Three sisters still buried in the sand.

The trend, however, was a lot of hissing.

"Ugh......! Zama's face, Zama's face...! Called the best beauty in the world, Zama's face......! Keep it up, you'll be the second in the world, Choo......!

"Ugh......! The eagle's face, the eagle's face...! They called me the heavenly lady who forgot her feather coat, my eagle face......! You can't go back to heaven like this...!

"Beard......! Bain Tan's face, Bain Tan's face...! They called me a wingless angel, Bain Tan's face......! As it were, I'd be a fallen angel......!

They poke reality in the mirror, and the shock, too much, is crying.

Still, however, the glaring self-affirmation was alive and well.

Maybe there's a secret to their strength in a place like this.

Nevertheless, even falling to number two was unforgivable to them.

"Can't you be number two?" So much so that it is considered a contraindication to the Strawdor family.

Of course, their faces so far have become suspicious, from the top to the second, and even the second from the bottom...

That is why there was something immeasurable about the shock and humiliation they are now experiencing.

It becomes repetitive, but as the common sense of the Virgin in this world,

"The Virgin prayed to the five, without her face in one, her body in two, and her body in three and four"

There is a word.

The Strawdor family had so much stuff in its primary condition, 'face', that it resonated with neighboring countries.

Not to mention the old and young men and women passing by, so beautiful that they even let the dogs and cats look back at the flowers in the flower beds...!

A handsome brave man said to them:

"How do you know why the sun is so bright and the moon is shining at night? That's because you guys are jealous of the beauty of the Strawdor family and sticking together......!

By the way, that handsome brave man says he's being stoned now.

Aside from that I don't care, the Strawdor girls have come this far with 'faces' and 'evil gauges'.

But I came here and lost one of the elements that could also be called swords and shields for them.


They are, 'totally over' eh......!

This is one of the main dishes of this' execution '......

It is a 'fish dish', so to speak.

They were cursing about the Holly Doll girls as "Ese Virgin, who has climbed up on her face alone," etc., but it is also about herself, painfully......

To the bottom of despair, knock it off......!

This was, for them, a more painful treatment than being deprived of their lives.

Because it's a simple story.

Virgin of the Strawdor family......

No, the women have, until now, captivated the brave men with 'faces' alone.

In this world, if only with the support of the brave, take advantage of how much you can be great...

For generations they kept naming themselves famous, only by the power of 'Face'......!

This is the opposite of the idea of the Holly Doll family.

The Holy Dolls have gathered popular support, arguably rubbish for the Virgin.

Even if the face of the Holy Dolls remained scratched, the brave would only abandon it and the people would surely not stop supporting it.

But now that the face of the Virgins of the Strawdor family has been scratched......

The brave will relentlessly and poignantly abandon them.

Even if it is in the people, it is beyond saying.

When it comes to it, they're already, like, all over the place......!

No, Eight Sided Church Song......!

No, no, on the contrary, wait on the thirteenth side...!

And there's only one thing waiting for you after that.

Living Hell (Hell Life) Huh...!

Bottom of the bottom of my life, like staying alive and burned by the flames......!

That's going to last until you die......!

...... they got their last hopes up.

Paper is thinner, seemingly less than a hell of a ghost, towards her......

"Ugh...! Ugh......! Ugh......! At least give 'healing' to Zama...!

"Yes......! The more time it takes, the worse the healing and the after-effects will remain......! So now, if you give me 'healing', it's still, a little better......!

"Higi......! Oh, hey, please...! With your 'healing', Bain Tan could be an angel again......!

But looking down at them, the bloodstained robe girl...

The male (yu) of Strong Language unleashes a blow of Todome.

"Even if I give you healing, I think it's pointless. 'Cause take a good look at the wound. Don't you think it resembles something?

That's what they say, Zamar, Brigira and Bainback, look in the mirror with their wet eyes.

There's Mitsuzu's face, so flabby that it no longer holds its original shape.

Beyond the sight that sways like you're in the water, countless cracks like a doomed planet.

Behind the wound is a red and black blunt light, like a broken cauldron lid of hell.

"You've all seen the wound before....... don't you know yet? Isn't it the same as Zamar's" Eternal Force Back Beauty "after Absolutely Immutable"

Like from a female ghost in hell, to that one word......

"Haa!?" and breathtaking, three sisters like the deceased.

"So instead of my 'healing' it would be useless to call the best healers (healers) in the world. Is that what Eternal Force Backbeauty is all about after absolute immutability?... but I'm glad there's only one 'salvation' left"

As soon as I heard of 'salvation', the three sisters give you a guzzled face.

They just have eyesight and say, "What is that salvation!?" He asked.


Finally, it becomes clear.

Left to the Strodor three sisters......

The only 'salvation' given by the devil......!

It was spun out of the girl's mouth, like a fine spider's thread.

"If it's... isn't it...?

That was a bossy word, but it was all too destructive to freeze the blood of the three sisters.

As if the thread draped from heaven to hell was an absolute zero degree ice-cold......!

Well, you know already.

This is another main dish in this' execution '......!

"Meat dishes"......!

Great 'contradiction', brought to the ugly maidens by body and mind......!

It's like being pierced all over your body with a spear and getting bogged down with a shield......!

"Suffering" enough to go around...!

Whichever you choose, death awaits, it was the 'ultimate choice'......!

The girl who brought it on had a bodhisattva grin.

"Pfft. That's like eating a 'cunt flavored cunt', even if you don't look..."