Luxury hotel entrance.

It was the melody of the fiery fire that was played on the playing stage where the piano was placed.

"Zamar! What are you talking about? Mother's not a bad girl! Rather, Cho, you're a good boy!

But even that flame, Zamar Termination takes it like a cool breeze.

"Alaala, you're Burning Love from Castri Model."

"Castri model? What are you talking about? Charisma model, if you say so?

Then Blizzard Love, who sometime came behind Burning Love, whispered.

"Barr, 'Castries' means vulgar... like crap"

"Ha!? Oh, Shira-san doesn't give a shit!? This Obasan is so much more of a custrid than that!?

Then those who were around the concert stand went out of their way to be rough.

Because they knew with their own hands what fate those who told Zamar such things would follow.

Zamar himself at the time never stopped smiling like a push of love.

I say nothing with a nigonigo and a simmering grin, so that irritated Burning Love again.

"Obasan said he's going to kill Mother now, but I won't let him do that! 'Cause, uh, Shirah was just about to go help Mother!

Then the area around the playing table boiled even more.

Blizzard Love, who was next door, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..." he covers his face with his hands.

Zamar surprised him with exaggeration when he confirmed that Gale's ramblings sounded all over the floor.

"Alaala!? Guys, you heard exactly what Burning Love said right now!? These kids are on their way to help the rebirth of the evil gods! I'm sure these kids are already, like, taken in by evil gods! Alaala, I'm scared. Wow!

Bainback, who was in Zamar's chest, also agrees with him with a pull shake.

"Za, Zamar! These sisters, they were scared! He looked like a demon! Wow!"

"Oh, all right, Bain. Scary. Scary. Chu. You are especially sensitive to evil beings because your heart is more beautiful than anyone else...... I'm sure I can see the nature of these kids, too, Chu! These kids are no more than whores in the alley......! With the three sisters of the Holly Doll family, if they were in front of the brave, they'd open their big strands and seduce them, no matter where they are. Wow!

"Heh... just kidding. Shh! Who's the devil. Shh!? And, uh, Shira never opened a crotch in front of a brave man!

But Blizzard Love, who was next door, seemed to have noticed.

"It's not good, Barr. Here, you'd better run..."

But Zamar's hands widened wide, like the wings of a raptor attacking a small animal.

Bainback was also guessing to be let go of her hand, clinging to her chest on her own.

... bah!

And along with the noise of hesitation, it was scattered......

It was a bunch of true photographs.

That falls apart in the air and falls like a paper blizzard.

While bathing it like a silver screen star, Zamar scoffed.

"Alaala! Then why is this tu!? Guys, look at that photo! The fact that these two are less than prostitutes is clearly pictured from Chu!

Flashing Burning Love.

Again, Blizzard Love, which will be "Ahhh..."

It was the flickering fall in front of them...

Pam moro pictures, tortured by Bain Bag earlier......!

Taken with exquisite angle addition and subtraction, it just seemed like two Big Bang Loves in the hotel hallway were seducing the God-tipped brave in too nasty a pose.

He was in the middle of 'opening his big stock no matter where' to corroborate Zamar's testimony...!

But it was a complete wet coat, so Burning Love confines his voice.

"Chi... no! Shit! This was just shot by a bain bag framed!

"These sisters, thinking they don't know anything, were trying to impersonate Bainbag!? Wow! I was scared, I was scared! He was a real demon. Uh-huh!!

"Alah alah!? Oh my god!? Bain is so small and cute and highs at last, there's no way she can do that......! Guys, heard!? These kids are real demons, after all! No, stay away from Zamar! You demon!!

The two Big Bang Loves are thrust with enough force to think they are gorillas and are taken by those who are under the stage.

"Saah, good boys! Give those demons to the Blood Festival as a wake-up call before you defeat Mother!

Everyone who was down the stage were celebrities and royalty officials.

But like a folk who has already been incited, he changes the color of his eyes and hits Big Bang Love.

They danced through the universe in a state of forced torso lifting, grabbed and pulled by countless hands.

"I was there! It hurts! Let go! Let go, or I'll see you big!

"Hmm, Lynch. But we have to stop..."

They were trying to make threats with magic they were good at, but because they were beaten up and twisted and caught, they couldn't stop activating.

Finally, they grab my hair and robes, and they pull me like an eight torn sentence.

Slumdog Mart robes are not easily torn because of their tight sutures, but on so many hands, they screamed like Mississippi and suck.

"Ya, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop!

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

The floors of usually quiet luxury hotels were no longer surrounded by warlike commotion.

Mitsu screams and a bunch of anger.

One mockery, like ripping them apart.

"Alaala, Zama, Zama! I didn't know. Why, Chu? This bad kid who defies Zamar is going to be punished so much. Chu! He's going to be humiliated for the rest of his life and will never be able to get up again. Chu! Zama Zama! Tutututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututu!

Their robe finally reaches its limits and begins to burst into bitterness.

Almost there, I tried to be turned into a fragmented borough cloth, just before that.

"Quiet - Yikes!! Quiet, quiet, quiet!! Shh, shh, shh!

A transcendent voice roared like a sip of everything.

A tall but prestigious voice rises like an eruption at a huge cylindrical entrance.

All the outer perimeters of the entrance are magic guide elevators, and twelve elevators run from time to time in order not to keep the celebrities waiting.

What a simultaneous opening of the door.

...... goggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Doors that usually make little opening and closing noises make a severe noise.

The reason for this was immediately apparent.

All of the elevators were packed tightly with many soldiers.

But in it, the elevator at the top.

Only the elevator in the twelve o'clock direction had only three people on board.

I was able to follow soldiers on both sides, not even half their height, little kid......!?

But dressed in more splendid armor than anyone else, she takes a step forward.

It was prestigious and yet like a little giant.

...... katsung......!

Quiet entrance enough to even hear its footsteps.

"Oh, you, no way... Dear Basilis...!?

Someone in the people shook their voices.