"Yes, come on...! So, but be patient! The healing effect of Mr. Primla is still there......! Now I will be the first brave man to heal the Holly Dolls faster than Master Godsmile...!

As soon as one brave man hurts himself, as if the plague were contagious, the other brave men begin to imitate each other.

... Pussy! Putsch!

He who presses his finger belly against the blade, he who grips his body in the palm of his hand......

Crazy shacks are played everywhere, such as hurting one's own body in the middle of a battle.

But they were still cute.

... Zaku! Buzz!

Becoming a fool, he cleaves his arm and begins to poke his thigh.

They were like fanatical fans, who put on raw blood money and contribute to idols.

They try to fight and hurt their own bodies.

And finally...!

... dosuuuuuuuu!

Scratch and slash your neck muscles, even the belly judger......!

Blood and painful wheezes pour out.

They were about to be carried out, and there was another too different mood than the massacre.

The Wild Tails got superb 'healing' and said they had just regained their energy, but don't pull...!

Primla herself, the culprit, was nagging and kept praying with her eyes closed, thus unaware of the tragedy under her eyes.

Her 'free love' is still going on.

And the brave men washed away their own blood, and drooled.

"Oh, now...!

"Me too, I can get Mr. Primla to 'heal'......!

"Finally, what even Master Godsmile didn't get...!

"I finally grabbed it! Everyone in the brave admires the body of the Virgin!

"Finally to my Virgin (Onna)...... finally got a primula!

"If you make the Holly Doll Virgin my thing, it's not my dream to promote the Quasi-God!

"We did it! I finally did it!

"Clear, clear, clear! Hi-ha-ha!!!

Brave men laughing with their pupils open eyes, like the poor man whose personality has changed after winning the lottery prize.

For the common man, the Virgin's 'healing' is also equal to a premium ticket.

On the contrary, for the brave, he is like a nasal paper that can be used at any time if he reaches out.

Then why do they try to get that healing until it reaches the act of self-harm...?

It is for the brand desire of the Virgin, the Holly Doll family.

The 'healing' of the Holly Doll family is a premium ticket, comparable to their invitation to the chocolate factory...!

And I just got 'healed'......

Besides, why would I be so happy to get here if I just tried to interrupt and force myself into spills?

And why did you just get 'healed'......

Can we rejoice as we no longer shot the Primla but the Holly Doll three sisters and even the seat near the side of Godsmile?

It was the words of Liglas, the ancestor, that represented everything.

"Pooh, even if the brave man gets hurt, you can never give him a prayer! If you pray at all to the brave, you make it a fait accompli and you step in more and more!


This is a flowchart of a yakuza alike, like a shoulder just touching each other as it passes and taking it to its owner......!

Shoulder bumped.

Give me the compensation.

He said that paying once meant he admitted his non

Give me more.

Home Get

But it's very different from the 'bad guys' who are called anti-social forces and hated by the public.

They are called the Great Justice, gathering respect, awe and envy from the public, 'The Brave'......!

So unnecessarily tacky......!

I got hurt.

Then Primla flew in with a change of blood phase and gave me healing (exaggerated)

That means there's a favor.

Get the press to hustle and bust and make it an article

Become an approved couple and harem primula with the backing of public opinion

Holly Doll Family Get

One of the reasons why the brave men came out not only with their fingers and palms, but also with their bellies.


"Lord Primla has healed the brave man who injured his fingertips!


"The brave man who was so severed in the abdomen that his bowels protruded, he was seriously wounded dying! But there, the goddess of salvation appeared! His name is Master Primla! By the healing of Primla, the brave man took his life!

more dramatic when made into an article, and extraordinarily different in affection......!

And worst of all, offshore on the beach, the press is raging......!

Woohoo (oh), Master Primla......!

Will she remain like a butterfly tangled in spider thread and fall......!?

... Well, it goes without saying that that's not possible anymore.

Because the thought routine of the braves is less than the hum of the Invader.

There is no reason to know that the brave men of their ancestors had already attempted the same folly in an attempt to obtain the 'healing' of the Holly Doll family.

For that reason, the Holly Doll Virgin had been trained for generations, only young children.

It is a training that sorts the subject of 'healing', which is supposed to be a 'range effect'.

There are two main subjects to which the Virgin is given 'healing': 'stand-alone' and 'range'.

"Stand-alone" means only one subject, and "range" means all those who were in circular light.

There is a difference between the former being able to heal deeper wounds and the latter being able to heal a larger number of wounded.

And the 'range' is supposedly not a choice of subjects.

For example, if activated during a battle with a monster, it heals not only his allies, but also the monsters that were within range.

That is the Virgin's 'common sense' in the public.

But in this world, the Virgin family, called 'prestige', had the power to overturn its' common sense '.

That's the "famous" Taruen.

And that's the power the Holly Dolls, after their special training, could have,

"Only the brave don't heal" eh......!

It wasn't just the creed.

Even if it was a range effect,

'Only the brave don't heal' eh......!!

Even the brave men, who were said to be no more than flies on the hum of the Invader, did not take that long to realize that.

Because even though the healing effects of primula still persist, only their wounds never healed.

They took us and finally got it.

Knowledge as much as' hot when you touch fire '......!

"Hey, what, so..."

"Why aren't you healed...?

A smile disappears from the face of a man who was waving a shower of blood from his carotid artery.

As soon as he broke his knee and collapsed, throbbing and falling, the brave men panicked.

"Hiya!? What the hell!? Why can't it heal!?

"And you know what? Oh no!?

"Oh my God, I slashed my arm!?

"Dumb bastard! What a belly I am...! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

... Dori!

Wow Crusaders, the self-destruction of the brave (idiots) has reversed the situation......!