"Alaala......! If you didn't want to get hit by this bad boy...! Don't be a bad boy, surrender with your weapon!!

Zamar rage enough to calm even the sea breeze dominates the beach.

Had it been taken hostage by those who had decided to prepare themselves as soldiers, the 'bad boys' would not have let go of their weapons as one of them.

But it was the toddler who was still unconscious that was put on the balance......

I can't even make you ready to die.

For the Wild Tails, originally a moderate race, all the more so......!

When they lowered their hands out of no-one, they dropped a blur and a weapon at their feet.

It was already stained with their thoughts, as were the wild celebrities.

It was then Basilis who made the decision.

"... the folks at Wild Dog Busters Busters! Do as you're told!

When she herself puts the sword she was carrying on the beach, the soldiers of the Halbury small country and those in power who had endorsed it later follow.

Three of them resisted to the end: Kulalalaka and Big Bang Love.

But they finally go down to the military gate.

Mother and Primla, who were focused on prayer, were also dragged down.

Zamar's "Operation Hostage Robbery" responds brilliantly.

I instantly powerless the legion of wild dogs that were so handy.

This is exactly the hand of God for the brave......

No, I accomplished a bloodless fight, it was a hand of the goddess...!

Until now, the contempt eyes of the brave men, who seemed to see a house dandelion or something, also change in an instant.

"Shh, wow...! Awesome! Lord Zamar Termination!"

"I can't believe we're going to let the wild dogs we were burning our hands into adulthood in no time!

"Was it the play that tried to pierce Mother...!

"I can't believe that playing unusual will distract the wild dogs...!

"I can't believe I'm not afraid to be a dirty person either to bring us victory...!

"This is...! Is this the true Virgin......!

"That's right...! This is the real, Virgin's 'devotion'...!

"Wow......! Big 'love' we can't imagine......!

"Mother, there's no comparison! Zamar is, for the brave, the best Virgin ever!

"If such a wonderful Virgin would enter my Harlem...... scary stuff Nashi!

The brave men are raised in environments where there is no culture of help from childhood.

It's just that, even if you kick your buddies down, you're only tapped into crawling up there.

For this reason, I do not help a person without an order or reward from a brave man who is in a better position than me.

Young brave men become youth, unable to understand the importance of 'others'.

They don't hurt or itch where they've taken their own people, the brave ones, hostage.

I don't feel any blame, even if my boss who adored me or my adorable men were killed for it.

That is also, therefore, a lack of understanding of the importance of 'hostages' in the fight.

But in this event, they were taught, by Zamar, the 'benefits of taking hostages'.

Thus they learned another 'evil thing'.

Zamar, who has given me such a good operation, will be exactly like a parent bird to them, like a chick bird.

The brave men therefore sent a love call to Zamar.

Like a villager enthralled by a succubus, with his eyes turned to heart.


This is how the Strawdor family took in so many brave men and Virgins that they ascended to their present status.

When Zamar is convinced that the young braves have become their own pawns, he uses them with his chin.

"Alaala, you know Zama's 'love'. I can't believe the braves are really good kids and chu. Then let's treat the bad boys."

"Oops! Zamar!"

The braves followed Zamar's instructions and divided the Wild Dog Coalition into two parts.

One is Holly Doll Three Sisters, Big Bang Love, and Basilis' Don't Hurt Group.

The other is Coolaraka, Hurlbury Small Country Soldiers, the powerful, the wild celebrities, and the Wild Tails' Whatever Group '.

Meanwhile, the Virgin of the Strawdor family descends from the rocks and moves to the mansion on the private beach.

He went out from the veranda of the mansion and looked down upon the descendants like a queen.

"Alaala, so many good kids meh so many bad kids...! Chu with a really good view......! Tutu, tutu, tu!"

Under her eyes, there are a total of about 200 defeated soldiers, 'whatever group you want'.

They are all slapped by the brave men, and are no longer dying to be troubled.

Still, Lynch wouldn't stop, so the women in the 'Don't Hurt Group' were desperate to stop it.

"Oh, please! Master Brave! No more, please don't!

"Wow! No, no, no, no!"

"Stop it! Don't imitate me like that! If you're going to kill me, beat me to the neck with all the fright!

"Whoa! Stop being abusive! If you do any more, I'll kill you!

"Hmm, you're going to get real serious."

Neither group was tied up, so I could resist if that bothered me.

But Mylan, a wild tail toddler, was still in Brigira's hands, so he couldn't.

Finally, Mother broke that knee.

"Oh...... please, Termination! Mylan, let her go! Besides, we're not all bad! He's such a good boy! So don't do anything terrible!

"Alaala, it might indeed be so. Mother Reincarnation, the rebirth of the Evil God, is the root of all evil...... If so, if Mother takes responsibility, don't even think about giving her mercy. Chu...?

"Ho...... really!? If you're going to give me Mylan back... If you will forgive us all, Mom, I will do anything......! This life isn't worth it!

Zamar then sent his gaze to Brigira, who was next door.

Brigira held Mylan in her arms and cleverly removed another knife from under her sleeve......

From the veranda, I let it go to Mother's feet.

"So, you're going to zackle your face! If I never see the second beauty in that world again... Then this wild jean will give it back to you!

Zamar scoffed.

"If you think it's that easy to kill, chu with a big mistake......! You're going to be an ugly girl, and for the rest of your life, you're going to live a life of less than the Alley Virgin. Chu...! Instead of Dear Godsmile, Dear Brave, no one can deal with you anymore...... you're going to get to the end of your life! Tutu tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu!!