Mother Reincarnation Holly Doll.

Primla Holly Doll.

On the snowy cheeks of the Saint Girls, who had exclusive number one and number two in the world......

The red crack flashed.

It's the best pearl in the world, the cracked moment.

It's the moment when the best famous paintings in the world are mutilated.


It's like this beautiful star broke in two...

It was a moment, like the end of the century had come......!

If there had been anything angelic in the world, now would have been the time to blow the trumpet of the end.

All the people were saddened by this suddenly visited tragedy.


Everyone screamed like they were being dragged to the bottom of Naruto.

But there's just one... like the devil blowing the trumpet he took from the angel, the ones who laugh at it all the time.

"Alaala, Zama, Zama! Zamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Your face, which was the only handle, was ruined and chuh heh!!

"Ohhhhhhhh! And the eagles made demands only on their mothers, but I can't believe they even stayed with Mr. Primla and did the zackling! Could it be that you are an idiot!?

"Hihihihihihi......! It was the last of the Holly Dolls! That was the best shot ever! Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!"

Three Strawdor sisters who bow forward, glance, and bang a veranda column trunk with a dang and burst into laughter.

This was no longer the only unforgivable sin, but their evil deeds, which had unilaterally accumulated resentment against the Holly Doll family, did not end up like this.

... but isn't that strange?

Just because Mother and Primla mutilated their faces by knives......

Do I need to be so exaggerated and sad?

Needless to say, they have an unusual healing power, the Virgin Gate.

If you say you've been decapitated. Still, if they're the ones who stick to you instantly even if they have their arms decapitated, they should be able to heal you with so much plain an acne...

If that's what you think, it's a big mistake.

Because here and now...

Because there are girls in the Strawdor family who are superior to resentment, jealousy, twitching, and falling...!

That is why those around them desperately stopped.

Tearing your face off with a knife.

If the Holly Dolls are to be famous for their immense healing......!

The Straw Doll Sisters...!

Zamar flipped his robe just as he unleashed that power now.

And then he opens his eyes.

Then the beautiful eyeballs, like the stars of the water, turn around......

Like on the back of the moon, red cracked eyes appeared......!

"... Relativity! Morinawa is unequal! The rich are richer, the poor are poorer......! Then Zama will look away! Subtract anything! Denomination of beauty! Give me the ladies! Every woman but Zama becomes an ugly woman, a world crawling to the ground! Goddess of Zama alone! Brand him a slave!

Floating hair in a tumbling aura.

And the leaning day plugs into the veranda and is exposed to the day......

Dark Smile (Darkness Smile) Huh...!

"..." After Absolutely Immutable Benten: Eternal Force Back Beauty "No, no, no, no!


And from a ragged hand, an object like Dark Human De is released….

I'm under the veranda, on my mother's and primula's face, I want you to stick it...!

Then the lacerations that were running between them turned red and black, as they were pressed against the burnt chopsticks......!

...... Jwahhhhhhh!


The girls stay in their pine packs and fall apart.

"Ma...... mama...... prittan......!? Ahhh...... wow ahhhh! Wow!

To the voice of the three sobbing women, all who were behind them understood.

That Mother and Primla's wounds have been made to 'never heal'......!


This is the terrible force that pushed the Strawdor family to fame......!

As Mother heals her wounds with "whatever you want to be"......

Zamar is a grudging phrase that makes scratches and injuries eternal...!

This can never be cured not only by the prayer of the Virgin, but also by the magic of a healer (healer).

As common sense in this world, the words: 'The Virgin has no face in one, no body in two, no body in three or four, and prays in five'.

Of course, this is just a mess for the braves...

Zamar has used this move to ascend to the face of his rival Virgin as something he will never be seen again.

And here again, the unhappy girls have been born.

Sisters who had monopolized One Two in the Virgin Rankings of the Brave......

Bear the bruises of a curse like a big burn on your face, all at once out of rank......!

"Oh... is this the end of the Holly Doll family..."

"Dear Godsmile, this will let you go..."

"Right... no more garbage... it won't do you any good..."

"Oh, then I should have forced you to fuck me..."

The heartless Sayako comes behind the two girls.

But they didn't care about that.

I don't even care what's happening to my face, and on the contrary, I don't hide it.

Turning to the veranda, I gave him a paw and a face (toe), and he first cared about the hostages.

"Termination! Moms, I did what you told me!

"Please, give me Mylan back!

The face and desperation were strange and the Strawdor girls burst into laughter again.

The resentment that has so far solidified in my heart is even crying, as if it had been iced out.

"Alaala, Zama, Zama! You both made a really good face, Chu! Such an interesting face, Zama, first time and tu! Tutu tutu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu!


"I can't wait to smell it all the time! It was just shimmy!

"Sooo......! No, you didn't! If the moms hurt their faces, Mylan said they'd give it back...!

"Tutu, tu, tu! That was an exclusive promise when Mother hurt her face. So tu! I didn't tell you to go as far as Mr. Primura, so you chu, didn't you? That's why that promise was invalidated. I even went all the way to Itai Itai Thoughts, sorry to hear you chu ~! Stupid and chu, stupid and chu, funny and chu ~! And...... BUSSIKE and chu ~ ~! TUCH TUCH TUCH TUCH TUCH!!

The knife Brigira was pushing against Mylan's neck muscle,

...... Grr!

and plunged in.


Woohoo (oh)...!

Why, why like the Holly Doll girls......

They make the grief of others their own, and if it's for others, they don't want their own grief...

Why should girls with beautiful minds be hurt both physically and mentally......!?

And why, like the Strawdor family......

They impersonate others with their hatred, and if it's for them, they don't bother with others' grief...

Why are the ugly hearted girls laughing at the end......!?

There is no god in this world......!?




Indeed, there was no God.

Because God has blinded me to the light of Godsmile...

In this land, a hungry ghost named the brave traveled.

What's there is just the glory of appearance.

There is no way to say anything about a world that is no longer the wilderness of the people, such as God who descends again.


Crawlers, please...!



God does not shake the dice......

And the devil...

Every game board, flip............!!

...... dogogwagsha!!

...... mekigshabsh!!