"Gee!? Huh!? Huh!? Huh!? Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!?

A ratty scream, bitten to death by a cat alive, sweeps the beach.

Flashy screams and big spins like broken bed merry......!

It was supposed to be a damaging motion, but it was like a train attacking a deceased, a hell of a thriller.

I do headspins and such on soft sand, so while I drill humans, I gradually bury them.

Thanks to that, the rotation finally stopped.

But what was left there was even more disastrous......!

With only the lower body out on the sandy beach, it looks like a new kind of monster...!

The dress is totally glazed up, and the pants are rounded out.

For the brave, it's supposed to be a delightful punch chance......

No, no, that even passed far, it was a pammo opportunity......

No one was pleased.

"Gym!? Gym!? Gymuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

Zamar's voice buried in the sand creaks and exudes an eccentricity of further objects......

The popped legs roar like crazy double-headed snakes......

The pants are covered in blood and sand, so much so that I think of only the old lady, worn out......!

Everyone fears the kind of creature that emerged from this bottomless swamp of despair.

And everyone was listening.

...... TMM!

The sound of chills crawling up...!

"Gymuuuuuuuu! Ha, hayagu, help me, ziuuuuu! Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Because Sole finally uttered the humanities as he bummed his tentacles, no, his tentacles...

People turned to me.

The Corps of Virgins rushes over.

I pulled Zamar's leg, like grabbing a radish leaf, and pulled his pants out.

There is no longer a beautiful face anywhere.

Faces all over the sand and death phase are turning red or blue like signal machines near life expectancy.

"Buhahaha!? And I thought I was gonna die. Chu......!

Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

But that was the only moment that mattered.

"Gee!? Hurry up and heal this arrow wound! Even you useless assholes, if you heal alone for thirty people, you should be able to heal them soon, Chu!

Say no. No, she's...


I pulled through the arrow that was stabbing me in the knee, along with the mood like a lady.

Then more blood erupts.



The Virgins don't want to get dirty with any more black blood and try to escape first.

But earlier than that, Zamar jumped on four legs and grabbed the hem of their robes and dragged them back.

Put down the Grand Virgin, who is supposed to be a master, and the Virgins who try to escape are also arr...

The Grand Virgin, who catches it in anticipation, is also quite allergic.

"Bad boy who doesn't heal Zama's wounds, make it broke. Chu!? What happened to those who defied Zama...... you guys should know best and tu!? If you want to be the Virgin in the alley, heal Zama now. Chuh!!

Awesome with his attitude and words without the cakera of holiness, the Virgins are forced to kneel before Zamar.

Still, toward the wound where the puffy and blood bled out, the healing concentrated for as many as thirty people.

... Pfft...!

When it is all alone healing, it just creates a reliable glow and the wound blocks quickly.

And instead of scars, a spotless, clean knee kid showed up.

Then, suddenly, people seem to have changed, Zamar.

"Alaala, guys, I was so worried about Zamar. Chu. I can't believe we can think of anyone else so far. Really, we're all good boys. I'm so glad everyone has become such a fine Virgin, Zama, and Chu!

Speaking of brave men, the farce is so attached that it can be called 'pancakes on the guard tea'......

of the Virgin. It was far transcended.

Two armies, like no longer enemy allies, watched Zamar looking down.

"When we asked for healing, you said no because of our low rank..."

"I can't believe I'm dying now, but they turned me down..."

"Only when I get hurt, I make so much fuss..."

"You're not hurt a lot, but you're making a fuss..."

"I can't believe I let the Virgins heal until I blackmail them..."

The Wild Tails crush, as they agree with the brave men who seep remorse.

"Oh, I knew the Grand Virgin was the most important thing about herself in that way..."

"That was normal... After all, the Holly Dolls were more special..."

"The Holly Dolls' Virgins healed even if there were only abrasions on the eagles..."

From no one, look on the rock.

Then there's the primula who keeps praying on her knees, not making it as slight as a snow statue.

The reincarnation that rains healing rain over it passes with.

Sincerely, and cheerfully......

Holly Doll family Virgins, who continue to heal people.

Their hissing appearance made the other sisters of the Virgin more distinguished.

Compared to them, it passes through the House of Strawdor and other Ethe Virgins, at the level of shame of life.

People look back at the example of the Grand Virgin.

I thought she was reflecting a little too...

"Alaala, Zama's dress is totally stained with blood and sand. So chuh. You there, give Zama a a robe and tu. The truth is, it has to be a dress. Why is Chu... Come on, take it off right here, Chu."

"What!? Oh, no! Forgive me for that, Zamar!

"Alaala, you can say that, Chu? But you have a very sick mother, right? If Zama abandons you, don't heal that mother's illness for the rest of your life, Chu, right?

Oh, my God, Zamar......!

While the roots of the tongue aren't dry either, the chase away act......!?