Mother who picked up a survival knife, thrown from Brigira and gave it to me.

The mirrored face is now full of worry.

It was the first time for her that she always kept smiling calmly.

Does that mother still hesitate, too?

I never hung it on my nose myself, but it hurts the rebirth of the goddess and the beauty she was entertained with.

No... I was sad.

Hurting others fine, taking young children hostage... that there are people in this world who can laugh.

Mother looks up from the knife and looks at Zamar with sad eyes.

Even at a time like this, Mother pitied Zamar......

Zamar misunderstood the meaning of Mother Moisturized Eyes and laughed away with her madly white eyes.

"Tutu, tu, tu! I knew my face was more important than the life of such a dog. Why tu! Tutututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututututu! The Virgin of Nice there is so good at sprinkling and inciting false love that Chu! I'm sure Basilis, too, is chu with a couch that's been put on properly! But...... The Virgin Nise there, after all, is the most important thing about her face. Chu! Because I'm confusing Master Godsmile with my sole... I'm the only Virgin with a sole handle. Why not from Chu!

For Zamar, the more her mother hesitated, the bumper she thought.

Because that's all the words I said "do anything" are going to diminish.

The more hesitant you look at Mother, the more desperate the Wild Dog Army will be.

They say they've been rebelling against brave men for their mothers, risking their lives...

I can't believe I don't even like to get one scratch on my life if I have to do damage to myself...

Zamar mentally intended to keep Mother spiritually cornered and let her reverse guile.

That way, Mother's false mask is completely peeled off......

"Why do I have to hurt this proud beauty for a wild dog like that?!? Wild dogs won't bother anyone if they die!? But if my mom gets scratched, many brave men will grieve!? That's why you shouldn't have one attached to your mom! That's why my mom has never done any water work! Mom's the cutest!

They will curse those who have used them so far...!

I just thought so, and Zamar couldn't stop laughing.

"Tutu, tu, tu! Ala, what's wrong, tu!? I was just saying, 'I'll do anything', and if it turns out to be Isa, hey, I can't even do it. Chu hey! Come on, come on, let's all laugh at you, too, Chu! I love fake love, give me a hetale mother!

But the ambient reaction was the opposite.

"Oh, please don't! Mother! Mother is our hope......! Don't refuse to scratch that body!

"Bye! Kulalalaka's right! That smile saved my wrinkles so many times...! You'll never forgive me for scratching that face!

"How dare you scratch Mother's face!? Absolutely impossible. Say!?

"Hmm, absolutely not!

"Oh, please don't, Mother Reincarnation! For our wild tails, you must not be hurt!

"If Mother's body hurts enough, I'll be glad to kill you all! Hey, everybody!?


What a wild tail instead of this......

The enemies, the brave men and the Legion of the Virgin, all begin to agree.

"Oh, yeah! Mother! Stop it!

"Please don't, Mother! Mother is the longing of all of us, the Virgin!

"That's not all! Mother is all about us, all about brave men!

"Don't put a blade in that beautiful body! The loss of the whole Virgin!

"That's right! Why would a mother have to do that?

"We really want to be like the Holly Dolls Virgin! But the Strawdor family threatened me, and I had no choice...!

"We really want the Holly Doll Virgin! Because that's not gonna happen, I'm putting up with the Strawdor family and so many other Virgins!

"Yes! The Holly Doll family is the true Virgin!

"If I scratch that parent's face on yours, it's going to be worthless!

The reason was alle, but I didn't expect the brave and rival Virgins to go in to stop too......

The Strawdor girls just couldn't bleed out of their gums.

"Gu Ji Ji......! Mother hesitates, why are you taking sides Chu......!? That's where scorn and laughter tu......!

"Gu Ji Ji......! I'm sure you're still fooled by Mother's false mask!

"Gu Ji Ji......! If this happens anymore, Bain Tan, I'll chop him up directly!

And when it comes to the Holly Doll family at heart......

Primla was lining up next to her mother.

Mother and Primla stand trying to put their arms together, holding a pine pack in the middle.

And they were gently stroking the pine pack so as to feel the disturbing air and calm their sister.

"... Pine, take a good look. You may be a little scared, but don't cry..."

"... I'm sure my mom did the same thing. So no matter what happens next, don't cry... hey"

"Mom......? Pritan......? What the hell...?


The young Virgin saw.

White skin like my sisters' white magnets, silky soft skin......

A silver brush runs...!

...... Zubaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!!

Oh my god, reincarnation and primula are... knives we both gripped, we decided...!

Mutual, beautiful...!

A brush all over the body leaves a red handwriting first...

Packed and torn so that the deep red flowers would open.

And around, rubies and misguided, scattered red Shizuku......!

... Someone said.

The most beautiful sight in this world is the moment when this world will perish.

If so, now would be the time.

Because, they were beautiful.

Even if it is scratched, it should be noted that….

No, it's because it's scratched...

To save one life, more because it was scratched......!

Its open mouth is mysterious, like the Phase of the Horcrux (Grand Cross)...

The dancing red balls, like tears of blood shed by the goddess, are fantastic......!

That miraculous sight takes everything away from this world.

There's no more screaming, no more grief...

On the contrary, even the tide had disappeared.