The private beach of the Holly Doll family, considered the most paradise on this island, was undergoing a tragic transformation.

White sand stained with blood in a wrecked mansion.

Signs of the Virgins that have collapsed......


After the nightmare, the mighty ones...!

They, who ruled this island, are now tied up with a number of pearls.

Though it was the three sisters of the Strawdor family at the head who kept their dirty robes together, all the braves that followed were a pair of pants.

It was unthinkable from previous glory.

In particular, it was thought that the three sisters, who had done so many evil deeds to win, would regret it, but they did not.

"Alaala, by not thinking I won this. Tu hey"

"It's the left. It's the drunkenness of a triumph that suits wild dogs."

"Hihihi......! Only now, I'm happy, but good!

The wild dogs didn't deal with anyone when such a thing was a throwaway dialogue.

Except for one.

"Hung! Your evil deeds, etc., are of this magnitude...! In front of our" Wow Crusaders, "it's like a toy game!

"Hihihi......! Because he won by chance, he was in good shape!

"It's more stupid to be an idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"

"This, Kulalalaka! Don't get serious with your kids and argue!

"Yes...... no! Dear Basilis! I am not serious! These guys are so unfamiliar, they're reminding me of that! Now we are the righteous!" Wild Dog Crusaders, "Banzai!" Wild Dog Busters Busters, "Banzai!

But none of the members of the Wild Dog Army other than Coolalalaka shouted delight.

Everyone is nagging as if they have lost at all costs when they say they have taken a great reversal victory.

The reason for that melancholy melancholy was well known to the enemies.

"You idiot! If all the females in the Holly Doll family end up like that, you're done!

"That's right! Until now, all the females in the Holly Doll family were Godsmile's favorites, so we couldn't be serious either!

"But now that those females' faces have been torn apart, the Holly Dolls are no longer worth anything and have no protection whatsoever!

"You know what this means! You will have turned all the brave men in the world against your enemies!

Until now, poorly handed, the antagonist could be demoted but also instant fallen heaven.

That's the Holly Doll family.

The Virgin in this world was too damaging in this one case than her appearance was most important.

More than just a scratch of a girl who was a coveted Virgin One Two: Mother and Primla......

The family's rating falls to the bottom of the ground......

Even The Invisible Hand of God has been lost...!


The braves no longer have to shy away from them...!

Once this fact is known, a brave man will arrive on this island as a general election.

They will try to exterminate a legion of wild dogs on the brave men's tickets.

In that case, it's hell to wait......!

I only have the worst ending no matter how I raise it, amidakuji of death......!

The Strawdor three sisters were now in the form of losers, no matter what they saw......

Only the winner himself had a face that was all torn up.

"Alaaaaaa...... like a bunch of wild dogs without mothers and other things like cupless, atsuatsu coffee......! I can't take it from anybody, I'm destined to be smashed on the floor. Why chu......!

Zamar has his hands tied so he can't cover his mouth.

Still, I can't stop laughing at it, despite the fact that I can see the teeth out of the complex all round.

"You guys won the game and lost the battle, so chu! Tutu tutu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu!!

She regained her beauty eyes, sparkling......

Plus, I indulge in devilish whispers.

"But... Zama is not like some Ese Virgin. Chu. Chu because he just helped an unwieldy jean dog, and he has a real 'love' thing, unlike the abazzle that the Virgin is wearing. So... if you're going to reflect deeply and free the Zamas, I'll help you specially, Chu. Zama asks Master Godsmile to make all her sins what that Ethe Virgin did, Chu."

She looked in a certain direction, as she pierced with her teeth.

There's the sisters of the Holly Doll family turning their backs and abandoning their children.

"Come on, guys! I'll give you one last chance to be a good boy! If you want to help me, I'll hang those Ese Virgins. Chu! Instead, the incarnation of the evil god that is falling ugly to his face and representing who he is! Hit me naked right now, fill a hole called a hole with sticks and sand, and dedicate it to this zama. Chu! That way everyone, by the hands of Zama, will be bailed out...! I can walk big under the sun, I can be a 'good boy'. Chu!!

Moments, twitching and cheering intersect.

The bluff came from a wild dog, and the cheer from a brave man.

"Zamar's right! You'll all be exposed tomorrow!

"A brave man who gets serious doesn't condone even women and children!

"Yes, they do! Imagine that! Where your beloved family's head is being slammed by a crow!

"You wouldn't want to be!? Then, hey, do what Zamar says right now!

"They're no more than female pigs in the Holly Doll family! There's nothing to shy away from pigs!

"Do it! Do it!"

"Exactly! Zamar! Strawdor family woman turns pinch into chance......! Of the eagles, it is a reversal victory!

"Hihihi......! Not only for the battle, but at the end of the day, we also win the match......! That was Zamar! Loved it!

Zamar's driving of the foundations breathes back a legion of brave men.

That nevertheless seemed to punch the opponent team who hit a two-out full base reverse Sayonara home run into the modest room after the game.

On the contrary, an outrage that incites the opponent's players and only directs the other team......!

She has always survived a number of desperate adversities with these mouth-watering hands.

Even such emergencies are routine for her as often as haircuts.

So to speak, a greenhouse-raised mother doesn't have the same number of training fields that have crept through......!

And she thought herself.

And Zamar wasn't dealing with the Wild Dog Corps or anything from Hannah.

There's only one thing she's after......

Holly Doll family......!

With my pacli, I think I've come this far...

Mother Reincarnation, just one......!

I can't be the best saint in the world because that chief is in the world......!

That's why with your own hands, I'll scratch off that bare neck...!

Catch that on a three-foot tall tree branch and do some afternoon tea...!

She told the gods of heaven and earth...!

I was swearing on my bloodstained teacup...!