The three women of the Strawdor family, Bainback, were famous for their extreme people-friendliness.

I always hide behind my sisters and mozzle, turning my crushed eyes to fright.

That was so adorable that I would say 'number one Virgin I want to protect you'.

But now Bainback doesn't even have one of those scales.

As he crawls in a low position, he bashes off the shutter of the true-photo (shin) machine with an unpleasantly distorted face, like a low-angle aiming camera kid.

Ahead, because I fell...

Dare you turn it up, the colorful robe hem......!

Big Bang Love both wore robes for the Wizard Buy at Slumdog Mart.

That was mini-length, but the two are even more stuffed and dressed.

That's why my lower body is rounded out......!

"Burning Love is pink, Blizzard Love is water......! Hihi, hihi...!

A bainback that continues to rave, along with intertwined realities that I don't think of as same-sex and still don't think of as a child.

The leopard's weird fallout made Big Bang Love shudder, but when he returned to me,

"Hey, it's impossible to take a true picture of where you fell!?

"Hmm, it's debauchery."

"And don't even shoot while you're saying that. Shh! Turn it off!

Even as Burning Love flies away, Bainback jumps out of his usual mojimojis with unimaginable speed.

I would have crawled the wall as it was and secured it as an escape route, pulling it into the off duct of the lid.

It's called a big black eye that was glowing creepy, it's called a crawling attitude, it's called the way you ran away......

It was more of a 'spider' entirely than a young girl.

It was a more frightening and uneasy event than encountering my second daughter, but not a dull one.

The two stand up trying to cling to a doll who has been hit by a bent clap in the hallway.

If you look closely, the doll was dressed in a Shinsengumi uniform and cape.

He hasn't got his head on, but he's spreading his hands and doing a surprising trick of "wow".

The two of you who saw it only had a bad feeling, but not if you're thinking about it.

If I was running bread, I would convince myself that I had bumped into a heck of a boy student and run out to regain my mind.

I tried to get off in the elevator, but for some reason I didn't say Un or Sung no matter how many call buttons I pressed, so I couldn't help but go down a long emergency staircase and go down to the lobby on the ground floor.

Then there...

There was a big crowd, like the people at the hotel.

The hotel is furnished with a hall piano at the entrance, which greets visitors with a nice performance.

Guests and employees were hissing around that slightly higher stage.

There are no piano players on the stage, instead a woman standing in a Grand Virgin's dress.

There's a bainback with a paparazzi just a short while ago, beside his remarkably rich chest.

After that time, she is now shuddering like a chihuahua in the arms of the Grand Virgin.

Perhaps you are pretending to be frightened by the people who have gathered.

And that, the Grand Virgin holding Chihuahua, is Honmaru......!

This hit, this hit...!

Four neighbors, no eight neighbors......

No, no, the great boss of the Strawdor family, the Virgin family famous enough to shoulder to shoulder with the Holly Doll family......!


Familiar to people by the nickname 'Zamar', she is just the spouse of the times.

He is the Virgin who saw the Virgin, who is also loved and looked upon at at first sight by the brave.

The Zamar was speaking somewhat to those under his eyes, covering his mouth elegantly with a white, blocked fan.

Alaala, we're all in trouble.

It's like the Holly Dolls are coming to one of the beaches on this island.

That's right, those kids were forced to make a private beach by hanging out with Master Rivolve.

It's the kids you shouldn't.

And even though they rarely come, they're letting Master Rivolve spend a lot of money and make it all the extravagant.

That's how they flatter the pure brave.

Really... really, you shouldn't.

Compared to those kids, even the whores in the alley look like angels.

And that's not all.

The bad boys are now inciting the wicked on the beach and attacking the God-tipped braves.

Zama's been telling me she's the one who shouldn't be talking about those kids, but it looks like that's finally really happening.

That's why Zama decided.

We're going to go to that beach and help the braves.

The good boys here will come with Zama, of course, won't they?


All the kids who can't listen to Zama are bad kids. Why not from Chu...?

... Yes! Guys, come here. Chu!

I can't believe you guys are really good kids, Chu!

Zama is surrounded by good kids, really happy and tu!

Tutu tu tu tu tu tu tu...!

That was a gentle tone to tell the young child, but it was also like a stepmother wearing a cat in front of her husband.

And more than that, it seemed like a rat was ringing.

At least to the two Big Bang Loves, that's all I heard.

Blizzard Love suggested getting out the back door, but the righteous Burning Love didn't.

Heading slightly to the entrance, he pulls the crowd apart and takes it to the stage.

And when you glance at Zamar with stronger eyes than usual, the opening is the most,

"Zamar! What are you talking about? Mother's not a bad girl! Rather, Cho, you're a good boy!

The sisters of the Strawdor family continued to tangle from the rooftop observation deck, and Burning Love's patience had shaken off a long time ago.

If I were a woman of the same age, I would be tempered by the sight of a wolf eating away...

Stuffed by a gal full of anger enough to reverse the curly hair, the Grand Virgin didn't break the grin that flooded her like a rat lecture.