There are 300 brave troops deploying on the beach.

The Wild Dog Army against it swelled from 100 to 200 by reinforcements.

Battle power difference, 1.5 times......!

This was the case if we look only at a simple number, but the army of the brave is still higher as to the quality of the soldiers.

Anyway, the main constituents, the Shinkansen crew, are skilled in the Normal Class of Swordsmanship Dojo, even if they do poorly.

But they had great weaknesses.

It's a soldier...!

Livolv assembled the lower brave men to organize a detachment to sweep the island cubes other than Sin Itmulau.

I assumed that the opponent was a small guerrilla, so only with the 'brave'.

This is like making up, so to speak, all, 'warriors' when partying in a goblin crusade.

Yes, he wasn't in the brave army of the detachment.

Both 'monks' healing wounds and 'wizards' magically shooting enemies......!

All those soldiers have been turned to the main unit of the SinItomrau offense......!

But this would be too harsh to blame for Livolve's miscalculation.

In other words, who can imagine?

Until now, by their hand, the presence of the pigs to be slaughtered flies the anti-flag….

Moreover, splendid weapons and protective equipment are paid for….

On the contrary, even the prestigious Virgin and Wizard Ladies joined the battle......

Furthermore, even though a small country, one country expresses its support, etc….

Who the hell would imagine......!?

In any case, this imbalance in the military discipline was fatal in the battle.

If you say so, this is like being deprived of chokes and par in a junket and fighting with goo alone.

Where there was so much goo, before the witch named Parr, there was not a single...!

How much goo have I tailored the Wild Tails named Choki, by the Virgins named Parr, and they make me come back to life......!

Then there are not so many paths left for them.

As you may no longer have noticed, there is only one best practice for them.


As for the samurai who were beaten by the peasants, there was no other way to go back and cry to Rivolve with shame.

But I can't think of anything like a stewed stick of pride positive sinking.

To limit ourselves to the option of 'fighting' and yet 'winning'......

First, let the Wild Tails die instantly.

The healing of the Holly Doll family, which is constantly given from the sky and the earth, heals with plain sickness, even in its severely ill class, as if it had become a mutant.

Even if they cut off their arms, they stick together instantly and go back.

For this reason, it was necessary to deal instant death class damage such as decapitation of the neck.

But I couldn't.


"Damn! What the hell is this armor!? The armor they're wearing, the neck is unusually sturdy!?

"My good neck bounce doesn't work at all!? My haughty sword has jumped the neck of so many trash people so far...!

"Master Rivolve gave it to me, even though it's a first-rate sword!? What the hell!? What the hell!?

"Why... why do you have teeth in such a dicky armor? Ooh!?

… In this world there are protective equipment to protect the neck muscles and special magic training.

The powerful and others prefer to wear it, mainly to protect themselves from assassins who sneak from behind and scratch their necks.

But in the case of assassinations, for example, it's a tricky move to slash your neck during battle.

In general battles and wars, there were few, such as those defending their necks.

But by chance, the armor packed in a crate from Halbury's Slumdog Mart was hung.

The magic training of "Anti-Slash"......!

Of course, normally, such a thing couldn't have helped.

Because it was easy to kill the Wild Tails without having to bother slashing them in the neck or anything.

But the worst combination makes a nightmarish sight come true.

Slash it or not, what can't cut it?

Is that, 'water' …?


It's 'infinite healing and wild taylor with anti-beheading armor' eh...!

Though the opponents are approaching with no damage no matter how much they slash, the damage of the braves, albeit insignificant, accumulates......

Yet, suppose the great magic of a single blow from the roof poured...

There were no more military differences of about 1.5 times...!

Even though the Mixed Wild Dog Army has not had one wounded, the braves are defeated one after the other.

Finally, even the force difference was caught up to the same number of 200.

Those brave men, too, begin to feel a rush.

"Ku......! Keep up the good work!

"Holy shit, we're all gonna get fucked, not like this!

"Let it be, at least, if there's at least a Virgin over here...!

Did that prayer go through, and to them, at last, the Goddess of Salvation comes.

He suddenly appeared on a rock on the beach, the Strodor three sisters.

"Alaala! Oh, my God! The filthy wild dogs are raging. Chu hey! But now that Zama's legion of Virgin Marys is here, it's all right, Chu!

"Ah, gentlemen! It heals the wounds of the brave!

"Good luck, guys!

In line with their hanging voice, a new outflow to the beach was a group of beautiful girls in white robes.

In all, as many as thirty Virgins begin to kneel and pray in unison at the behest of the Grand Virgin, who puts together a superb dress.

For the brave, it was exactly Buddha in hell.

"Yay! Yay! Lord Zamar pulled the Virgin and rushed to us!

"With the power of as many as thirty Virgins, I'm not afraid anymore!

"Saah! It's a counterattack at once!


Brave men breathing back.

But the Buddha, whom they had frightened, was made of cardboard.

Compared to the white and dull healing light of the Holy Doll family, the healing light of the Legion of Virgin Mary is more and more like the sky covered in smog.

I wish it still worked.

"Oh, my God, this is not healing at all!?

"I thought I could be unscrupulous if there was a Virgin, but this. Then it's no different than before......!

"Ooh, ooh! Pray harder! You can't stop the blood!?

"Ah!? Hey, healed! Give me your finger! Oh yeah!?!?

The unnamed brave man, who was noritsuckling, fell and fell without stopping blood and stopped moving as he was.