I don't think of her as a Virgin, Zamar pointing a crossbow at heaven with a erection that went into the hall.

"Tutu...! Now is the time to peel off your mother's false mask, Chu...!

She's already distorted her face so much that even her own mask seems to be in danger.

The expression was old ratty, guiding cats to rat removal.

Bainback with a true-photo machine is already stumbling next door.

The heartfelt around here were just the sisters.

Though they have not spoken, they are willing to hustle and hustle about Mother's death.

Probably a cloud-shaped callout floating over the sisters' heads with no different dimensions.

In that callout, a truly convenient future was unfolding.

The mother, who had been shot through and crashed, pierced the beach from her head, and even with only her legs out, she seemed to suffer.

To that outrageous appearance, everyone who was on the spot becomes as if the magic had been solved.

Mother couldn't get help from anyone, she suffered a lot and exposed herself to ugliness quotes......

Eventually, pixie and despair......!

Bainback holds the whole thing down and spreads it anonymously to the newspaper.

Then treat it as an instant top......!

"Mother, bury yourself on your own private beach!

"Mother, I incited the wicked to give you, and at the end of the day, like an unusual death!

"Mother's Fungus Skin, I can finally peel it off! He was a man of immorality, avenging the brave!

"Now is the time to seek the true Virgin, Zamar!

"Wonderful Zamar! The Eternal Absolute Virgin!

"Master Godsmile is also impressed with this activity! Finally, to the First Lady of Harlem!

Just making Mother an arrow gamo, Zamar's delusions had already developed to the point of receiving Godsmile's favor.

Because her thought was, 'I can't be the First Lady of Dear Godsmile because I have a Mother'.

But the humiliation is over.

All you have to do is pull this crossbow trigger...!

"But if even a brave man shoots through a mother hesitating to attack, isn't Zamar just sorry...?

And some of you may think.

However, the measures around it were also adequate.

Zamar wears white gloves before taking the crossbow from the brave.

This was also a sign of intent to 'I don't want to touch what I had on the bottom end'......

Above all, the idea of 'leaving no fingerprints behind' was hidden.

Yes, she already...!

After Mother's shooting, I was planning it in one set, to the point where I could lay the blame on the brave...!

He said it was a half-impulsive offense, but it was perfect until the evidence was obliterated......!

That natural bourne climb was also what made the Strawdor family famous...!

To them no longer, there is no single concern of hindsight.

All there is is is a rosy future.

And beyond the tip of the arrow I set up is...

They're going to shoot me down, just hate rival fucking Virgin......!

"Tutu! Mother, now say goodbye Tu......! As a guide from Zama, I'll make the moment you're buried in the sand a bronze statue for you. Chu...! I only got Ganimata's legs out of the ground, a nasty bronze statue...! Chu hey with the bronze statue of an unprecedented, laughing thing......! Build it all over the world to make you laugh forever Chu......! Tututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututu!

I had that much confidence in her because I remembered how to handle crossbows.

As a child, etc., so much so that he tied his sister to a tree and played with shooting apples over his head.

So the skill of the crossbow is the hidden celebrity class.

Even if the target was a big eagle flying overhead at high speeds, with a blow......!

"Chuh at the Dj End......!

... Bachu!

Arrows shot off like a demon's mouth are sucked into an empty sky.

At first glance, it looks like you shot him in the wrong place, but no.

This is an advanced technique for targeting fast moving subjects.

Predicting the subject's destination, aiming ahead in advance, and shooting arrows...

Deviation Shooting

The Zamar's aim was perfect.

If it was a flying thing, even a phoenix could have shot it off.

But she didn't know.

No, not even Mother herself......

On the contrary, as one person on this beach, I might not have known.

Now escorting my mother on an empty journey, even the phoenix can roll a butch......

"The Death Carrying Middlebird"...!

The arrow was just in time, trying to touch Mother's chest tip.

But on the brink,

... Shh.

And by the big wings, they get stuck down.

"Ku......!? What a coincidence Chu!?

and Zamar quickly squeezes the crossbow bolts, loading and stopping the next bullet as he eats up his teeth.

This was another brilliant quick reload.

And she watches.

And she opens her eyes.

That it's not a coincidence.

Oh my...!

An arrow that should have been tapped off has more momentum than when it was shot out......

... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

And it was pouring down on Zamar...!


And by the time I realized it was too late......!


The arrow pierced her knee plate as she sounded pleasant until stunning......!

"Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!?!?

Zamar pounding and groping as if the Hell's cauldron lid had opened.

It was like the ghost of hell himself being burned, full of gluttony.

"Gee!? Huh!? Huh!? Huh!? Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!?

I can't stop arrows and shields, and I finally even start breaking dance headspins.

Yes, Zamar was a good dancer as well as a bowman......!

With your head as your fulcrum, whenever you spin fast as a comma does, the blood blown out of your knees splashes around every sprinkler.

"Wow!? Dirty!?


Not wanting to get blood back, the Virgins who were around screamed and fled.

It hurts so much that you get your surroundings caught in a vortex of fear.

Hundreds of people on the beach were in the middle of a life-threatening battle...

It was powerful enough to stop all those hands even.