The beach was so full of brave men's bodies that there was no foot trail.

Besides, they're not all by Wow Crusaders, they're all suicidal bodies.

The brave followers, before their fallen companions, perceive reality.

I was stunned that I did not get the 'healing' of Primla, the Virgin of the Holly Doll family.

But the brave man is famous for his many things.

Its toughness extends not only to the flesh, but naturally to the mental.

"Ku...... damn! Even if we don't get the healing of the Virgin, we're brave! Never take a step back on a cult or something!

"That's right! Oh, we don't need the healing of such a cute, gentle Virgin!

"No! Instead, Mr. Primla is being threatened by the Wild Tails and has no choice but to cooperate!

"Yes, I can only assume so! She can't heal us, she's crying in her heart!

"Wow, I'm gonna put Mr. Primura's smile away!

"Defeat the wicked and bring Mr. Primla back into our hands! And welcome you to Harlem!


Their thought routine was entirely that of the stalker man, rather than the Invader.

I can't help it.

Because their brave brand has never been rejected by a woman before.

How many faces and "I hate it!" Even if declared, "for them," Hold me! Translated to ".

Besides, the Holly Dolls are more "indifferent" to the brave than "dislike," even though they assume it's a sour grape.

From the extinction of the Resistance, the brave men gained a new goal: the recapture of the Holly Dolls.

It swells several times more motivationally and manually, striking avalanches from the corner to the forest and from the forest to the beach.

Four hundred Wild Dog Busters were dispatched to the city for wild tail hunting in total.

About a hundred people had already been killed in the war, and the rest were 300.

That number pushed me all at once...!

The pit is already full, so we get over it and trample on the corpse of the fellow that was ahead of us.

The beautiful private beach has finally become a mayhem.

"Wow Crusaders" is not yet out of the dead or wounded thanks to Primla's "Healing".

But the situation was also changing.

Anyway, the opponent is three times as numerous as ever, and there are limits to Primla continuing to pray.

Her concentration also tends to be interrupted, and her injuries start to stand out again to those who had healed quickly even before then.

The brave men gained momentum.

"Oh, Mr. Primla's healing is running out!

"It is astonishing that we have been healing so many people for so long, but the limit has finally arrived!

"Even if it is still so prestigious of the Virgin that she is said to be reborn of the Goddess, she is a gentle and adorable beautiful girl!

"No, to our martial arts, she was also finally brave, threatened by Wild Tail!

"Right, you mean that! If you kill the Wild Tails like this, the healing will be right for us...!

"Wow, you're just one breath away from the superb Virgin's healing! Good luck with that!


The braves arouse themselves like heroes who burn into a love with many disabilities.

Wow Crusaders is finally off......!?

... It goes without saying that that's not true anymore.

Because to them, they still have, they still have.

Kings, motorcycles, horns and cinnamon, like queens, spies and mines added, 'super pawns' wanting......!

It just poured out of the sky without rules.

"Oh my gosh!? I'd love to, Tonkayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

That was, nevertheless, the kind of moment when a 'mom bomb' was dropped on the beach.

A domed flash that encloses everything, like the opening of an SF cartoon, spreads.

...... Oops!!


The aurora burned the eyes of the brave men.


"Eyelashi, Eyelashi no!?

"Eye!? Eyes ahhhhh!?

Hold your face down and extinguish yourself, like a terrorist who has been broken into by a special unit.

It was burning like having burnt chopsticks stuck in my eyeballs.

But it was only different for them.

Gently warm Eun Kong everywhere, like a baby held in the chest of a warm mother.


"Hey, how dare you...!

"Instead of the wounds that just came on, even the wounds that used to be put on the god tip groups, they heal...!

"Ahhh, even my burn marks, clean......!? Unbelievable!

"Look, look! My back pain, which has plagued me for 10 years, is clean and refreshing!

Overwhelming, and absolute healing power.

The person who gave it to them was obvious, but somehow he was nowhere to be seen.

Forget the battle, forget the potato-like braves that are rolling at their feet, and the Wild Tails look around for a moment.

Primla, who was on the rock, also interrupted prayer and was looking for its appearance.

People only see places where people seem to be when they look for them.

But the girl who was on the spot, purer than anyone else, and more innocent than anyone else, was different.

When she looks for someone, she looks up first.

"Ah!? Let's go! Tong-woo!

What a little finger like a shimmer was showing was a campus-like sky for her.

I wonder if even birds that aren't very rare are flying, the adults who looked up without any concern, what they saw......

"What... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!?!?

I spread my hands like wings, 'Flying Mom' looks......!

Besides, she had pure white wings on her back......!

Even the strong southern sun, its appearance to follow and fly like a hind light.

A full Nico smile, as if she had become the sun herself.

It was so incredible that I wanted to doubt my eyes, and so divine that I did not think it belonged in this world.

She is no longer the Mother of All Humanity.

"Mother of All Skies"......!!

"Hey, why did you tell your sister, winged!?

"Ma... Mother Ha...!? Dear Mother Reincarnation Yes......!

"Ho, you really, really were a goddess......!!

"I can't believe you can worship the goddess while you're alive...!

"Ahhh! Thanks! Thanks......!

The Wild Tails, who were no longer in battle, fell down in unison.

... Well, just for a moment here, let's give it some time back.

The location is the observation deck of this island's finest hotel.

"Hmm, Cheep."

"If I burst, wouldn't that be silly since I came to this island?

"Because, Bar...... This island is creepy, everything."

"That's right, the shopping mall and the place to play are a lot of gold and dusty...... Oh, I'd love to shop at 'Slumdog Mart'...... I wonder if it's not on this island?

"You've been searching for it since you came to this island."

"Oh dear! The hotel concierge made me laugh with my nose when I asked, and seriously, I'm not annoyed!?

"I can't help it. Slumdog Mart still seems to be the only one in Halbury."

"Oh, why would a producer accept an invitation to a pen set only this time?"

"Hmm, Penguin. If that's what you mean, it's a god-spirited group, Barr."

"I don't care what group!? I thought it would be a distraction to climb the observation deck, but I don't have anything to watch!


"Hmm? Where are you, Blitzy? Get bogged down."

"Mmm... nothing. Hi. I think I've seen my mother too much and I've seen an illusion."

"Speaking of which, you haven't even met the Holly Doll family recently. But if you're a mother, if we ask you, why don't you just fly over?

"Yeah... maybe..."

"Britches, what's the sudden matter? Eyes, rub or something."

"No... it looks like my mother is flying over here... Look, there."

"Ha? That can't be happening... there is a uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

"Oh well!? To Barr. Bri was coming to this island too!? Together later, even for dinner......! Oh yeah, Gol didn't see it!?... ahhh, looks like everyone's having a harder time than that! Mom, I'm leaving now! I want to, I want to, I want to!!

... Bishuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

"Hmm, I knew you were a mother"

"Yes, I just saw it!? Blitch! My mother grabbed me like a bird and I was flying!?

"Hmm, Owl."

"Ah, look! Mother, there's something flying around the beach! I'm sure he's doing something over there! Blitzy, Ah Shirah, let's go!!

"Hmm, that's fine."

The cool girl wore it even at times like this, she said as she patterned her slam dog mart tail.