... the demon looked like a dog.

With no more than three equal bodies, I weave a cape on my back......

Lie down in his promised pose, thumbs-up, in a flying pose......

Momentum as if it was really flying through the sky, and I just barged in...!

... it's...

It makes it look like a comic strip depicting a mediocre routine, and as soon as I turn the page, the violence bursts open......

It was a way of breaking the code......!!


The people on the beach were witnessing the scene in a stop motion.

A giant merchant ship splits the waves in two...

I'm going into the mansion at a meteor-like speed, at that moment.

There's a big hole in the mansion where the Zammers were...

Wood pieces, glass, furniture and building materials are shattered and scattered like wafers, all the time.

It was the 'Slumdog Mart' merchant ship that thrust in like a light-speed ship.

It's what Goldwolf instructed me to make as I opened up on Greysky Island.

The bow statue employs Gold, the mascot character of the store, and the hull also depicts Gold to a large extent.

It was both designed like a flying hero.

I imagined that I would be able to deliver Slam Dog Mart merchandise quickly on this ship...

Now in this situation, it just seemed like we had given the evil Virgin family a righteous jump punch......!

And the beach was full of all kinds of impact footage, so much so that I didn't know where to look.

First with the impact of the collision, the Strodor three sisters are buzzed off the veranda and Mylan the hostage.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!?!?

It is no longer familiar, but it blows the scream of the demon of breaking (Danma) and dances high and high into the universe.

There comes a gray cotton wool catamari like a single cloud.

That, too, is the opposite sharp of what it looks like to have done, quickly exposing Mylan.

And the deck of the ship that had penetrated was glistening white as if covered with snow.

Kulalalaka shouts when she realizes who it is.

"Ah!? You guys are from Slam Dog School......!?

Young voices abound, like lowering the average age of the beach at once.

"Ha! We rushed too when we heard you guys were fighting!

"This ship is going to be so fast! I'm surprised!

"Let us heal you now!

What an admiration for the Holly Doll family and attending the 'Slumdog School' in search of the teachings of mothers and primulas, the Virgins were on the ship......!

They are, so to speak, mother's eggs......!

And he was the messenger of Uncle Mania...!

The prayers of such girls are not cloudy......

Like a freshman light, sober and......!

... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Misty luminosity covers the beach and soldiers and wild tails who were worn out in the lynches of the braves recover.

The healing of Mother's eggs is still weak, and she can't do anything clever, such as not heal only the brave, without remembering in the range effect.

But if it's a stand-alone effect, it outweighs Zamar's Legion of Virgin......!

Speaking of technology alone, the armament rises over the Legion of the Virgin of Zamar.

The chant was also followed and slow, and I even caught on the way.

But Mother and Primla taught them this.

"Oh, you don't have to panic. It's not about praying fast, it's about feeling good."

"Yes, that's right. Think of the smile of someone who wants to cure you and laugh with you in your heart. And pray from the bottom of your heart so that that feeling becomes true. If you work hard, even if it's awkward, your feelings will surely be conveyed to the goddess"

"A hand-knitted, worn muffler is better than a beautiful muffler I bought."

"Is that what this is about? I don't like Atashi, except for Slumdog Mart mufflers."

"I have done hand knitting several times! I always knit with myself, but when my landlord can help me, I'm worn out..."

The prayers raised in such a soothing classroom were genuine.

Wild dogs wrapped in light and recovering healthy.

Until then, the brave men were dismayed, but finally returned to me.

"Damn! The kid's saints are here!

"I'm done lynching! If this happens, I'm gonna turn you on all at once!

"Everybody, jump him in the neck!

They pulled out their swords simultaneously.

... but!


Countless arrows of light are shot into the beach, blasting against the brave men's bodies.

"Huh!?" "Ugh!?" "Hey, what!?

Continuously, with an unbeatable momentum from earlier merchant ships, we took up one beach after another….

It was multiple, private cruisers.

The girls on there put together a colorful robe made by Slumdog Mart.

The first person to realize who it was was was Big Bang Love.

"Ah!? Guys......!? Why are you here?

"Hmm, back up."

The beach rejuvenates even more with its blooming, capricious voice.

"Ah, master! There he is!

"Master! We're here to help you, Mr. Miglare!

"Master! Join us!

"But Master, this ship Cho is the best. Yikes! I've never seen a ship this fast!

"My master said come over and give it a ride!

"I mean, don't call me 'master' about Shira. I always say it! I'm the same age in the first place!

"Barr, let's fight back faster than that!

What rocked the beach was the devil......!

And twofold, girls......!

It was the moment when the young seeds, enemies of the brave, sprouted on exotic islands......!