Rotten three pomegranates, crabs and turtles that were twitching to fit.

But when I felt the signs of people, I ran away with the crust.

The person appearing on the beach holds together a robe that would once have been pure white.

But now he was getting some kind of return blood, and that happened to be like a floral pattern.

Small, but calm footsteps.

Quiet as a saint on his way to the pilgrimage, he circles in front of a rotten pomegranate.

Turn your back on the wave slowly and stand back the sun.

He wore the hood of the robe deeply, so when it backlit, the front was covered by shadows.

But the rotten pomegranates knew the man who looked down.

As if my last hope had appeared, I would just soak it up.

"Alaala! You are from the Legion of the Virgin of Zama......!

"You don't have to listen to what a woman says like you forget her name! Eh, you...!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, honey! Please help me! Please help me!

After all, no one named him, but the person doesn't seem to care.

Phew, and a grin on my mouth.

And this is how the pure, poor lips of the former Strawdor girls moved.

"You look like an undigested apple, pulled out of Gorilla's ass. I think I can have an orgy fuck right now just with that face. Shall I call the monkey?

"Ah... Alaala, I wonder if my various ears have gone crazy...!? You said in Zama's Corps of Virgin Mary, no dirty words, right?

"Yes, that's why I've spoken to Oblate many times about the eagle and his men. That's what makes the contents so invisible."

"Where was it?!? Like toilet paper, it was an oblate that would tear with water!

"Oh, I didn't lose your ears. Your value to me just became toilet paper after I wiped my ass."

"Become!? Regardless of the other two, he said Zama is toilet paper!?

"Yes, I've always thought that the great Virgin of the Famous House was like a Sacramento on the top of a fruit parfait."

"Ah... Alaala, that's a beautiful analogy! You're right, Chu!

"So this time, I tried to get into the Legion of the Virgin of Zama. I thought if I could accompany Shinsengumi to the enlistment ceremony, I would get to know the higher brave men. But I can't believe it was Sacramento that was falling on the curly gusso...... How could I be so unlucky?"

"Ma, roll......!?

Suspending Zamar.

Even Bainback, who was confident in Strong Language, couldn't carry on two sentences in that girl's unusual way.

"That's why I'm here to say goodbye. Zamar's Corps of Virgins said Mother was going to take care of him. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm not going to accompany my mother, though. I just got a nice souvenir."

"Hand and souvenir......?

"Yes, the fact is that Master Rivolve is targeting Master Army of One as a traitor. With that information, you'll also be able to suddenly take it to the top of the Divine Spirit group. Since the battle on this island seems to be relayed by the propaganda (Den Yee), you may already know it, but we will leave this island soon to make the most of it. Because freshness is life."

She says so, glimpsing the sea behind her.

Beyond the horizon, he was looking for a sesame grain-like shadow.

"That's why it's time for me to come off this island, too. I won't leave you like this even though... We have a proper farewell."

As soon as I heard that one word that smelled salvation, the colored pomegranates.

"Ha, you're going to help me!?" "Let's start with my best friend, the eagle!" "I was going to be your sister's sister today!?

"Did you know? Next to this beach, there's a bunch of scumbags buried that don't even make a field coyote, and they're scratching horse piss. It's funny how you give a coyote to something that doesn't even make a coyote."

She laughs alone, Couscous.

To get in the mood, the pomegranates are forced to laugh, too.

But the next word thrown froze even that laugh.

"The truth is, against that, I wanted to give you more stool on your wound. But there seems to be some eyes..."

Sticking up the hem of the robe and crossing Zamar's head, saying something even more outrageous.

Dropping the hem he was pinching with his fingers, Zamar's face hid in his long skirt.

"Now bear with me."

... Bubba Bubba Bubba!

Water sounds that seem to be emitting momentum occur in the skirt.

Beyond the thin fabric, there's a scream like a shower of blood.

"Gahhhhhhhh!? Been!? Oh, my God!? Za, I do this to Zama's face and I just think it sucks, so chuh!?

"What are you talking about? You look like a quinta that popped out of a bag."

She ends the crossing in a refreshing manner.

Beyond the hem of a fuzzy, flipped robe… Zamar's face filled with hot air and other dirty liquids.

"Heh, I knew, even my Shomben had the finest foundation on that face. Because of this, check the finish."

When she took her hand mirror out of her pocket, she freshly poked the pattern onto the beach.

The pomegranates in the mirror finally know their current situation here.

It's like I've finally had a mental breakdown, the voices of death......!

"Hih......!? Higi!? Higi!? Zama's face, your face!?

"Ahhh!? The beauty said to be number two in the world......!

"It's so fucked up, it was!

For the first time, she sighed.

"I knew...... Even if the faces around you were worn out, I wouldn't have thought, 'Only my face is fine'. What a congratulations. Is it stuck in your head, even in the gelo?