The princess of the Halbury small country, Basilis, kicked was not the only gocon from the brave.

Instead of kicking that brave ass up......

"Wrinkles hereby declare! In my country...! No, even from this island of Greysky, sweep away the braves......! Get rid of one left!!

I have declared that I will kill you...!

Besides, in a bed with a canopy, it's not how I talked to the servant and made him listen as he uttered out.

In front of powerful people from neighboring countries, including Halbury......!

This was no longer nothing more than a formal statement issued by the state......!

Not even more disconnected, drive away......!

This is no longer nothing more than a complete declaration of war......!

The Hurlberry Small States are better yet.

Because there were successive scandals of brave men in the country.

Until now, it was no match, 'Gorgeous Smart', the brave men's shop.

There comes a rival chain store called Slumdog Mart.

The store, which at first was like a dog bone, quickly took its share.

In order to regain it, the brave men took a leap and began to fight and destroy themselves.

Besides, I found out that the existence of the 'legendary salesman' they listed was another person, and I bought it so much that I never had the popular objection.

Halbury's folk honored the brave on the face, but disgruntled behind.

At that time, if Basilis, the new king, were to make the declaration of the extermination of the brave, there would be no doubt that there would be a significant increase in support.

The Hurlberry Small States were steadily following the path of 'Brave Separation'.

But when it comes to this island of Greysky, the circumstances are different.

We are about to engage with the brave on an island that stretched far across the border of Halbury.

Indeed, it would be a mundane performance to capture the hearts and minds of Burberry's folks in her crown.

In the country, even if it was taken like a cockroach eradication in the chest......

But in other countries, it's like smoking a lot of global idols......!

That is the same act of waging war against the sun......!

It means that the sun named Godsmile will be ashed with no bones left...!

But I felt no madness or regret in the face of Basilis, who had finished his proclamation.

Just the look on the face of the young king, determined to go down the path of the blooming rose (Ibarra) while kicking the toge......!

No matter how much you are condemned from around by scattering beautiful roses......

Believe that the rose is a baobab that destroys the world and logs......!

"Wrinkles are coming out and fighting the god tip group! First we head to Mother on the beach and rendezvous with the resistance! I've already made up my mind! So next time, it's your turn to make a statement! Be on your side of the straw or an enemy!!

WOW! and Basilis opens his mouth wide.

That was adorable like a threatening little lion.

But as for those who lay on their feet, they were barked at by the king of the hundred beasts.

Bitter! The folks who tighten themselves up.

Though they are now shrinking, they are full of power if they return to the country.

Besides, it's not at the level of village or town mayor or anything like that.


Their decision is to move a large number of people in their territory.

And they still don't realize the importance of this decision.

At first glance, this looks like a story about which side to turn, Basilis or Zamar.

Even that is a matter that requires a great deal of determination, but it is not.

"Brave Man" and "Wild Dog"......!

"God" and "Wolf"......!

It was also the ultimate choice as to which one would be avenged...!

It was still those two who responded first to the inquiry from Basilis.

"Come on, burrito!

"Yeah, Barr!

The high school girl combo, who stood up to hold hands together, left Zamar without any untraining, and came to Basilis.

"I can't believe we're going to help Mother, Queen Sama, you super know! And it's super cute! Uh, I'm not sure about politics, but if you're a basilisk, I'll back you up!

"Hmm, excuse me. Um, excuse me, Master Basilis. Bar doesn't know what courtesy is..."

"That's how much I know! Is that the one who wants to see the bear's hand? I used it in the garden of the Holly Doll family when I was helping with gardening!

"Hmm, that's a rake. I mean, Barr, all that time, I was just playing with Pine."

"It was fun playing with the mud then, Cho! Oh, yeah! Hello, Basilis. Let's do this together!

"Hmm, that's a good idea.... hey, Barr! You're in too much shape!

"Ha, ha, ha! Bring it on, it's super hot!

I just saw them capping, and Basilis laughed to imitate.

"Ha, ha, ha! Then it's Big Bang Love that he's an image character of Slumdog Mart! If it's verbal, don't worry! There are more disrespectful men than that!

"Seriously!? What is that?

"Listen, you're not surprised! He used the frizz for a day with just one chocolate!

"Yeah, yeah, that's mazzy!?

"Hmm, Blackie."

"And that's not all there is to it! And he hated the mighty brave! Now for the rest, brave men are bigger enemies than carrots!

When he saw them in a mood, and they were about to capitulate, Zamar gave a grudging outrage.

"Choo-woo!? Alas!? What the hell!? Instead of Big Bang Luv, even the Princess of the Halbury Small Country, I can't believe she was possessed by evil gods......! But only two endorsed it! Let's help the devil. What a bad boy, he's not in this. Chu!!

Those who were under her eyes rose up zazzled, as if to echo her.

"Alaala, the good boys can't seem to stand it until they get to the beach. Tu hey! If you turn all these powerful men against your enemies, I'll remind you what happens. Tutu tu tu tu tu tu tu!"

Those in power who begin the march, as if they have already become under Zamar's command.

Big Bang Love try to shelter Basilis and stick to both sides.

Flames and ice are already floating in my hands so that I can buzz it off at any time.

Soldiers who were around also rushed, but Basilis controlled with his hands "wait".

What the powerful are wearing is a sword for the costume.

It is not suitable for combat because of the importance it attaches to the beauty of appearance.

However, if it were about one toddler and two high school girls, it would be easy to mutilate......!

And if you want to fight back or something, last......!

There will be a decisive gulf with them, and after Basilis becomes queen, it will be a great scourge......!

... Zan!

The dressed Powers stopped their feet in front of Basilis.

But Basilis doesn't run or hide.

Instead, I stepped forward to take their thoughts head-on.

From beyond the pedestrian walls, there is a rat-like squeal that finds cheese.

"Tutu tu tu......! I finally realized the magnitude of what I said when I offered myself a neck! Yes! Unlike the brave, the powerful are rooted in the region......! Turn these kids over to their enemies and it looks like they finally realize that there's no way the Halbury Small States can do it Chu hey......! Tutu tu tu tu tu tu!"

Zamar sprinkled his hands, like the general who had already hunted down the enemy general.

"Saah! Let's all skewer that demon! Keep it up and head to the beach to economize the Godspeed braves! That way, as the rare Grand Virgin who prevented the rebellion of the Fool King, this Zama...! Tutu tutu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu!!

... Gah!

The powerful, at the same time, lay their hands on the pattern of the sword.

At the same time, the soldiers and the Big Bang Love around him also set themselves up.

"Do it, hey, hey!

Less exciting, Zamar wielding a white fan like an armament.

But she was the only one who felt the rising luck.

The battle is decided quickly.

...... Zang!

The powerful broke their knees simultaneously.

Flat down with your hands on the sword pattern, it is......

"We couldn't stand the tyranny of the brave, either! Especially the brutality of coming to this island is beyond my sight......! Dear Basilis, I am heartily impressed by your determination to risk your life! Add us to Lord Basilis' army!

Eternal, oath of allegiance......!