Like after a bandit attacked me, I approximate the Virgin crying down in her underwear...

Zamar, dressed in a robe without a single returned blood, stood on the rock again.

Bainback back back to the baby, hugging her big chest......

I was gathering the gaze of those under my eyes all together...!

"I can't believe the Grand Virgin used a crossbow instead of prayer..."

"So I tried to pierce my mother, and I failed to give it to you, and it was payback..."

"Take an arrow on your knees, you sneak around, you bury it in the sand..."

"I can't believe I let the Virgin heal me only when I get hurt..."

"I can't believe you took away the robe of the Virgin who healed me..."

"It's terrible... it's too bad...!

"Oh my... what a great saint...!

In its flowing, outrageous streak, the beach no longer turns into a no-side state.

All the armies were letting her on the rocks have a contempt gaze and whisper.

The Zamar Termination, which has just been left on top of it.

However, as for the violent tundele heroine, we have a sea breeze all the time with the wind that blows.

As it stands, the momentum from both the brave and the wild dog armies was likely to be exposed to the neck...

Not a single bit of her confidence has shaken.


"Alaala, guys, look so scared...... You shouldn't. It's tu! Regardless of the wild dogs that are a bunch of bad kids, even the brave ones of good kids can't believe they got it wrong......!

"Mistake......?" and one of the brave men snapped.

"Tututututututu! Zama, and the Strawdor family, follow three steps back after the brave, the Virgin among the Virgin......! What the Zamas are doing is the same as what the brave ones are doing, so chuh! This is that everything is' right '......! It's for the braves of the good boys. Why, Chu!

"Heh... don't be ridiculous!? You think shooting through a mother is gonna do us good!?

"That's right! Besides, you're supposed to be the Grand Virgin! Then all you have to do is heal us!

"Yes, they do! If you do your sacramental duty as the Grand Virgin, we can win!

Even the dissatisfaction that sprays up from his feet, "Alaala" and Zamar, who takes it at the margin of the main house.

"The brave men of the good boys, they're working so hard right now, they're fighting. Chu. So, what are you fighting for, Chu? That's just one thing... Chu in" To Win "right? That's why I'm hanging in there and wielding my sword so hard..."

Zama put a white fan on her mouth, fanning her patties and herself.

Hiding her mouth that way was also a sign that she would speak out loud.

And then I had a quick drink and was let go...

"... that's why Zama, too, was trying so hard to 'win' Chu! Everything Zama did," To Win, "was a fabric stone, so Chu......!

...... Zah!

Then next to her, a new figure appears.

It had disappeared before, it was brigid.

Just like Zamar, she had one toddler in her chest.

As soon as I see it, I'm so surprised that everyone gets drained of their fat liver.

Brigira was wearing a white glove and a knife...!

He looks frightened, puts his dog ears up, on the toddler's neck...!

Wild Tail's toddler was moo-moo roaring with his mouth blocked too, but Brighilla only releases his hand.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Help! Dad! Father, oh, oh, my God!!

I started crying out loud...!

And at a rate like spinal reflexes, a certain wild tail warrior reacts.

"Ahhh!? Mylan! Oh, how could you...!? Get off me! Get off me!

Like a father. Even if he tries to rush over,

"Don't move! If you get any closer, a shower of blood will pop out of you!?

Brighilla blackmailed the toddler's neck by pressing a more ferocious blade.

It was freezing all those who were on the spot.

... Yes!

Zamar's aim was not to turn Mother into an arrow gamo......!

That's the first plan, and if it succeeds, that's good.

But she secretly let her second plan go, thinking about when she failed.

Brighilla was trespassing heavily through the forest into the Wild Tails' supply base.

There were a lot of non-combatants there and a lookout combatant......

The beach was just Zamar's break-dance noise and the watch was thinner.

Brighilla dresses up as the 'gentle and merciful' Virgin, into the nostalgia of the Wild Tails, into which she enters......!

"Nice to meet you. The eagle is the Virgin, a relative of the Holly Doll family. Especially with Mr. Primla, he's so friendly that he calls him 'Perfect Beauty' and 'Trash Woman'. Please, all of you, call me 'garbage bitch' about Mr. Primla. I'm sure you'll be thrilled."

But the usual wild taylors will not forgive the Virgin's heart.

I'd rather be wary of the Virgin because she's been badly seen next to the brave...

Ironically, by contact with the Holly Doll family, the hurdles in their minds had fallen so low that they buried themselves on the ground.

Brigira was a beautiful girl full of primros, too, and I applaud her for it.

Brighira appealed to Primura that she was still close to him.

"This time too, it's the seed that the garbage woman scattered, isn't it? This is how eagles wipe their asses around every time. With such eagles here, you no longer have to worry. Oh, the kids are scared and crying, too. Giving up children is what you do best with eagles. Here..."

"Hmmm...... If you are so close to Lord Primura and the Virgin, it will be okay to leave the children to you."

The Wild Tails have totally trusted the jumping Virgin and left it to babysit and such.

And Brighilla is not, get a wild tail toddler......!

As a hostage, I succeeded in taking away......!


This is all, Zamar is right......!

The first 'Operation Arrow Gamo' is only to distract the public......!

It was only the fabric of 'To Win'......!

And this second 'hostage-taking operation' is what it's all about...!

End the fight at once, it was the ultimate hand......!!

... situation, big, reverse, turn...!?!?