One girl suddenly appeared at the hotel entrance, attracting soldiers who could be considered large armies.

"Wawa is Princess Halbury, Basilis Hobaris Halbury!! He's also the next queen of Halbury. Straight... he's so tall!! Hike it!!

When she gave her name, those who were at the entrance fell down in unison.

No matter how small the country, its opponent is a princess.

And even though they are young, they are the ones who will be queens...!

Every time she leaves a step forward, the soldiers overflow out of the elevator so she can lead later.

...... Zah! Zah! Zah! Zah!

Its tens of millions of military shoes shake the area like the ground.

The famous shrink just as much to the great army that narrows down like a siege net.

But in this there was one man who did not put his knee on the ground.


"Hello Alaala, Basilis! At some point, I was back at the hotel, so Chu hey!

It's only Zamar Termination from the top, through the eyes from the top in the guise of friendliness.

She usually kneels happily if she is a royal opponent, but she did not do so only against Basilis.

Because I knew.

Mother Reincarnation also did not kneel against her......

Even the nickname "Basilis," etc. is what you call familiar.

Because Mother, who is an enemy of uncluttered heaven, is so, I, who am Zamar, must deal with it more than I deserve...

It was from the boring rival mind, for example.

But in the case of the mother in the main house, the circumstances are different.

Mother doesn't kneel because of her pride.

Instead, if your opponent is a little kid, kneel aggressively.

No, should I say 'gaze in'?

And that, too, is irrelevant, whether the opponent is royal or common, but refugee or homeless.

She is happy to kneel if she needs to, whoever the other person is.

Instead, on the day I found a kid who was about to untie his shoelaces,

"Oh well! If it's such a loose shoelace, don't step on it and fall. Sutten and dangerous!? Mommy's gonna cum you, town tease you!"

It was everyday to shake everything up, rush to crouch, compress it with a big chest and make it seem cramped, but reunite Nico with her shoelaces.

And if it were the shoes of the son of the poor,

"Oh well! These shoes are tearing my fingertips off! So you're a good walker, aren't you? Mommy fixed it for you."

Even putting a twig on his shoe with a sawing set removed from nowhere was a daily tea meal.

Nor did Basilis care if he was treated like a poor child because he knew Mother was such a person.

Instead, I even had respect for that inseparable spirit.

The way they called me "Basilis Chan" was also a pleasure to remember her mother for Basilis who had lost her mother early.

But... I'm on the eye right now, not just that woman.

It was the thought of insect spit running, such as being familiarly called "Basilis."

Basilis was filled with the desire to jump and kick at Zamar, as he had once done to his subordinate popcorn chaser.

But right now, it's not like we're having a skirmish here.

"It's Zamar! This basilis will keep the girl you have!

Basilis unilaterally tells us as we watch Big Bang Love, much older than ourselves.

"Alaala, Basilis, these ugly women are possessed by the devil. So you can't give it to me. Wow. Because it's the Virgin's job to get rid of the devil."

"How do you know that this Obasan is more Gohan than bread!?

"Bar, 'lump', not 'kome'. It means" ugly girl. "

"Ha!? That's not going to be too rude, Cho!?

The princess and the Grand Virgin continue to stare at each other even more, approximating Gaagaa and noisy Big Bang Luv on the side.

"These people are not possessed by demons or anything else! Because the words and deeds are stronger than anyone else here!

"Alaala, I can't believe I support the devil's words and actions... No matter how much basilis you are, what can I say and what's wrong with you?

So, fu, Zamar realized that there was, and he was hacked.

"Also... Could it be that Basilis is here... No way, I've been kicking Gocon, so chu!?

"You're right, it's Zamar! Livolve created a group of 'Wild Dog Busters' jokes, so the woes told him! Then we're going to be Wild Dog Busters!

Then Zamar put his hand on his cheek, and disturbed him with an earful.

"Alah alah!? I can't believe we created that anti-organization after kicking Gocon the brave man...! That's the same thing about bowing Dear Godsmile......! And turning Godsmile, the God, to the enemy is the same thing turning the world to the enemy......! I know what I'm trying to do, why chu!?

And with his provocative words and tricks begins those who were kneeling.

In this Basilis had a lower gaze than anyone else.

But as if he were higher than anyone else, when he glanced at them,

"I know a hundred things about that...! We, the Hurlbury Small States, have already become a nation that marks the Anti-Brave!!

"Eh... yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?!?!?"

Rather than the folks, Big Bang Love, and even Zamar exclaimed at what could be described as reckless statements passing this dare.

"Is... a nation that marks the anti-brave!?

"Damn... declare that, what the hell is it going to be!?

"Master Basilis intends to wage war against the world!?

"If you turn the brave against the enemy, there won't be a single Halberry Small Country!?

"Hey, Britty!? I don't know, but seriously, this doesn't have to suck!?

"Hmm, surprise you"

"Chuh......! TUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUT Even though your son, if the royal child makes such an unsolicited proclamation... sorry for the free tu hey! I'm sure the king of Halbury will be surprised if he finds out about this, too. Chu hey! The king and his good friend, Zamar, are now messing with Basilis instead!

Threatening him like that would make Basilis cry when he realized the seriousness of the matter, that's what Zamar thought.

But Basilis, who has already brewed his style as queen, shall not be a noisy U.N. crowd, etc.

"This has already been approved by the King! Besides, it was meant to be proclaimed for the world at the crowning ceremony of straw in the Halbury Small States, scheduled after the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit...! thats just a little quicker!!

After the King has approved it, and even withheld it until the crowning ceremony...

This girl's remarks are no longer madness or anything like that.

The same thing the King proclaimed, a state statement......!

What a world name for the Hurlbury small country, towards the brave......!

Towards the consecrated, called the use of God......!

"Wrinkles hereby declare! In my country...! No, even from this island of Greysky, sweep away the braves......! Get rid of one left!!

Rebellion flares, which will later involve the whole world...

Now we're up high...!