non-cooperating country, however, it was on a considerable scale.

its number, total,

Oh, my God, 4,000 people......!

To that, the Wonderful Crusaders.

The wild tail of the settlement is the main constituent member, with wild celebrities helped by them joining it.

its number, total,

Only, a hundred......!?

That's not all the wild tails on the island, but there were others who lived in the alleys of the city and were put to work as slaves in the city's facilities.

But suppose where they entered the war, the sesame is water on the burning stone.

There was a number there that seemed to have passed through despair, 40 times the difference in power.

Nevertheless, not all of it is directed at Wow Crusaders.

About 400 people, a tenth of the total.

Still, as for the difference in power, it's four times...!

There is a difference in skill as a soldier, so that disparity can actually be as much as forty times greater.

It was too much of a difference to fill with the difference between weapons and operations.

Even if it's done properly, the results are more obvious than seeing fire.

The Divine Spirits, who have been on the beach at least a little bit, increase their numbers so that cockroaches can reproduce.

Finally dyed the white beach with a red cape......!

"Whoa, whoa, hey, Temee!

"I can't believe wild dogs like you beat us godtippers, even if we're reborn a hundred times. Yikes!

"With a wild dog, you don't have a weapon, Olah!

"Look, your legs are away, Olah!

With room, they cut off the hands and feet of the Wild Tails, twitching and pushing.

Injury continues.

The Wonderful Crusaders, who were so intact, came here and were forced to create themselves all at once.

Injured, continue...?

That can't be tolerated.

Because, on this beach, there was indeed.

I never miss even the scratches I fell and rubbed off, them......

Sweet sisters......!

"... as one of you, I won't let you die!

The voice arose from the heights.

Seeing, I'm kneeling on a rock, one girl.

As soon as its snowy robes glistened white,

...... blahhhhh...!

Her surroundings are surrounded by warm light......!

The Wild Tails unwittingly leak their voices into the comfort of the late spring.


"Oh, that was such a terrible wound......!?

"Ugh, like a lie, healing......!?

"Shh, wow, but, I don't know what to do anymore!

"I can, I can, I can move! You guys can still fight!

The brave men were inadvertently leaking their voices to their envy.

"Yes, good, hey..."

"Holly Doll's Virgin, I can't believe you're getting healed..."

"As one of the brave men yet, give me something I've never received..."

"Why, to such a wild dog...!

... Now, I mentioned that the thought routine in their brave desires is about Invader...

Let's withdraw that now.

Their thoughts are below Invader......!

Similar to the Invader's unleashed hun, what a......!

... Gusaaa...!

With the sword in my hand, I tore my body apart...!

And smile like an alien, pull it out like this.

"Yes, come on...! So, but be patient! The healing effect of Mr. Primla is still there......! Now I will be the first brave man to heal the Holly Dolls faster than Master Godsmile...!