Big Bang Love, a high school girls' combination, was invited to the enlistment ceremony of Shinsengumi.

It is quite normal for invitations to reach them, popular models, but until now all their producers have said no.

But only this time, for some reason, the producers sent them.

The two Big Bang Loves, who have come to Shabu Greysky Island, will have the worst days.

None of the facilities on this island are gorgeous, golden and receptive, and the meals are just like deluded by luxury.

The pivotal ceremony was a disgusting one thrust into the statue and rammed out, and it sucked.

They both wanted to leave this island as soon as possible, but now they say there are terrorists on this island.

The fact that a terrorist insider might be in a guest was placing restrictions on departure from the port.

It is impossible, if not impossible, to restrict departure from the port in the presence of the royal families of each country, but it is the power of Gocon that makes even that possible.

Either way, Big Bang Love and I saw it.

At the observation deck of the hotel where I rose to a hippopotamus, I said 'flying mom'......!

I can't stay like this or not.

The two rushed off the observation deck to head in the direction where the reincarnation flew away.

But just from the entrance and exit, white shadows appear all over the place.

It was the Virgins about the same age as Big Bang Love who stood in the way.

"Hey, get out of there! Ah Shira, I'm in a hurry!

"Hmm, disturbing you"

Saint girls lining up like bowling pins and blocking the door back to the hotel.

They are all hooded to the depths of their eyes, leaning down like devout pilgrims.

The girl in the kingpin position slowly raised her face.

"I need to talk to you both for a second"

As soon as I took the hood off with that said, my beautiful hair spilled like fresh water.

The girl, whose words and face were neater than anyone else's.

But the tone was somewhere else behaving, and the eyes gave the impression of being tight somewhere because they were hoisted like foxes.

"Uh, are you Nantka, Nantka of the Nantka family?

"Hmm, Brigira, the second daughter of the Strawdor family"

The girl, whose name was called by the high school girl combo, loosened her mouth all the time.

But my eyes, they weren't laughing at all.

"As you rumored, you're delightful people. But it's not a pleasure to have the image character of Slam Dogmart."

"" Huh? "" Big Bang Love to align and eyebrow root

Brigira doesn't even care about such a reaction, and proceeds unilaterally.

"I have a favor to ask of this Virgin, the second daughter of this Strawdor family, who is regarded as the rebirth of the goddess. Before it reaches your evil heart, you must stop being an image character of Slumdog Mart."

"" Haaaa?

"You may not know, but that store is said to be the rebirth of the evil god Krunsax, the breath of the Holly Doll family...... it's breathing. If you were such an image character in a store, your mind would be captured by the evil gods."

"" Haaaa!?

"We will contact you shortly to dismiss the image character. And you, five of the money you're making on the model... no, you're donating 80 percent to the Strawdor family. That way, you escape the curse of the evil gods and have a beautiful body..."

Brighira said it was still at what could be termed the 'first entanglement'......

I've followed rumours without roots or leaves, and then even made requests for donations.

Slumdog Mart Love's two people get pretty, too, which is hard to do.

"Hurrah!? What are you talking about? I don't know what that means at all! Holly Doll family reborn evil god!? That's not how it happened, not how it happened. No!?!?

"Hmm, you're just an idiot"

"And all of a sudden it's gold. How dare you give it to me!?

"Hmm, you're just Takari"

"Mother never made a donation to Shirah! On the contrary, he gave me a penny in a bag like 'Dog Bag'!

"Hmm, 'Pooch Bag' if you say so"

"Ah Shira said she didn't need money, but the contents were tickets, not money! That was a ticket to flirting with Mr. Goldwolf, too! Ah, it was the best penny for Shira!

"Hmm, you agree.... and Barr is too excited. More than that, we need to go to the beach now."

"Oh, that was it! Shira's in a hurry! Hey, get out of the way!

But no matter how much she said, the Virgins did not try to move, so burning Love wrapped her palms,

... Bo!

and set off flames for just a moment.

"Caah!?" and cracking hedges.

To the scissors, they slipped between them.

Pushing the door open, on the backs of two people running down the stairs, a golden clip follows them.

"Oh my god to the supposed rebirth of the goddess eagle...! I'm sure those two are already ruled by evil gods, both body and mind!

Big Bang Luv runs it off and heads to the hotel room hallway.

Proceed through a mirror-polished marble hallway, hitting the heel violently.

Going for the Magic Guide Elevator to head to the lobby on the ground floor, he hits a giant shadow at the corner.

... duh!

Now it was their turn to scream.

"" Ha!?

Besides, the floor was sprinkled with something like oil, which, like hitting more and more, sutten and luxuriously rinsed off.

With his buttocks with his big crotch open, he rubbed his hips, "Stay..."

... Pasha! Pasha! Pasha!

In front of me, put together a robe for children, a toddler girl......!

"Hihihi......! Big Bang Love's, it was a Pammoroget......! Hihi, hihi...!

He kept crawling on his four legs like a spider, cutting the shutter off the true-photo machine he had lowered from his neck...!

A tone that doesn't suit my childhood, a posture I don't think of as a Virgin.

She was no longer a toddler or a Virgin.

Whilst, the soul of a serial killer has taken over, the devil's doll......!

That was such an intense gap that Blizzard Love deserved......

Even the badly remembered Burning Love spoke of clarity and its name.

"" Of the Strawdor family, three women...... Bainback......!?