The Virgin of the Strawdor family, who stood on a rock until earlier and became a goddess on the brave side.

But that doesn't look like it right now.

The bloody braves who had come in search of healing and the Virgin, who could not be healed, looked around in bewilderment.

Then... Behind the woods lying between the beach and the city, there was that appearance.

Three extravagant robe girls of varying height, like Matryusicaa...

It's more of a coso muddy move than a prestigious Virgin, and it's about time...

I was about to leave the battlefield...!

"Wait, Zamar!

"Wait, Dear Zamar Termination!

The three daughters of the convex (decomposed) look back on the brave and the Virgin who chased them.

"Alaala. Hey, Zamas, to pick flowers. There are lots of good flowers blooming in these woods."

"Note that what Zama is saying is not a cover-up. The roaches, the Virgin of the Strawdor family, do not engage in obscene behavior such as excretion, so they were really close to picking flowers."

"Flowers, I loved you!

None of them seemed to feel any blame.

But when they are gone now, the brave man and the Virgin shall be troubled.

"Oh, no! Zamar! If it's a flower, you can pick as much after the fight!

"If Zamar gets us out here, we're really gonna get fucked by scumbags! I want you back now!

"Yes! Didn't Zamar always say! That the healing of the Strawdor family is not the ratio of the Holly Dor family! If the Strawdor family is the moon, the Holly Doll family is a fattening reflection of that moon!

"That's reliable! Whatever healing is beyond the Holly Doll family, you won't be late for those scumbags! If it's a flower, I'll give you as much after the fight, so come here...!

Brave men urging the Grand Virgin to return to the battlefield.

But here Zamar said something incredible...!

"Alaala. Although Zama's healing is certainly a goddess class, the brave men who can dedicate it are limited. Zama only offers healing to brave men of the Seating Class and above."

"Za... Speaking of seated heavens, Master Rivolve, it's not a class!? There is no way that such a noble brave man can be on such a front line!

What a healing for them, class only......!

Plenty of special (premium) that you can't take without being a pretty high brave guy too......!

And although it was only here, I coded it.

Even though there are two Grand Virgin, the healing is not given to the brave...

As a Virgin I don't look alike, two prestigious, thoughts......!

Ironically, it fits in here...!

But in the case of the Holly Doll family, it was a strong thought that it would also be home training, but in the case of this Strawdor family, the fun is a lot different.

They don't have the healing power to cross the Holly Doll family or anything in the first place.

Before that, I have forgotten even the wording of prayer because I have not exercised 'healing' for a long time.

As soon as he was asked to heal, he escaped like a piece of Kosovo mud for a reason too.

But those brave men who don't know such a thing, they cry half the time.

"Lord Zamar! Class-exclusive healing may be a home lesson for the Strawdor family! But now we're in the middle of Gocon! I want you to bend over there and help me!

"Exactly! I hate to admit it, but without Zamar's healing, we'd be fucked by scumbags!

"In the name of the brave, this is it! Please!"

The young braves rub their bloody heads like waterfalls into Zamar with all the momentum that drips.

They were in a situation where they lost too much blood and were already flirty, not strange whenever they lost consciousness.

If there had been a primula here, I might have broken my promise to Riglas and healed them.

But it can also be her dash color, what happened to Brigira......

"I just found a pencil grass there, so I'll give it to you. After shading this for about a day, you drink what you fry. The day after tomorrow, the blood will stop."

No way, private therapy......!?

Besides, it takes two days...!?


It was like a rescue ship drifting on a deserted island and finding SOS signals and coming to me, throwing one floating wheel and leaving.

Too, ruthless......!

The brave men and the Virgin become as stunned as the drifters.

But here, fu, Zamar realized there was.

"Alaala, you, I have a bow, so chu hey"

Somehow she focuses on the crossbow that a certain brave man had.

"Come up with something good, Chu! I just need to shoot my mother off with this crossbow. Chu! If your opponent doesn't heal, you'll be equal on condition, Chu!

I wonder if you don't want to heal us that far, and dissatisfaction among the braves.

Plus, as much as that, there's no way they can't come up with a professional in combat.

But I couldn't.


"The Holly Dolls are the Virgins whom Master Godsmile has seen. If I find out I hurt you, I'm sorry I'm not in a fallen place. That's why we need to end this fight without harming them in any way."

That's right.

For the brave, targeting a flying mother is like bowing toward the phoenix's hyoco.

Even if I shoot through it, if the phoenix behind it (back) finds out, I won't be sorry for free.

This is absolutely not to be tolerated, no matter how many gocons are in the process of being activated.

For that reason, they had no choice but to be sweetened, even if they were left to do so.

But that set Zamar's black heart on fire.

"Oh... no. So you're always a hilarious brave man. Chu! Lend the crossbow to Zama. Chu!

When Zamar wears the white gloves he took out of nowhere, he tries to snap them from the brave and snatch the crossbow.

I no longer run away and slightly back to the front line.

Just when my flying mother blurred over me.

"I want to be there, I want to be there. Whoa!

The voice is like a nursery who plays with orchards.

But for Zamar, he was more of a wuss than a bell on the holiday alarm clock.

Anyway, it's been bothering me.

Whatever bad reviews you give, whatever harassment you do......

A smile as blind as that sun and as gentle as the moon, never clouded.

At the gathering party of the Virgin and elsewhere, she also pushed the maid to be fed and spanked her mother's dress with cooking.

concurrent Virgin...... no, no matter if you are the Grand Virgin or grossly disrespectful,

"Oh, well. Are you okay with falling? Look, don't cry, just say hi to your mom. Huh? Did you get your mom's dress dirty? Ugh, that's fine. 'Cause you can wash your dress. Mom, I love your laundry. More than that, rubbing your knees off is such a big case for your mom. Yes, I would love to, Tonga!"

Zamar had repeatedly refrained from what had happened at that time in his mind.

When crossbows are placed with familiar hands, they are listed in the blue sky.

The tip of the arrow receives sunlight,

...... Guillari......!

and glowed.