Saved the biggest pinch of the Wild Dog Corps were the ships that had penetrated at divine speed.

First, the 'Slumdog Mart' merchant ship, which has just finished building.

That was the fist of God, which took him up to the beach while destroying the mansion.

Inside, there are fifty eggs of the Virgin of 'Slumdog School'.

All of them are blue birds, which have been held and warmed by the breasts of their mothers.

Its healing and shiatsu power overtakes even the Virgin Corps, the tiger son of Zamar...!

And here we come to keep standing, five luxury cruisers.

That's like a comet, landing one bullet after another while reversing a broomstick-like wave of trajectories.

Inside, there are ten students at the "School of the Great Demon Guided Women," and fifty of them combined.

Miglea, who is no longer vice president of the same school, is a carefully selected number of honors.

Its firepower is super high school......!

Though they were many brave men and women, they were never afraid of the brave.

All I said was that it was for this moment, and I beat the great magic out of the brave men of the beach...!

In the case of the brave men of the same rank and the wizard, the wizard has higher firepower.

Unlike sword strikes, magic requires chanting.

But the wild dogs that were falling on the beach covered them.

When they cling to the feet of the brave as they devour under the cue of Kulalalaka,

"We're holding him down, shoot him! Shoot him! I'm going to pierce every one of us, do it - whoa!!

And light bullets pouring down as rain.

Although Shinsengumi's uniform is equipped with anti-magic defense training, there are limits to how many bulletproof chocks.

Their gear was eventually torn apart by a swarm of magic arrows that clung around like they poked a hive......!

Like they burned me out, I'm in a mess......!

"Gahhhhhhhhhh!?" "Uhhhhhhhhhhh!?" "Hey, come on, whoa, whoa, whoa!?

The beach was turned into an execution ground for the braves...!

While the miracle ambush was a great success, it also filled the gap between the number of soldiers in the Brave Army and the Wild Dog Coalition.

Then it will no longer be necessary to say the result.

The local battle that took place on one of the beaches on the island of Greyskay was a major battle in which the positions of the two armies turned two and three times.

But the last time I stood on the land...

It was the wild dogs......!

It was 300 brave men who fell and fell.

As after the carpet bombardment had passed, the whole body of one pair of pants had become miserable to see.

"Ugh..." "I don't know..." "I'm dying, I'm dying..." and so on and so on, making my dying body groan.

Though the wild dogs were once exhausted, the wounded were nil.

Whatever happened to the mothers, as many as fifty Virgins kept healing me.

They looked around as everyone breathed on their shoulders.

I was looking for someone.


The great Virgins, who sacrificed themselves and saved a small life.

They shrunk over the corner of the beach, crying.

My oldest, second, and third daughters lean on each other's bodies...

He was holding a wild tail toddler in the middle.

From my eyes, I shed a diamond-like tear, sparingly......

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh! Good! Good. Wow! I'm so glad Mylan's okay!

"Ahhh...! Are you hurt!? Is there anywhere that hurts!? Ahhh...! Safe and above all, above all...!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Good for you, Maytan! Mai Tan, good. Ahhhhhh!

They were delighted from the bottom of their hearts that their little lives had been protected.

But Mylan...

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry......! Because of the delights, on the beautiful faces of the Virgins, the wounds......!

Then they peeled their eyes all the time, saying it was outrageous.

"What are you talking about!? If it's for Mylan, it's nothing like the scratches on the moms' faces!

"Yes! Life can't be turned into anything! I don't care about your face if you put your life on the line! Your uncle said it too! It's all about life, and...!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Good for you, Maytan! Mai Tan, good. Ahhhhhh!

Mylan finally decimates, too, to the Holy Virgin, who hugs her and cries wow.

"Wow! Whoa, whoa, whoa...! Ever since I've been told by brave men and virgins that they're worthless garbage to live...! I was told I was glad I was safe... for the first time! Wow!

To that beautiful sight, everyone thinks.

Fight, good, and......!

I'm glad I squeezed my courage and resisted the brave, and...!

Mylan's life... no, the lives of many Wild Tails were protected...

To the tyranny of the brave, because he stood up to it...!

Everyone felt that way.

And once again, I realize something called the depth of the Holly Doll family's love.

An object that was even more applauded for its emotions.

The Holly Doll family hugs each other like a large circle of flowers, crying like a full bloom of flowers, a little further away... it was there.

"Zip!? Ziew!? Ziew!? Hurry up and help Zama. Shh!? Bain for Bri!? What are you doing, zip!? Pull up Zama. Zuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"Don't pull it, Zamar! It's painful! But turning a pinch into an opportunity is the Strawdor family woman......! Zamar, get ready! If Zamar stays buried and dies, the Zamar seat of the Strawdor family will belong to the eagle!

"Fine, both of you, you just died. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

The Virgins of the Strawdor family, who had been blown up in the air by a blow by Gold Kun, were rubbing each other in the air and rubbing with whom to underlay.

But by way of example, three people dive from head to beach amicably.

At first it was only buried to my neck, but I started fighting again to help only myself, and finally all three of them left only their legs to bury deeply.

unhappy bread moro, again......!

From the ground, six-legged as tentacles sounded the scream of ugliness, like an insect plant blooming in the demonic realm.